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September 14, 2007



Glad you are home and that you and C are doing so well. Those photos are priceless, so sweet. Once again, congratulations!


Glad to see you guys are well! C is beautiful, you look great, never know you just gave birth!! You must be a real natural.


C is so cute! I love all that hair! I think it must be subsequent deliveries because my second labor/delivery were faster and easier the second time around. I even walked from the delivery room to my post natal room. My total recovery was much faster after my second. So glad you all are doing well at home.

Jen A

I cannot believe those pictures were four hours apart!! And A's notes are cracking me up.

When I was pregnant with my DD, I had read so many things about bigger babies nursing better and being able to regulate their body temperature better, so I think I was the only person I knew who was hoping for an 8 pounder. She was 8 lb 10 oz and pretty much latched on the moment she came out, LOL.

Again, congratulations!


Glad to hear everything is going good. I look forward to reading the birth details. Nothing like a good birth story.


So happy to hear you are home and doing well. I found the same thing to be true - the recovery from the second was much easier. I hope things continue to go well. Your new daughter is absolutely adorable!


Congratulations. You both look beautiful in that picture.


That's wonderful that C is doing well and is such a good nurser! I can't believe how quickly everything happened - you are amazing! Definitely go easy on yourself, though. Does A have some time off for a little while?

Heather R.

So happy for you, congratulations and welcome home! It sounds like E & L are going to be wonderful big sisters!


I'm glad you're all home! I still can't believe how fast you had her! I had your password at one point, I think, but I've lost it. Darn. I'd love to see more pictures of C :) Good luck with the recovery.


You look awesome!! Oh and the baby is darling.


Glad to hear all is well. You look so great!


Glad to hear everything went well! You look great and C is cute!


So glad to hear everything is going well. Ease of birth definitely influences the ease of recovery. And yay! for a successful beginning to breastfeeding!


You look just amazing! And all the girls are beautiful beyond belief -- what a lucky man A is!! I, too, was amazed at the ease of recovery after my second birth. You're wise to go easy on yourself nonetheless 'cause it'll sneak up on you in strange ways. But, overall, the 2nd felt like a breeze comparatively. I wish for you the same easy time and some good stretches of nighttime sleep. Many, many congratulations on your gorgeous family. What blessings!


Glad you are home and all is well. I remember wanting to get out of the hospital asap too with my youngest... partly because I was nervous my two older kids were bugging other families. (I'm sure they weren't, but I was still nervous!) Happy to hear that you are feeling so good- but make sure you take care of yourself, ok? Congratulations again.


Glad that you're home and adjusting to your new family!


Hi Linda
Congrats on the new baby!! She is beautiful. I previously had the password info for your private site; however I had to get a new computer and lost that info. If I could get it again that would be great :) Hope you continue to do well.


Glad to hear you were sprung early from the hospital. I bet you are so happy to be home.

The girls must be happy to have you and their lil sis at home now. I wonder what they will tell their friends at school about her. I bet they are so proud of being big sisters.

Beautiful kiddos! You are A are very blessed!


Congratulations on Charlotte! She is beautiful- glad to hear you're all doing well. :)


congrats again. Wow you look awesome even after pushing her out!


How on earth did you fit 10 lbs of baby into that belly?!

I'm glad to hear things are going so well!


How in the world were you carrying a baby of that size in that belly? You look way too petite to have house a ten pounder in there!

I'm glad your healing well, but do take it easy when you possibly can.


Congratulations and welcome home! Take it easy, please, you totally deserve it.

And wow, Linda, you look phenomenally, amazingly gorgeous in those photos. Those were the middle of the night, weren't they? You were in labor? And then within scant hours after delivery?

Dude, I'm in total awe.

Jerri Ann

WoooohOOOOOO! Congrats! You 'sound' great!


Well, I *thought* I said congrats on the previous entry, but maybe not... so... CONGRATULATIONS! Yeah, newborns are kinda gross, and I definitely think subsequent labors=easier recoveries, but maybe that's just my personal experience. I'm so glad for you all! Blessings to your family :)


Congratulations!!! You have an absolutely gorgeous family, and the newest member is no exception. And you, my dear, do NOT look like you just went through labor, oh my gosh! You look amazing.

Congrats to you, A, L, and E! Yay!!


Congratulations! I am so thrilled for your family and welcome to the world, C.

She's darling and you look AMAZING.

Tammy W.

Wow! You were definitely "all baby" in the first photo. I'm so glad labor was quick for you. You and C are so beautiful in the newborn photo. You are absolutely glowing in the pictures. Motherhood definitely agrees with you. Enjoy motherhood with your 3 darling daughters.

P.S. My family has always said that all my sister's babies were covered in Crisco, but I like the blue cheese analogy better.


Congratulations! Oh! My! Goodness!!!! That is a lovely big baby!


Yahooooooooo!!! Congratulations on the safe and FAST arrival of the beautiful and healthy Ms Charlotte!
You look fantastic!


Congratulations, Linda! You look awesome in all the pictures, not at all like you just gave birth! I love the name and the baby looks wonderful!

I recently cleaned out my overflowing inbox and deleted the password to your picture site. But I know you have much more important things to do right now! So if you think of it, I'd love to have it again, but most of all, just enjoy your newborn!


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