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August 29, 2007


Amy F

Just to be contrary, the day I gave birth to Leo, I woke up at 8am after a good night's sleep. Peter came into our bed and snuggled for half an hour, something he never does. I realized that the contractions I was feeling weren't Braxton-Hicks (which I'd been having all the time for weeks). I stayed in bed with dh and Peter for that half an hour, knowing I would give birth that day but not telling anyone, just savoring the peaceful morning.

Leo was born 8 hours later in the same spot labor began after only two conscious pushes. I wish you a similar beginning and end to labor!


can't give you any good delivery stories. they told me i would deliver in 1/2 hour or so. they did a quick c-section. i wondered when they would start. i then heard zeke cry. it was done in less than 15 minutes, i think. and then there was weeks of healing afterwards.


I've thought that I'd like to work at Stone Brewery, near San Diego. Let's run away together.

My water broke before I started having contractions. I was GBS+ so I ended up on pitocin express.

You look adorable. I look like a cow.


I had been taking medication since 18 weeks to prevent pre-term I was already 4 cm dilated by then)and then was hospitalized for 3 months on magnesium sulfate to do the same thing. Finally, after I started to go into congestive heart failure at 33 weeks, the doctors decided it was time to let him be born. So, they stopped all the meds. The doctor said he would be born within 3-4 hours. Wouldn't you know that I stalled at 5 cm for THIRTY SIX HOURS! Little stinker. Then I went from 6 cm to holding him in less than 10 minutes. 4 pushes!


Send your husband over here to do my basement next, please. Oh, how I would LOVE to have ours finished by due-date time! You're lucky, what a great place for a playroom. :)

My labor/delivery story is very boring. Woke at 1:30am, timed contrax for a half hour, got up to pee, water broke, went to hospital. Labored about 8 hours and had the easiest delivery known to woman. Hope yours goes the same!


My labor was different. I got induced because I was walking around at 5cm not doing anything for a week. I spent an hour or so on pitocin not feeling anything and even took a small nap. Then the doctor broke my water. I went from 5-6cm to 10 in about 30 seconds and she was born 10 minutes later with about 5 pushes. I was only in 'labor' for 2 hours according to the nurses time. Hope yours goes as fast!


I kind of knew with every babe that I was in labor. I rarely wake up out of sorts - I am relatively chipper in the morning.

Babe #1 - woke up at 6am with contractions, went to my regular appointment, told me to go out for lunch, have a glass of wine - by 5pm, was in the hospital, with epidural which lead to a few issues including forceps and bad tears (ouchy) - baby born at 11pm. She starts kindergarden next week.

Babe #2 - terrified after #1 - most boring of all labors - water broke at midnight, proceeded slowly to the hospital (showered, dh had coffee etc.), got my epidural immediately, slept until 8am, had baby 8:20am. I sat cross-legged the next day - no ouchies! [My only strep b+ pregnancy - no problems.]

Babe #3 - met a few 'midwife' types so went hospital with midwife - was in labor at 8am (a bit uncertain on that one), puttered about my day organizing stuff, didn't want to disturb #1 and #2 children's nap at school so only sent husband to pick them up after nap, he got home after 3pm, we got to the hosptial at 3:45pm in the parklot, I agonized the walk to ward, was checked just after 4pm, 8cm, had baby 15 odd minutes later and was home for dinner at 7:30pm (AWESOME!!)

Baby #4 - went to bed at 10pm with nothing, woke up at 11pm and thought I was contracting, watched the clock for an hour or so, called the midwives, was checked at home - 3cm - went to the hospital anyways, got to the hospital at 1:30am, broke water at 2:45am at 7 cm, babe born just after 3am - was home by 5:30am (Poor uncle asked what happened, then just about died when he saw the baby!) I hate hospitals!

Good luck - I think it is an awesome time to be pregnant (I am done now!)

Can't wait - have fun, smile and tell it to go somewhat slow, especially if this is your last.


