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August 12, 2007



Sounds like a busy weekend!

Hopefully only E and A are sick and no one else gets it!


Hope E and A feel better! You are in the home stretch! I can't wait to hear all about your new addition... gosh I remember when you posted you were pregnant! I am so excited for you all!


I'm feeling really ripe too :) I'll cross everything that we both go early. I keep picturing another four weeks--it both seems way too long and way too short :) Your midwife sounds awesome!

Amy F

I think I'm the only woman who'd prefer any future kids don't come early -- after two babies with fluid in their lungs and hard times breathing while being 16 and 5 days postdates, I'd be nervous about the lungs of any baby before 40 weeks. The NICU folks said that my 41 weeker looked like he had a 37 weeker's lungs.

Your doc sounds great, and how fabulous that she'll almost surely be the birth day deliverer -- it seems around here that no one knows who'll be at their hospital birth.

Jen A

Oh man, what an inconvenient time for everyone to get sick. Not that any time is ever truly convenient, but caring for three people that late in pregnancy has got to be rough. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.


You ARE going to have an awesome birth.You did so well the 1st time with multiples and pit and not being in a tub.The water helps soooo much - you will be amazed.I didnt post my "bets" but think you are going to have a big boy.


"...I am sincerely hoping to go early. Doesn't everyone hope that?"

Easy answer...no.

I think I get where you are coming from though, even if I may never experience the huge uncomfortable pregnant woman feeling myself.

I am wishing you all the best, and sincerely hope that you get to have the delivery you are dreaming of!


I DEFINITELY hit that wall with my pregnancies at about 35 weeks --- Aidan was born then, and the last 5-6 weeks of Ronan's pregnancy are an absolute blur. I spent hours downstairs in my rocking chair because doing anything beyond that stressed me out to the enth degree and I was trying to keep my BP down. Anyhow, I know you can't sit in a rocking chair very often, but just wanted to say I toootally relate to how you're feeling. Hang in there!

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