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September 04, 2007



Yay, first comment! Not that I've been checking your site like five times a day, but....

I remember when the time was drawing near for Maggie, feeling so...wistful, maybe? about everything, thinking "this could be the last time I do X without a baby!" and "My baby could be born TODAY!" I hope I am as mellow and patient as you come February.

And watching thelook of horror on people' faces when they'd ask me "When are you due?"" and I'd say "Last week!" was about the only truly amusing thing I had left to me near the end there :-).


Definitely carried less stuff around the second time. Maybe it was just because my boy didn't need as much amusement as my daughter did or maybe it was because I was more efficient.


Nice - dinner and the beach! Glad everyone had a great time. I'm glad to hear that everything does get easier as the twins reach 3 yrs. I simply can't wait until mine understand language more so it'll be easier to take them out.

Well, Labor Day was extra nice for me since it was my babies' birthday! Yep, 2 yrs ago, I was in actual labor!! Wow, time sure flies!

Let's see if the next time I check back, there will be labor news. ;)


I definitely carried less in my diaper bag the second time...and even less than that the third time. I realized that I never used half of the stuff I lugged around. I did keep diapers, wipes and a spare outfit in the glove box of my car though.


Much less stuff the second time. As I was nursing I only carried two diapers. That's it. And I used a sling to carry the baby so my hands were free. It also held the diapers.


You're much more patient than me!I'm not doing such a good job with the patience. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the near-constant contractions w/o labor too :)

Enjoy your time with the girls!

Jen A

My DD is potty-trained, and it seems like my bag is *still* full with snacks, water, napkins, an extra outfit, sunglasses, hat, toys and crayons for unexpected waits, etc., etc., etc. However, we live a long drive from everything, so I'm a little paranoid about being prepared for anything that comes up. I'll definitely have to streamline when the baby's born to have room for both kids' stuff.


I carried less. And I've totally lost the bet since I said Sept. 1 :-D.

I carried a box in the back of the car with wipes, diapers and a change of clothes. It took most of the pressure away from the actual diaper bag.


I venture to guess that you'll take less. You know now that you don't need two potential changes of clothes (one will do, and it doesn't have to be color-coordinated!), a swaddling blanket can do double-duty as a burp cloth in a pinch, and toys aren't so necessary for a newborn (older siblings might provide necessary entertainment!). Plus, it's just one baby - not two!

I applaud you for your patience ... it'll be over (or starting!) soon.


Ohh yeah... that's good.. Sounds like you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I am very excited for your new arrival to arrive. Hopefully on the day i guessed, and I still think it's a boy!

I bet that I would carry less when we have another child. I hope I would. I carried an insanely huge bag around, and then thought.. wow she's over 1 and doesn't go every 2 seconds like she used too... LOL

now I hardly ever do.. but a newborn has to have his gear.

Good luck these next few days... I can't waitttt!!!!!


I am glad someone else's children stare at people in restaurants. M does it constantly, and particularly loves to peer over the top of a booth! One day a 2 year old girl peered at her and she was freaked out! Even though I constantly remind her of this experience, she can't break the habit herself.

I completely agree that you carry less with the second one and just keeping some diapers, wipes, emergency snacks and a change in the car is a gerat idea.


I actually got a smaller diaper bag after Rachel was born! I just carried 2 diapers, a small package of wipes, 2 small toys, a pull up for Ryan and a snack. I kept a more thoroughly stocked bag in the car though!
Good luck being so patient - you're a stronger women than I :)


Is there a plan to let those of us obsessed with your life, ahem I mean those of us who enjoy reading your journal ( truly, I am just kidding! I am not a crazy woman!)know when your water breaks? LOL, ok, if not that early, than at least after the baby is born!


I carried a lot less with my second one--at least after the first three months where they tend to be less predictable. I was able to pair down my diaper bag much more quickly with #2 since I was better able to judge what would "really" be needed on any outing.

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