Sparing you the horror of my first delivery, here's my second:

Spent Saturday afternoon going around shopping (we had moved a few weeks before) at Home Depot, etc. Complained about excessive Braxton-Hicks a few times. My husband got paged so we went home so he could work, and I was sort of bored/tired/whiny so I decided to time them. They were coming about every ten minutes, which I thought was interesting, but since there was NO pain I was not too worried. He kept working, and we cancelled our dinner plans. Then I timed them again and they were every 4 minutes, so I decided to call L&D triage, and they said it might be a good idea to come in. My husband was still working, so I waited for him to finish up - about an hour.

Then we got down to L&D and they put the belly monitor on and it showed, seriously, the tiniest little blips every 2-3 minutes - barely registering. So we all had a laugh and then the resident decided to do a cervical check before sending me home. I was at 7 cm, so we changed that plan. Still totally without pain I got settled in a room and then they decided to break the water sac, which was totally bulging downwards, and do an epidural ('cause of complications with my daughter we thought we would probably go to a c-section with my son 'cause my OB had written we had to do one after ONE heart decel of ANY kind). Anesthesiologist comes in to do the epidural, can't get it in, calls backup guy. While I am still in the 'stay still position' I had one huge, incredibly painful "real" contraction, threw up, couldn't see, the whole nine yards. Once. They finished the epidural, I laid down, two contractions later - baby was born, practically with skid marks. :) Oh yes then the epi kicked in, ha ha. I don't think they even took the clip off the pitocin.

Good thing my water didn't break in Home Depot is all I can say. :)


My water broke with both of my pregnancies. With T, it broke at 31 weeks with a huge gush and with A, it broke at 37? weeks with a trickle.

Nothing embarassing, either, as I was at home for both. Oddly, T, my preemie, was born vaginally, without drugs and A was my emergency c-section. You never can tell what you're going to get, I guess!


I'll spare you the story of my first daughter's birth. It was a fantastic couple of days, though, being in labor with her. Coincidentally, 7 years ago today, I was a brand new mom with a beautiful baby girl, in spite of the labor experience.

My second daughter's entry was less traumatic. My care was handled by a lay midwife practice and I did have 5 days of prodromal labor (contractions every 2-3 minutes from waking til I passed out exhausted each night - on the fifth day, we really thought she'd be coming that night - she didn't). After my five exhausting days, I had a five day reprieve - we don't know why. The night before her due date, my contractions felt a bit different. I wasn't holding my breath, though. We watched a movie and got our groove on before I fell asleep near midnight. I woke at two with contractions, definitely different than the other ones. When I woke again at 7, after drifting off sometime after 4:30, I was convinced that I couldn't be in labor or I'd not have fallen back to sleep. But by 7:30, we were making phone calls and arranging for care for our 19 month-old.

I called the midwife just before 8 and we agreed to meet at the center at 9. I got in the shower, where I stayed for the next 45 minutes (though I swear it felt like 10). On the way, I clutched my husband's arm and criticized his driving the whole way. I did call my mom and told her to go ahead and meet us at the birth center, since I didn't know how quickly this was all going to happen.

I was checked at 9:20 and was 5 cm. I didn't want my friend/doula, the midwife, my husband or my mother to talk to me or touch me and at one point I even ordered them to stop talking to one another. I couldn't get a handle on the contractions and when I was getting out of the shower (which wasn't working there to relax me), I bit my husband's chest during a contraction. He just took it and didn't pull away from me - poor guy, I didn't realize I was even doing it. I tried rocking in the chair, bending over the end of the bed, on my hands and knees, laying on my side... Nothing was working. And then, I got in the tub. And, oh my! that was heaven. An hour later, the midwife wanted me to try to void and made me get on the toilet - which meant giving up my warm cocoon. I was dilated 10 cm, but the bag of waters was intact, so she broke it while I was on the toilet (I was afraid of pushing then, I didn't want to deliver there!). She encouraged me to push once in that position and then allowed me to get back in the tub. Two pushes later (at 11:07 am), our second daughter was born. After a few minutes, I had to get out of the tub to deliver the placenta (less messy that way). I was home in my own bed by 2:40 that afternoon.

During labor, I wanted to listen to Dave Matthews Band - particularly Ants Marching while I was in transition. And as time was getting closer for the birth, my friend put Enya in and I'm not sure if it was "Only Time" or "Wild Child" that played as we greeted her for the first time. I now wonder if that would have been a warning.... She is definitely our wild child.

