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September 10, 2007



Nesting! I was scrubbing the wood floors after having the carpet removed 5 days before J2 was born. Good luck!

liz s

About a month ago, my son stuck a small ball in his bum. Gross! Luckily I was able to reach it very easily and didn't need to take the embarassing trip to the ER. I still don't know if he stuck it there, or if he sat on it (he is one to undress himself whenever posible.)

I'm a bit jealous that you get these days of wonder about when and how your baby will be born. I ended up with two inductions for GDM and a cesarean for a previa. But in the long run its just great to have them.



My daughter has stuck a bead up her anose and a cranberry. Obnly the cranberry required a visit to the doctor's office.


Of course, at this point, just fastening your own seat belt is a considerable task.

Scientific fact: people born on September 11 are smart and pretty and have fabulous shoes. (he he he)


My birthday is Sept 11th. The first couple years it really did suck, but now it doesn't really seem to make much of a difference :). In fact, people are less likely to forget my birthday!


Ohhh poor baby, thank goodness pebble popped out.

I guessed Sept 11th, but it could take on a very happy meaning for you if baby is born that day. New beginning :)


Oldest son stuck a popcorn kernel up his nose, I taught him how to push down one nostril and thankfully he was able to shoot it right out.

However, the youngest son, stuck a rock in his ear and that required a surgical removal, good things he was getting tubes in at the same time!

Oh the fun! :-)


Oooo, pebbles in the nose! Another great story for the future, and yes, nothing I ever understood, either. (Thanks goodness the kids were zero for three in that department, too.)

I don't know why exactly, but reading this post just makes me happy. I'm glad you had the chance to get a night and a morning (ah, glorious morning) and a day alone, and nesting.

My bet is for the 13th, myself.


Second-hand advice from a co-worker - (she said an ER doc did this to her daughter who had a rock up her nostril) - anyway: Hold the other nostril shut with your finger, then give the child a great big CPR breath into the mouth, sealing the airway. If you are lucky, the air will expel the object in the nostril. You would know - if this is in some way unsafe, please delete this comment - don't want to give bad advice.

My 2-year-old stuck a watermelon seed up his nose a few weeks ago, but he was able to blow it out himself while his dad held the other nostril shut.

I'm with you - why do they do that??


I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who doesn't vacuum the stairs for MONTHS!

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