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September 18, 2007



She is so cute, and so chubby:) I am so glad everything went so well for you.

Mary S

She is gorgeous! I love those cheeks. Congratulations on the wonderful birth and your family of 5!


Oh how I envy your awesome birth. I am so happy that things went so well for you. Congratulations again on your new baby girl! She is simply beautiful!!



Gorgeous! Those cheeks and little wrists are fabulous! And I'm a sucker for a birthstory -- thanks for sharing. It sounds like it had some harrowing moments but was wonderful. I feel so happy for you (and a little weepy!).


What a gorgeous girl! Sounds like a really lovely birth! congratulations!


That was so sweet. I am glad everything went well and that your felt respected and empowered. That makes all the difference.

And she is so so cute! Those cheeks!


This made me cry: "I felt supported and guided, not bossed around. The midwife and nurses were there to help me, but I was delivering this baby. I cannot overstate how awesome this feeling was."

And feel so freaking jealous. And yet so, so happy for you, all at the same time.


I am SO glad. It sounds wonderful. Those baby cheeks!! Too cute!


Oh Linda she is gorgeous! What a wonderful birth.

How did you manage too do all of that 5 days after giving birth?! Looking back my midwives were too restrictive of my using stairs and driving. I wish I would have done more and not been so locked up in my house.


What a wonderful exciting story. I'm so happy to read that you got the kind of birth you were hoping for. C is beautiful - congratulations to the whole family!



Good story. She's beautiful. I'm a little jealous of your chubby baby - both of my kids were scrawny their entire infancies. Hope things continue to go so well for you and your family.

Cat, Galloping

belated congratulations! she's gorgeous, of course.

Lisa Lou

Wow, you already wrote your birth story, amazing woman you are! My husband didn't even ask me to call the midwife. I was in the shower groaning away and I heard him telling her I was in labor. I think it is a huge blessing to have such amazing birth partners. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.


I love how A was not quite sure of the sex of the baby. Too funny! So glad you had such a great experience.


Oh, I loved reading your story! Thanks for taking notes during all the crazy, special, wonderful time!

You're going to do great with 3. I'm so thrilled for you. Cute pictures, too! Love how her little foot was positioned -- those little newborn details are the BEST.


Absolutely fabulous story! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! 3 GORGEOUS GIRLS - Congratulations!!!!

Lisa C.

Congratulations again! What a wonderful birth story. All three of your girls are so gorgeous!


I'm so glad you got the birthing experience you wanted. What a precious baby. Your mother would be so happy for you.


Lovely lovely lovely. And could that baby be any more adorable?

Certainly your family has been blessed this year.


awesome, awesome, awesome story. SO happy for you! And I can't tell you how much I agree with your suggestion that once you hit the moment where you CANT STAND THIS ANYMORE, you're too close to the end for an epidural (this is the moment I went from coping, to freaking out and feeling like I had lost control, to pushing...within maybe five minutes). It's so scarily true. I reiterate that thought to every pregnant woman I can, and it has helped a few get through drug-free!!

She's to-die-for adorable!!


that is my favorite quote! I love it. Congrats again to your beautiful family!


You do make pretty babies.


What a great, inspiring story! I hope my own birth (41 weeks here!) is as smooth and as empowering. I'm going to remember what you said about transition--thanks for getting this up so quickly! She is absolutely gorgeous.

As to A's question of where the second baby is, clearly C ATE the second baby--she's got to be close to = to the weight of the twins right? LOL.

I'm so happy for your whole family!


What a great birth story! I'm so glad you are all well.


She is a gorgeous chunky baby! All your little details are so funny, and your husband sounds like a hoot. I love the whole "freaking out because of the train" thing. I also teared up at the girls meettiogn their sister. I have already fantasized about introducing Maggie to this little one. This is one of the best birthstories I have ever read. And clearly you were made to pop out big babies, because that was one short labor AND you look awesome in the after pictures AND five days after you did all that! So glad all is well.


What an amazing birth story! Thank you for sharing. Congratulations, again. :0)


Congratulations again, Linda. I am so incredibly happy for all of you.