I'm praying you have a safe and healthy end of pregnancy and I can't wait to hear your new story and see pictures of your precious little one.

God Bless you, Linda. You deserve all this happiness.


I was induced, so I didn't get to go into labor normally, but I delivered one twin vaginally and the other by emergency c-section under general anesthesia. The whole long story is here: http://jennsjournal.clubmom.com/jennsjournal/2006/08/my_medical_misa.html

Anne Glamore

I'm the worst. I never know when I'm pregnant, much less in labor. Fortunately, I am aware that I now have children.


With E I had contracts 10 minutes apart the week before she was due. Not fun showing up at the hospital twice just to be turned away when the contractions stop. Water broke Sunday at 3am and E was born at 11:30am with an epidural and pitocin. I had terrible back pain with her labor.
J2 was a planned home birth. A night I thought was indigestion turned out to be easy labor, two pushes and delivering J2 with my husband still sleepy. J2 hit his head on the toilet when I pushed too hard. I would do J2 birth again given the chance. Midwives were called after his birth.


Ha, I wake up out of sorts and irritable every morning, and I haven't been pregnant since January 2003. I'm sure it's unpleasant to wake up with contractions, but I consider an alarm clock beeping at me to be quite bad enough.

When I was waiting for the arrival of my son, I'd already been going in and out of real (contactions every 3 minutes) but unproductive labor since 37 weeks. After a few weeks of that, I was thoroughly unimpressed by the appearance of regular contractions. I was running up against the 42w eviction deadline, so that afternoon I'd paid a visit to my Hypnobirthing instructor, begging her to do ANYTHING that would get my final labor going. So she did acupressure, ear candles, and some funky thing that involved pressing a crystal-tipped magic want into the sides of my legs. (Magic acupressure, maybe?) It was entirely silly but it worked. I went home, ate a greasy crock-pot chicken dinner, then noticed I was having regular contractions, AGAIN. I took a long bath, chatted on the phone with my bestest friend, and climbed in and out of the tub about a zillion times to pee. After a few hours of this, I threw up all my greasy chicken stew... and that's when I finally realized that this was It. (Yes, I didn't realize I was about to have a baby until I hit transition. Either I'm a dumbass, or Hypnobirthing works, and I'd prefer to think the second explanation is the correct one.) So we went to the hospital, where the nurses offered to have my doctor check and see if I was "really in labor." I was 9cm. I was put in a room, I went to pee, and my water conveniently broke while I was sitting on the toilet. I'm sure the nurses appreciated my neatness, right?

And then I had a baby. ("Then," in this context, means "three hours later," because I was already really tired -- it was past 1am when my water broke -- and I was very, very lazy about pushing.) And it was great. And now he's in kindergarten.

I also must say that you've got the best running-away fantasy I've ever heard. Going to work at a winery! That's just BRILLIANT.


I remember it was 3:30 am, and I had the feeling that I needed to go to the bathroom, and this is what they nurses meants when they said that the body usually takes care of itself and gives itself an enema before birth... cause more or less that's what happened... anyway... well after THAT, i had contractions... they were tough, but not too horrible... so I labored at home til about 8 am, then we called the OBGYN practice of 5 docs I was going to... we learned that my doc was conveniently on vacation so i got my pic of the other 2 docs... picked one, they said I was 4 cm.. and to go to the hospital.. went in, (and mind you this was 10 days after my due date) and the hooked me up to a bunch of monitors and had a horrible nurse who didn't know how to put a line in try on my arms.. and my arms were a mess for a few weeks.

Ok, so back to the birth story. I was at the hospital by about 9:00am, and they gave me Fentanyl(some narcotic) and after a while they gave me some pictocin (which is like complete HELL for the contractions.. those were the WORST PAIN FROM HELL i ever had... they also had to break my waters as well. Then finally around noon, the good anaesthesiologist showed up (I had asked for him upon being admitted) and he let me have the epidural. It was pure bliss until about 2:30pm, then it started to wear off.. and I was pushing from about 3:00pm - 4:53.

The great thing about this was that I remember telling my DOC that i couldn't do it, and that I wasn't cut out to be a mom, and i was hyperventilating and on oxygen at this point, and the doc told me that I better do it, and I would do it before Oprah was over. And i asked her to promise me that. She did, and I pushed that last time. And oh yes I did have that child before Oprah was over.. don't ask me what the topic was that day, i will never remember. but I had to have oprah's voice going so i could have a child.

