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August 07, 2007


Jen A

I think you handled the awkward situation well. I have a tendency to be so caught off guard that I say something stupid in situations like that, but you seem to have a gift for being empathetic towards others.

And 35 weeks?! How is that even possible? I can't believe how close you're getting.

Anne Glamore

Hang in there!

People don't ask if the younger boys are twins much anymore either. As with yours, there's a 2" difference in height and 15 lb weight difference. Clothes that aren't mangled are handed down three times!

Also, Porter has just DECIDED that he's the youngest, and that seems to work out well!

Laura K.

That would be a very awkward situation, and so sad for that woman.

I can't believe you're THIRTY FIVE weeks! Wow...your pregnancy sure went by fast for me! Ha ha ha...!


Awww.. my heart broke for her. I can't imagine the pain.

35 weeks is so awesome.. but I am sure you are ready to be at 40 weeks and ready to hold this new little one in your arms!

So exciting!


Hey, Linda. I completely understand that woman's compulsion, I get it all the time. I've had two sets of identicals in my office recently, and I always say, ohh, I have twins. My impulse is to add, I also HAD identicals but I lost one to twin-twin transfusion. But I don't, or rarely, because what parent needs to hear that kind of sad information, and I especially don't do it in front of the children (theirs, I mean), what identical wants to consider life without their twin? I think if I were to say something, it would be to validate that I DO have another child, even if she is no longer alive, but at times I think it's a selfish impulse on my part. I still rarely call my two "twins", however.

I think you responded perfectly, btw...


How sad for that mom. I think you handled it beautifully.


wow there is never an easy response to that but i think you handled it well.

so glad E is being so big about her appointments. Wow they are growing so fast. I think E has the best glasses in the world she is simply adorable!


Gosh that was a horrible thing that woman said regarding her lost child. Obviously she hasn't had help dealing with the loss and by telling you, a perfect stranger, she's looking for sympathy.

May I ask, what eye condition does your daughter have?


You know that just happened to me yesterday at Trader's. The lady came up and asked if my girls were twins and I said they were triplets. Then a different lady said she had twins too, but they were actually triplets because one died. Then I just sat there because I didn't know what to say. I have so many friends that have surviving triplets, yet I just sat there completely unable to speak, which a rarity for me. So then like a complete dunce I said, "Well we're all multiple moms here, what are the odds?" That's what I came up with....then I started stuttering or something stupid. I can't really remember as the kids were unloading all the pretzels on the shelf.

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