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September 05, 2007



I have to admit that I didn't realize you could be 6 cms dilated and not technically be in labor.I went to the hospital at 5 cms, but my contractions weren't regular and the doctor never suggested that perhaps I could just wait. Instead, she broke my water and forced labor to start. I keep reading your progress with interest because it sounds so similar to my own...and yet the medical advice is so completely different. Anyway, I am glad you continue to feel well and are able to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy.


Woot! I'm eagerly awaiting the fantastic news of a healthy birth. Of course, I'm happy to read the fantastic news that you are still happily pregnant. :) Your attitude beats those of many other moms-to-be at this stage in the game.

Keep enjoying!


I'm loving the zen. Sounds like you're in a wonderful state of mind. (And also, I'm glad it's looking like you'll get to do the whole "first day of preschool" thing.)


You're my pregnancy hero! Perhaps I should start asking myself, "What would Indigo do?" You're right this is a beautiful time to be pregnant.

You dilate w/o knowing it, and I contract w/o dilating. Together, we'd have a 4 hour labor a week ago :) Hang in there! Keep eating the chocolate :)


Yes I can't believe E and L are in preschool! How exciting! Take lots of pics, and try not to cry!

I hope with the next pregnancy (god willing) that I will be as zen as you are!)

I can't wait to hear when Baby gets here! Take care and eat lots and lots of Chocolate!


I'm rocking the same vibe! At 38w2d, I'm just enjoying this- taking long walks with the dog, spending time with my husband and not fretting about labor. I agree with you- if I get to 41 weeks, then I'll entertain some options but right now kinda rocks, doesn't it?
Yay for us!


You are an awesome pregnant woman. Waiting excitedly with you...


If we ever decide to have another one, I KNOW my wife is going to feel the same way. After a twin pregnancy, the one baby is cake.

Of course, we could get twins again so I'm not so sure we're gonna put any of this into action.

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