The child is now 2, and i feel like the most amazing parent in the world, she is amazing as well!

I have kept up with you since your twins were i think 18 months or so... and I have to say that you are so inspiring and amazing, and I hope that I can be half as good a parent as you are! Keep writing and congrats again on this new lil one! Can't wait to hear the new lil one's birthstory!

Good luck and I wish you an easy labor and home with a healthy baby!


sorry about the typos above.. here in australia it's about 12:40am and it's been a long day!


#1 - I was two days past my due date. Contractions started at midnight and lasted all night but I was able to sleep through most of them. They stopped by 7am when I had an appointment to get my membranes stripped. The stripping worked - contractions started again about an hour later. We went to the hospital at 3:00pm, the doctor broke my water at 5:00pm when I was 4cm. I immediately went to 10cm and she was born at 5:22pm. Pretty easy for a non-medicated first labor.

#2 - It was New Year's Eve - what a way to celebrate. Contractions started at 6pm. I stayed on the couch all evening kind of in denial, thinking it would stop. I went to bed at midnight and the contractions got worse. We went to the hospital at 2:15am very much in labor and I knew the baby was coming any minute. The nurses argued with me about whether or not I was positive for b-strep. The doctor told me I wasn't, my chart said I was. And I was sure there was no time for antibiotics. My water broke, there was meconium, the doctor wasn't there yet and the baby was crowning. It was crazy to say the least. The nurses told me to hold him in until they had everything ready but it was impossible. The poor baby was born on the bed with no one to ease him out at 3:15am. I felt so sorry for him, but he was fine. Luckily the nurses never got around to breaking down the bed. He was the first baby of the New Year born in our small city so we got to be on the front page of the local newspaper 12 hours postpartum. I wasn't so sure I wanted to do that at the time, but I'm glad we did.


I can't get past the sentence about your kids acting like 3 year olds and you not being able to stand it. I've convinced myself then when my son is 3, this 2.5 year old stuff will be long gone. Can you hear me weeping?


I can't get past the sentence about your kids acting like 3 year olds and you not being able to stand it. I've convinced myself then when my son is 3, this 2.5 year old stuff will be long gone. Can you hear me weeping?


At least you have late stage pregnancy as an excuse! I have been pregnant since 8/6/04 and my son is 3 and driving me nuts. He doesn't seem to understand that while I love him, sometime Mama just wants to be LEFT ALONE!! He's on this squirt gun kick and there are only so many times you can pretend to die. Damn transformers cartoon reruns!! See what happens when your 3 year old has figured out how to change the channel!!
Anyways, the birth story. I'll tell mine because I think it's unusual and I don't know anyone that had this happen. I stopped working right on my due date and figured any day now. I was 50% effaced but no dilation. dum da dum... fast forward a week later and I'm about to be induced because the baby is measuring so big. They do the vaginal insert the night before and I go home and come back the next morning. My cervix hasn't shortened but it's "mushy". My (awesome) doctor starts the pitocin and away we go.
After watching au pair and au pair 2 nothing has happened but some non-painful contractions and the pitocin is at max dose. A few hours late the doc comes back and decides to send me home because I haven't dilated at all and at that point my uterus would be tired and I would probably end up with a c-section if we continuted with pitocin.
A week later (41 weeks 5 days) I go in for an ultrasound and they estimate 10 lbs 11 oz. I cry and then get over myself and we go inthe next morning for another induction. Same story...mushy cervix and no dilation. Pitocin again and same crampy but non-painful contraction. My doctor comes in for an exam after about 3 hours. I'm about 2.5 cm dilated and ecstatic to be having progress. We watch tv and I read and we chat and it's like being home except for all the itchy monitors. She comes back to break my water and the exam is so painful I start crying. My doc looks at me completely bewildered. She cannot break my water because my cervix no longer dilated and it has moved posterior and that's why it hurt. At that point we had to discuss options. I could continue with the pitocin and have another check or stop the drug and schedule a c-section. since I would be 42 days the next day I might end up being a section anyways because she will not let me go beyong 42 weeks for various reason but especially considered the size of the baby. I wasn't really have contactions so we shut off pitocin. I had just eaten one bite of pizza (my first food all day) so I had to wait 8 hours. The c-section went smoothly but I hated every second. I felt nauseous and my blood pressure kept dropping and I couldn't even enjoy seeing my baby becasue I felt so sick. Then I had a reaction to the narcotic in the dura-morph and started itching horribly. They had to counteract it with Nubain. I hated the surgery (and the recovery process) but it was the right thing. There was meconium in the amniotic fluid and my son weighed 10 lbs 7oz. Personally I wonder if his head got stuck on my pubic bone because he had a little ridge on the top of his head.

