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September 08, 2007



I never lost my mucus plug(s) but it does sound disgusting. Very convenient of you to be in the shower.
Now that the 'plug' is out, it's time for home induction ie. SEX. My midwife told me that sperm contains 10x the prostaglandins then the cervidil gel they use in the hospital to start inductions.
Thankfully we've had no regressions on the potty training front with our 2 1/2 year old. BUT, our four year old is driving me INSANE since the baby arrived- moody, irritable, needy. He told me last night that his life is 'no fun'. I know he needs some one on one time- but when?? AAAgh!

Amy F

FWIW (not much), both times I lost my plug, I gave birth within 36 hours -- that's with both the 4-days-of-prodromal-labor baby and his 8 hours of labor brother.

Peter pees his bed everything life gets stressful and was having a few daytime accidents just before we moved. I think you can blame the almost-having-a-baby time for your girls' accidents. I think your suggesting they use the toilet rather than wait for accidents is probably a good low-stress approach for all of you.


Linda- It does sound impending to me. I know that the mucus plug can go much sooner, but the bloody mucus (ie. bloody show) is usually a sign that you will go into labor within a day.


Sounds like you're getting ready - exciting!


My plug with my daughter was like you discribed - it looked like the bloody anot of a giant - it was about the size of a apple! Alas, I never went into labor with either of my two kids (first one was induced and the second one was breech!). You have the same due date as my sister, but I'm betting you have your baby first.


I never saw my mucuous plug because I was induced, and I don't think I ever want to see it. It sounds totally gross! LOL. Well, I just can't wait to see your new baby. He/she will just have to hurry up.


I did not lose my mucus plug in the way you describe. It was more a gradual sliminess, which is pretty gross too - just not quite as gross as a walnut-sized ball of snot coming out of me.

As for the potty issues, you do not want to know that one of mine had regression for 8 months (she was much younger than your girls, though, so really? no comparison). I am sure it will be a long month or so, but hopefully, they'll get to meet their sibling in the next couple days and get that "stress" out of the way so you can all return to your new normal. (Hopefully, no accidents and all in love with the baby - or at least, not trying to poke the baby's eye.)

I'm praying for a safe and speedy delivery!


I lost my plug with my son at 38 weeks, but had to be induced at 41. Hopefully you won't have to wait that long if you don't want to. I was always that type that was tired of being pregnant, but never wanted it to be "the" day b/c I was so nervous about labor and wasn't ready to man up for the IV. But then again, I'm a total wimp.


I lost my mucus plug and delivered within 43 hours. I remember I was sitting on the toilet and it just dropped... it was the worst sound ever. It was 4 am so i hadn't bothered to turn the lights on. By the time I got to the switch I couldn't see anything, so I just assumed that's what it was. Now I'm kinda glad I couldn't see it.

I never put my guess in earlier, but the other night I dreamed, clear as day, a post on your blog titled "It's a boy!" Take that with a grain of salt though, because I am really bad at predicting these things.

Best of luck for a speedy, safe delivery!


Phew! I'm glad I already ate dinner.

re: potty training - my guys are 5, been trained for over 2 years and we still ahve certain rules. Always pee before we go out anywhere. Always pee before a meal. And when I see 'the signs' I remind them it's better to go sooner than later.

Now that they are in school full day, I will remind them less, but we will still always ask them to go before going out.

Does that help?


ohhh it's going to happen soon! Good luck and wish you a safe and speedy delivery!

Laura K.

Well, losing the plug has to be a sign of things happening more quickly than still being 'plugged,' right?

I didn't lose mine either time, but if it grossed you out, well, it would definitely gross me out, since I have a fairly low gross threshold!

Keep us posted!!! Oh, and make sure you have sex...that's supposed to help speed things along, isn't it? ;)


I'm sorry Linda, but you sound in much too good of a mood to be going into labor. But then, maybe my saying that will make you crabby?


Dinner and a movie has been known to send more than a few women into labour, from what I've heard anyhow. And the kids being away? Sounds like some good joo-joo to me! ;) Have a great evening.


You're having a baby - soon! C'mon - you know something is going on and you will have that baby very soon! You are just trying not to get your hopes up by denying that anything is really going on! We know you, Linda!


So, did you have something spicy for dinner?

I know nothing about going into labor, but I'll be checking in for news. Ooooh, anytime now!!!


Yuck. Glad I've never lost a mucous plug. With my weak stomach, I'd have spent the rest of the day vomiting. On the PT accidents, sometimes my 5 year olds still have those "just missed it" times, and it's when they are too engrossed in whatever they are doing to stop and head to the bathroom in time. After the accident, I simply remind them that it's better to make it to the bathroom in time than make a mess, have to change their clothes and clean up the floor (which I make them help with.) After a few of those (we had a run on them this summer) they stopped. In our case it wasn't a real regression, but a stronger interest in doing something fun than in the bathroom.


My dd was almost four yrs old, so no regressing in potty training, but oh the tantrums! Wow. I screamed at her nonstop for about the first week and a half after ds was born. It sucked, but then I realized what I was doing wasn't helping, and I stopped screaming, and DH started taking her with him when he went to the store/out with his mom.

Ds just had an accident last week (first week of school) after being trained for a year. I do think the newness of school had a factor. I think you're handling it well, and praise will go further than frustration. Start praising them for getting to the toilet on time (a simple "Good for you for getting to the toilet again!"), and you probably won't have to clean up too often.

Enjoy your dinner and a movie! We were supposed to go see LoTR 2 the day I woke up in labour with my son. That was frustrating, in a sense hahahaha. Knocked Up is pure funny!


Our Pete has had a few accidents since being potty trained. We pretty much did the same thing as you are and it has only happened maybe once in the past 6 months. It is easily contributed to her being busy with something else and waiting too long. When we know she is going to be super busy we just try and encourage her to go every couple of hours.

I don't know what date T (she's the brains of our operation) guessed for your due date so we will just keep watching for the post.


I'm hoping you're in labor right now! But, if you're collecting mucus plug stories, I lost mine 10 days ago, and I'm still here, contractions not withstanding. BUT, I'm not nearly as dilated as you, AND this is my first, so I'm hoping your result is more like the posters who went from mucus plug to labor within a few days. I'm also hoping that I don't have to wait as long as poor Maureen (thanks for sharing though--now I don't feel like a freak for not being in labor yet!)!


OMG Linda you always make me laugh with your descriptions! I hope you had a great time at the movie and that l&d are a breeze!

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