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August 20, 2007



Sounds like you have things under control. Now comes the long wait. We'll be here with you. Best wishes


Good luck!


Can't wait to see basement pictures--post when the remodel is done.

I have my 37 week appointment on Wednesday too. I feel like you, me, Ollie, Dish, and several other bloggers are all racing towards that finish line :) It'll be fun to see who crosses first :)


Sounds like you are all set! On Wednesday after I commented the last time here about 'crappy mother days' I went into labour later that night.
After two hours of a very quick and intense labour our little boy was born at home with the midwife and it was wonderful.
I wish you a quick labour and safe delivery and it is VERY nice not to be pregnant anymore!! Good luck, I'll be checking for updates...


Longtime lurker, maybe commented once or twice, but I want to say GOOD LUCK to you and thank you for your wonderful blog. I think you are a great mom, cute as a button, and I admire you! Take care and thanks for letting us know what's going on. All the best! You have a beautiful family and it's about to get even better!


ohhh the home stretch! Good luck! I can't wait!


thinking of you in the lead up to birth... hope it all goes smoothly and this bub doesn't make you wait as long as my last one did!


Soon! I know you were talking about the class for the girls, but if you want a nice, tasteful story/video for home, I LOVED this...


Our library had it.


A "tasteful" movie about labor/delivery? I take it they edit out the part where the head crowns, or the mother expresses her opinion about the "breathe, honey" advice she's being handed? Or the blood? Or the slime?

Seriously, though, congratulations and good luck.


My M loved her big sister class. She still talks about it and has her baby diaper that she practiced with as well as her very own mask and shoe covers. I wonder if your snack will be the same as ours? Cookies and formula-if your kid(s) want to try it. My then 3 year old daughter tasted it with her finger and then pronounced very loudly that mommy milk tasted better than that stuff!


Thinking of you and wishing you a good last week!


Hi. New reader here. Just wanted to congrat you on baby #3. I, too, have twins and understand how busy you can be and how tired you get sometimes. But of course, we have so much fun in the process!

Wishing that everything will go smoothly and we'll all get to see the new baby soon!


Those last few weeks of pregnancy are God's way of making you look forward to labor. Whine away, sweetie -- a well-phrased whine is often quite amusing.

Cat, Maryland

Thanks for not complaining! Good luck!


At this point in my second pregnancy I started to get really weepy that my first would no longer be an only child and tried to focus on enjoying my time with her. I can't wait to hear the big news. Best wishes!!!


Totally, utterly shocked that someone thought it was okay to say to a pregnant stranger, "Can I help you find anything? Like the hospital?" I mean, WHOA. If that hadn't been related in the first person I would have sworn it was made up. Just...wow.

I am sending good thoughts your way for the discomfort, labor, and everything after. So excited for you and your family!


Good luck! And enjoy the little bit of R&R you get in the hospital (I know that's sort of laughable but, honestly, the shower I took with kid #2 in the nursery for 15 minutes was probably the most relaxing shower I had in the first 6 months of her life). Also, my one piece of advice - go get a pedicure!


Good luck in the last few weeks! Sounds like you are just about ready for everything. Best wishes for a safe delivery.


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