I'm scared to have another baby (if that ever happens!). I dont' want another c-section but apparently I create monster size babies!!

Sorry it's so long and for any typos....


With my twins - 8 weeks of bedrest at home followed up by 7 weeks in the hospital. Then a very planned, very scheduled c/s. No labor at all. With my singleton - scheduled c/s for Nov. 4. On Oct. 28, I couldn't take it anymore. OB said "I'm on call this weekend, come in anytime." Went in on eve of Oct. 30 and got put on backburner while other ladies had their kids. Then BAM. Went into labor. 30 minutes later, they cut me open and took her out, kicking and screaming. No real labor there either.


I don't think I ever had contractions, and I was never checked to see if I was diltated, so I don't have any good stories for you. BUT I was carrying 15+lbs of babies and Believe me, I NEVER had any bursts of energy!


I will spare you all the details of my first labor. Sufice it to say - back labor 26 hours- 8lb 110z girl. However the second time was oh so much better. I knew I was in labor when I went to take a nap with my 3 year old and I heard a 'pop'. Yep, my water broke and my daughter got me a towel. Then the baby dropped and sealed off the leak. I went about my day but called my mom to say I was having the baby that day and could she come to watch my 3 year old. When my husband got home from work we ate supper and waited for my mother. By then I was starting to feel some contractions but I didn't go to the hospital until about 9pm because my mom was getting nervous. When I got there they called my doctor and I told him I thought I would be delivering around 2am- the staff laughed. I had an intern who was new on the rotation and he told me that I was probably in false labor as my husband and I were playing gin rummy between contractions. I told him to come back at 2 am also. He had never seen a delivery without medication and so he agreed. Sure enough 'S' was born at 2:12 am. I got up from the delivery table, picked her up and walked back to my room. We left the hospital the next day. And that was 32 almost 33 years ago.


I woke up out of a dead sleep at 5am, bewildered. Just snap! wide awake. Five minutes and OUUUUUCCCHHHH!!! I'm in labour! I didn't dilate until I was in labour with my son. Totally different from walking around at 2-3cms with my daughter for the last month.

FWIW, I have never, ever, ever been in good physical shape. Seriously. And I laboured and delivered both babies just fine.


I was 41 weeks and CRANKY AS HELL. Every time I went in for a check they'd tell me "nothing yet" and I would go home and clean and fume. I had an appoinment on Wed., Dec. 1 and my doc stripped my membranes and we set up the induction for that Monday. EVERYONE except the awesome receptionist said they'd see me for my appointment that Friday (I was going in all the time for NSTs since I was late and about prostrate with nerves). Went home, napped, we Christmas shopped, I set up the TiVo and went to bed around 1 am. At 2 am I woke up after a weird dream that water was flowing out of me...and then realized it was no dream, it actually happened.

No real contractions, just back pain, quickie C-section and a healthy, gorgeous, bright baby girl.

Laura K.

My labor stories:

Doc: Hey, your blood pressure is up.
Me: Um, okay?
Doc: Hey, we're going to induce you!
Me: Um, okay (and the second time: Okay!)
Doc: I'll see you on ___ (date) at ___ (time)
Me: Um, okay.

Hookup; pitcoin; water breaking; pushing; done.

So, yeah, I think my labor stories aren't really helpful, are they?

About being fit, I did not exercise really through either pregnancy, besides walking, but that ended whent he warm weather did, so basically chasing after K was my only exercise when I was pregnant with M in the end. It was GREAT. And you know, I really think your body just knows what to do after you've been through this once. It goes a lot faster the second time around. It did for me, anyway, and I think that's the case for most people.

