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August 03, 2007



The Simpson's movie was hilarious! I thought it was great, but we are diehard fans... well most of the seasons anyway. Enjoy your saturday to yourself! I miss target, where we are in Australia, there isn't one for 1000 miles, but i hear they might be building one soon! I am excited!




HA! I lived pants-less for the last month of my pregnancy, and most of my labour (they made me put pants on to get to the hospital darn them LOL!).


I usually tell my 3 year old that he has a choice--He can come when he's called or I can come and get him; but if I come and get him, I promise he won't like it.

This way he has some control and if I go and lay hands on him, ostensibly, it's his choice, even if he doens't like it. I'm not sure if this is straight logic or not, but it sometimes works for him.

Hang in there--I only wore knit skirts or loose dresses the last bit of my pregnancy with A (the one who went full term).

Your husband cracks me up.


I do the same tactic "Come nicely by yourself or I will help you"
Which is usually met with "NO, I don't want your help!" and then they come running over by themselves. So annoying, but it does work.
Now, I just keep my pants by the door, in case somebody rings or I need to go out. Bottoms are just not comfortable at this stage...


Oy. Defiance is hard. I like the warnings Linda and Amy use.


Oh I get a lot of 'no' s with the arms crossed.. sometimes accompanied by a foot stamp or a storming out of the room, every now then by a door slam too! LOL I often wonder if my two are 3.5 years old or 16! There is no easy answer!


AJ just turned three and we get SO MUCH defiance from him. It's exhausting. Good tips here, I'll be using those tonight (I'm sure)!

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