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September 11, 2007



Ohhh I totally agree.. I think the reason kids have to go to school is to wean the parents from their babies.. i am excited about my lil one growing up but at the same time want her to remain a sweet lil girl forever.


I think it’s great that you don't have to haul the girls (and the baby soon) into school. I wish our preschool had been like that! I always had someone extra tagging along. Many times I would get home from dropping off my middle child at preschool only to find that my youngest had snatched a car, marble or some other toy while I was busy giving goodbye kisses.

Sending your kids off to school doesn't get any easier... and in some ways harder. I just sent my 3rd and youngest off to kindergarten, and although I am happy in a way (for him) I miss my baby. Next year my daughter will start middle school which just scares the bejesus out of me!! Recently I was speaking to a woman whose daughter is a junior in high school and she said watching her child DRIVE HER OWN CAR off to school was harder than putting her on the bus as a 5 year old.

I think the tears are from saying goodbye to a part of their lives that is over…. And although it is exciting, some mourning is natural, even if it doesn’t feel logical.


I did this with my 3 year old son 3 weeks ago. I cried too and wondered why I was. He has stayed with various friends and family members, he goes to Sunday school classes at church, so leaving him from time to time was not foreign. For me I think it was the whole idea of him not knowing what was expected of him and me not being there to explain each aspect of school to him. Plus he was wearing a backpack and carrying a lunchbox and he looked so grown up. However, as soon as I got home and was able to get housework done without having to worry about him pushing over his 10 month old sister and other various interruptions, the tears just dried RIGHT UP!


Sounds like you had the same morning I did. I didn't cry, thank God, but it was a close one. If I hadn't had my two year old in the car with me still, I would have been at loose ends. Luckily, our first day was no where near as traumatic as I was afraid it would be. If he had been less excited, or less willing to separate, it would have been much more difficult on me.

Now I'm sitting at home, worried that I'll miss pick up time.


If you can figure out the logic - let me know ... because I got weepy coming out of Office Depot with a bagful of school supplies for my girl - who started Kindergarten after 3 years of drop-offs at preschool. Lesson: no, not logical and no, it doesn't really get easier ;-)


I think it was a little easier for me because my son has been at the same daycare/preschool center since he was 4 months old. So, he's just been moving into new classrooms with familiar teachers and children each time. But I've still cried a few times. And, it's definitely more about me - about me adjusting to a new classroom, some new rules, and just realizing that he's getting older so quickly. I always love the age that he's at most, but I feel like I didn't have enough time to really treasure the age before, if that makes any sense.

For my son, the move into the Preschool and now the Pre-K1 classroom was fine. He was excited and wanted to go. Each time he's moved up a class, he gets to do more and more cool stuff (karate, Spanish class, field trips, music, etc.), so he's never looked back.

Kindergarten will be a whole different story, I'm sure. For me definitely, but maybe for him, too.

(I'm checking your blog almost hourly now in case you have any news! It's a sickness!) :-)


I'm so glad that you were able to be there for the first day of preschool! I know you're ready to have this baby, but I'm also glad that you were able to celebrate this milestone with the girls!


Wow, i'm just glad that you got all weepy too. You, oh Ms. Logical One. Because i was starting to feel a little silly for being all sad about bringing Houston to school for the first time. :)


Wow, i'm just glad that you got all weepy too. You, oh Ms. Logical One. Because i was starting to feel a little silly for being all sad about bringing Houston to school for the first time. :)


It wouldn't matter at all if they had been in a regular daycare previously, I think. Preschool is one of the stages of childhood that when it comes, we realize the time that has passed in the stages that have come before. Geez! This sounds so dorky! But seriously, Alaina had been in daycare when I worked when she was 2-4 years old and I still cried when I took her to preschool. However, I didn't shed a tear when she started Kindergarten. How weird is that? Sometimes it's so hard to realize they are growing up. Last night I bought Alaina her first straightening/curling iron. For some really stupid reason, I had a hard time with that. She now cares about what she looks like. Oy! Wait til you all meet her in Nov. She's so grown up!


My girls have been in daycare since they were 6 months old so preschool was just an extension of that, not too emotional to me. I am not looking forward to kindy as I think that one is going to get me.

I'm so glad that the wee one allowed you to take the girls to their first day of preschool. Now be sure he/she knows they have the all clear to make an appearance!

If you want to see an entirely different reaction to dropping your twins off at their first day of preschool check out Looky Daddy's latest video post, I laughed out loud!



I cried when I dropped Parker off at Junior Kindergarten today, even though he has attended daycare since he was 11 months old.
It's just hard seeing him at 'big school' knowing he's entered a new phase in his life. He was so excited to go. When I put his 'first day of school outfit' on this morning he said "These are nice clothes, I look like a Daddy" sniff, sniff.


Oh, I felt the same way last year when my oldest went to preschool. I just know I'll be the mom following the schoolbus on his first day of kindergarten!!! At any rate, know you're not alone in this.


I broke the rules and walked my 3 year old twins into class for two days straight now and cried the entire time - I am a pretty logical, put-together individual who doesn't get emotional in front of other people and I can't understand it either - it was so hard for me. I promised them tomorrow I would follow the proper drop-off procedure - I tear up just typing that...I can't figure it out. I did a two day a week, hour drop off class this summer to prepare them at a playplace, but clearly I was the one who needed to be more prepared. You are not alone.


I think I would have been sobbing so hard, I couldn't drive, if I'd gone through the preschool transition on the verge of delivering a baby. The hormones alone would have done me in.

I cry at every transition. It's hard to say goodbye, and that's what raising children involves. You fall in love with them even as they're changing, you want them to change, but it means that all the new hellos -- to preschool, to readers, to kids with amazing conversational abilities -- are paired with goodbyes to the babies and toddlers you leave behind.

And honestly, seeing my kids grow up, even when ALL I'm doing is celebrating (which seems to happen more and more as they grow up, Thank Goodness) -- well, it's reminding me that MY time is passing, too. My children are taking more and more steps toward the summer of their lives, and it reminds me (however distantly the fall may still be) that I can't linger in the summer sun.

Some of my tears are almost always for me.


How wonderfully convenient that you don't have to lug the baby into the preschool in the dead of winter!

I know today was tough, but by the end of next week you'll be thinking, "OMG! Has it been 2.5 hours ALREADY?????"

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