Good Luck! LOVE the basement, by the way!


I ended up being induced with my twins due to my blood pressure. I went in for a check at 36w and blood pressure was a little high (had been that way for a few weeks) and also had protein in my urine. The doc checked me and I was at 4cm so they scheduled an induction for a few days later. Went in and they started the pitocin and I asked the nurse when I could get my epidural. I was so paranoid that I was going to be one of those poor women who missed their window for an epidural and I so wanted the drugs. She said as soon as they got an IV bag of fluids in me then I'd be able to get one. They then broke my first bag of water and the contractions started kicking in. After about 45 minutes I started thinking this hurts so bad, I'm not going to be able to do this and I was staring at that IV bag trying to make the level drop with my power of my mind. The nurse came in and I told her that I felt like I had to push and she kind of patted my hand and said it would probably be a while yet (the monitor evidently wasn't picking up my contractions). I insisted that I really felt like I needed to push. She said ok, let's do a quick check and I could tell she was thinking "typical first time mom" doesn't know what she's talking about, etc. Her face was priceless when she did the exam, total shock, as I was at 10cm. There was a huge scramble to get the nurse/ped teams set up in the room. I started to freak out and asked if I was still going to get my epidural and when the nurse said no I thought I was going to hyperventilate. The nurse saw my panic and told me that I'd already been through the worst part, that pushing wouldn't hurt any worse then the contractions. Whether that's true or not, who knows, but it did calm me down. I started pushing at 10am. Did about four pushes and Peyton was born at 10:22am. They did a quick u/s to be sure baby #2 hadn't flipped and then Skyler was born at 10:26am. My practice had midwives but their policy was that they weren't supposed to be primary for twin deliveries. They had called my doc the midwife ended up delivering the babies. We have video footage of her standing at the end of the bed with a nurse holding her mobile phone up to her ear, telling the doc to "Come now!" as I was pushing with Peyton. He didn't make it, he walked in after everything was over and laughed saying it was his easiest delivery ever. So I feel fortunate that I had such a quick easy delivery with twins and that it wound up being a natural delivery. The doctor did say that if I ever had another baby to not "dilly-daddle" in getting to the hospital. :)

I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear your birth story for the new babe.

Also, feeling your pain on the 3-year old front. There are so many times where I just want to tell my girls to "Shut it!" but figure that's not the best behavior to model so wind up sucking it up. Some days, though, that's oh so hard.


Baby #1: water broke at 5 a.m., green (version at 37 weeks), back labor, threatened c-section, change of shift, new midwife, got me motivated, pushed out at 9 p.m.

Baby #2: Midwife stripped my membrances at 11:30 a.m. appointment. I was already 4 cm then. 3:30 p.m. started timing contractions, husband and i had to go home first and install the toilet on the 1st floor so i wouldn't have to go upstairs to pee once the baby was born. Toilet successfully installed, drove to hospital, crying as I realized I was ruining my other child's life, having this baby. Arrived at 5 c.m., sent hubby downstairs to get dinner while admission paperwork was done. He got upstairs just in time for me to get stuck on the toilet. 7:30 Into jaccuzzi for 1 contraction, had to push. Out to bed, 9 cm, midwife said give a little push just to see if we can get rid of that lip. I remember giving a little push and being mortified that i was most likely shitting the bed, when midwife yelled at me to STOP pushing, My GLoves Aren't Even On Yet. Out slipped the baby, bruised and battered but cute nonetheless.

#3: Group B strep positive. Had 1 massive contraction at 9:45 p.m. while fighting over the clicker with my husband. Then 2 more in the night. At 5:00 a.m. they started regularly. Arrived at hospital at 5:45 a.m. Husband cracking jokes in between contractions, keeping me laughing. Nurse didn't believe I was in labor. Dilly dallied with the IV (actually went through and through my skin when starting it, like she was doing some sort of sewing stitch - I was pissed). Midwife checked me, 6 cm. Told nurse to hurry up with things. Midwife complained that she had been up all night with 2 laboring patients and now a 3rd (me) and she was not going to see a baby born before her shift ended. 10 minutes later, up to toilet, fell on bed, water exploded, I told the nurse to get the midwife, she was focused on getting the monitor on me and the BP cuff. My husband ripped the equipment off me, i hollered the midwife's name, she came running into the room, looked me in the eye and said PANT or you will tear. So she kept great eye contact with me for the 2 minutes or so while I panted (it felt like hours) and she got her gloves on and they tried to break down the bed, etc. She stretched my perineum, said push and BAM out he came at 6:57 a.m. IV antibiotic hadn't finished infusing yet! The poor babe ended up on antibiotics for 5 days due to respiratory distress initially.