You are so kind and generous to take the time to share your birth story with us. Thank you.


Oh, I forgot! C is totally beautifully adorable. Could she look more perfect?! I don't think so.

Miss X

She is absolutely beautiful! Wow!

Laura K.

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birth experience! Wow, I have to say that I am QUITE impressed with your memory and A's notetaking skills to remember everything so well.

And oh my goodness, C is such a pretty baby, and perhaps the biggest newborn I've ever seen! She still looks so small, though, with that little sweet newborn look. :)

Sit back and enjoy the ride!


She is so cute and I just love her name! If we had decided to try for another that was my pick for a girl's name, it's so beautiful. I could so relate to your birth story, I remember after my labor that period of time where I didn't want anyone talking AT ALL and thinking I can't do this, when can I have the drugs, not realizing that I was already fully dilated. I also labored so fast I missed my antibiotics and when one of my girls had reflux problems after every feed they whisked her away to the special care nursery to start antibiotics immediately. Her culture did come back negative but it was very scary at the time. I'm so glad that C. did ok without them, and that you are both home safe and sound. Best of luck in settling in and congrats on being the mom of three beautiful girls, that's so amazing!


i didn't know that i was going to want a baby after meeting her! that wasn't supposed to happen. i was SUPPOSED to meet her and be glad YOU had a baby, so i didn't have to.


i didn't know i was going to want a baby after meeting beautiful C.
i thought i would be glad that YOU had the baby, so I could come visit you and not have one of my own.
shoot. what went wrong?


This is the ur-second-baby labor story.

You're a real champ. And you made a huge, beautiful baby!


Congratulations! Welcome to C!


She is a beautiful baby! I am so glad it went quickly and smoothly for all of you!

Take care and I can't wait to hear about all the adventures you all will have!


She is a beautiful baby! I am so glad it went quickly and smoothly for all of you!

Take care and I can't wait to hear about all the adventures you all will have!


That is terrific. Now I know what I have to look forward to.


Oh, Congratulations! That sounded amazing. And she is a beautiful baby.

I wish I had known that part about the "I can't possibly take one more second"/totally overwhelmed feeling meaning transition. With my second, I was so banking on having an epidural but, like you, was 9 cm when we got to the hospital. Oh, well. Saved some money on anesthesia.

Both my kids were LGA too (9 lbs 6.5 oz and 9 lbs. 1.6 oz.) , and it's refreshing to hear other people have nice normal uncomplicated deliveries of big babies. My friends think I'm some kind of freak for having them that big without a c-section.


wonderful birth story! congratulations again, she's beautiful.


Great story! She's gorgeous. I'm all teary and I laughed about your water audibly popping. Thank you for sharing.


What a wonderful birth story! I'm SO jealous - it makes me want to have another one! :-) C is just beautiful - I can't get over her sweet, chubby cheeks. Poor L! I'm sure she'll get used to C's crying soon.

You are amazing - errands, doctor's appointments, dinner just 5 days later? Plus, you're blogging and answering email? I bow before you. ;-)

Congratulations again on your beautiful family!


I'm so happy your birth left you feeling empowered, that truly is an amazing gift midwives offer women.
After my second was born in the hospital I felt the same way as you did about the separation from my family. That's one of the main reasons I planned a home birth for the third.
Do bigger babies nurse less frequently? My 7lb'er is every two hours, which makes leaving the house a bit tricky. You sound very organized. Enjoy this newborn bliss.


What a wonderful birth story! Every woman should be so lucky to have a giving birth experience that is that empowering, that moving and that amazing. You'll adjust to the three girl thing no problem - those priorities can get pretty sticky, just keep in mind "the house shit can wait" and you'll be fine!


That is so nice that you had a good experience. And yes, I've said this already but wow, she is a big baby! LOL. I can't wait to see more pictures of her as she gets older.


She is a beauty. So angelic!

What a great birth story!!!!!


Lucky you, indeed! So happy for you and the whole family. Congratulations!

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