No drugs for any of them.

They are now 13, 11, and 8. My oldest started 8th grade yesterday and just got her first period. I can't believe it!!!!

Best of luck to you. And thanks for this opportunity to reminisce (sp?)!!


Babe #1- agreed to be induced by my OB because he was going on vacation (so dumb and naive- I know)Had Foley Catheter inserted the night before, went in the next day started Pitocin thinking I would do this naturally. Agreed to Nubain after about six hours which made me HIGH as a kite- then I was unable to get on top of my contractions, barely could keep my eyes open because of the narcotic high, agreed to an epidural at 9cm (nurses convinced or coerced me) ended up having him vacuum extracted by the OB who was eager to get home- nice.

Babe #2- I was adament that I would birth how I wanted this time. Started having contractions at 1am, went to the hospital at 4am- was 4cm dialated. I told every nurse not to touch me please, no I.V., no interventions- just leave me alone I will call you when I need you. The nurses were fantastic, totally respected me and listened to me. At 8am I got checked and was at 6cm, I asked the nurse if she would break my water which she did 'accidentally' for the record.
Labour got VERY intense and I started pushing around 11am, nurses delivered him at 11:54am- OB didn't make it in time. Was thrilled to have delivered him naturally. Jumped off the bed, had a shower and walked to my recovery room.

Babe #3- Had a midwife and planned home birth. I had false labour for three consecutive Moday's starting at 37 weeks. (Always started after sex and contractions would last for 2hours about five minutes apart but not very painful)
Midwife check at 40 1/2 weeks showed I was at 3cm and 0 station. I asked her to strip my membranes. When she did she said she felt his ear!! When I left her office she said I was at 5cm, go home, have sex and she would see me that night. So, I obliged and at 10pm had my first painful contraction. By 10:15 contractions were 2min apart and VERY intense. Midwife came at 10:45pm told me I was 7cm with bulging sack of water. She called the second midwife. I labored in our tub until my water broke at 11:50pm. (I was beta strep positive) she told me to get out of the tub while she went to get the antibiotics. The second midwife arrived at 12:05am- (I learned after that they agreed not to give me the antibiotics because I was ready to push). The midwife asked if I wanted her to check me and I responded with a very loud push and the baby's head crowned. She laughed and said 'alright then, I'll take that as a no!' I pushed two more times for the shoulder and his body and he was born at 12:17am- healthy and happy. The midwives cleaned everything up and my husband and I were snuggled in bed with our new babe ready to sleep by 3am- the most fantastic birth.


Ooo, birthstories -- yay!

#1: Fifteen days past my due-date, my midwife gave me until the weekend was over (generous) and then I'd have to be induced or find somebody else (homebirth). Hard, super-strong back labor began at 11:30 that night. My water broke exactly half-way through, Forrest arrived twelve hours after labor began. Maybe twenty minutes of pushing.

#2: Ten and a half years and multiple miscarriages later, I went into labor ten days past my due-date. Like the last time a homebirth with strong, active, very painful back labor from the start. Made it to ten centimeters after some 55 hours at which point all contractions stopped. Nothing. For over two hours. Finally my midwife asked if I'd like her to hook the amniotic sac -- yes!!! She did, contractions crashed back down on me, I couldn't *not* push, and River was born within about ten minutes.

#3: labor began with my waters breaking, about five days past my due-date, and just as I went to bed. "Oh, that's interesting," I thought to myself. I got a towel to lay on and promptly went to sleep! I woke up a few hours later in active labor. This was my best labor by far: I felt as if I'd finally learned how to labor and birth. I was calmest during this labor and even though it hurt like a *&5^$# I handled it the best of all three times. I really wanted a water birth, had the pool all set up in the dining room, but interestingly, being in it felt just awful! When I reached full dilation, I immediately felt the urge to push (very grateful for that, after the last time!), and Larkin's head emerged in short order. For the first time I had a hard time birthing the rest of the baby: the other two had slithered right out after their heads were born; not this little guy, he had really broad shoulders and pushing them out took just as much effort as pushing out his head. While I pushed, I heard him take his first breath, still with only his head out! Amazing. Once he was fully born he was already all pink -- again, very different from my others. Seventeen hours in all.


Oh by the way, awhile back you asked if you were forgetting anything in preparation for your new baby... The sling is an essential. Lachlan has been 'living' in the sling for his little two week life so far.
I don't know if you used one with the twins but it makes dealing with older siblings and a newborn possible, and I don't have to worry about what my two year old is trying to put in Lachlan's mouth.
There is a little learning curve in the beginning trying to get comfortable and the babe comfortable- but it is well worth the effort!


With #1, I was 41 weeks and was induced. The Cervodil (sp?) caused my uterus to contract and not uncontract, so the night before my induction was not fun. Baby's heart rate kept dipping, sending off the alarm and scared me to death. Next AM, they broke my water, there was meconium, and I immediately started having contractions, then they set me up with pitocin. I labored silently with my eyes shut and a death grip on the bed rails. The sight of my mom and husband looking at me with pity made me want to rip their eyes out, so I just shut mine. About 2 hours in they gave me something to take the edge off, which didn't stop the pain, but made me relax a bit. About an hour and a half later at 2.5cm I got an epidural. My nurse had an 8 week old baby and told me I could have the epidural any old time I wanted--LOVED her! Epidural was HEAVEN (didn't hurt a bit going in), I snuggled in all ready to take a nice pain free nap, the nurse sent my family to go grab lunch so I could rest. Family left, nurse checked me and I was 9.5cm. Someone ran to get my mom and husband, I started pushing, but baby couldn't cope and 30 minutes later he was born via emergency C-section. I was not numb and felt the initial cutting as my epidural catheter slid out. I freaked out thinking I was going to feel the entire thing, and a second later I was under general anesthesia riding a rainbow colored roller coaster with a lot of bright happy lights. He was born just after noon, I woke up at around 3pm and asked my husband 100 million times if he (the baby) was okay. Everyone had held him but me and I'm still pissed off about it.

Baby #2, I was measuring small and had only gained 10lbs. Ultrasound at almost 37 weeks on Halloween showed low amniotic fluid and what they said was probably going to be a 4 pounder or so. The next day was my 30th birthday and doctor gave me the option of waiting until after my birthday to schedule c-section. I took that option, not b/c I didn't want to share my b-day with my baby girl, but b/c I was not mentally ready, or otherwise ready to have baby and needed that extra 24 hours (is anyone ever REALLY ready). Baby was born 6lbs. 4 oz by c-section.


Both of my labors started the same way. I awoke from a deep slumber with contractions that led me to hop on the toilet.

With my first daugter, the whole thing started around 11:00pm I didn't realize it was labor (even though I was 9 days past my EDD) and just thought I had really bad poop cramps. I seriously felt like a moron going into the hospital and was sure I was going to get turned away and told I just had the runs. My husband convinced me that we needed to get to the hospital and we arrived at the hospital around 4:30am. Well, I was 6cm and contracting nicely when I was checked in triage around 5:00am. I was screaming in pain/fear as they wheeled me on a gurney from triage to L & D with my hospital gown flapping in the wind and revealing all of my parts (at a hospital I work at, mind you!). Once I was in L & D, the nurse examined me again and found I was 8cm (this was about 10 minutes after the triage check) and panic ensued - I met the chief resident, the 1st year and a med student while they waited for my doctor to answer her page. I felt like I had to poop a bowling ball and begged for an epidural. The anesthesiologist was there within minutes - while he was going to hook me up, I doubled over and told the nurse about the bowling ball I was about to poop out. They decided to flip me over and check for a baby head - no head, I was a 9 and my doctor still wasn't there, so they decided I could have an epidural to slow it down. I was given an excellent epidural and felt all warm and cozy within 15 minutes. My doctor showed up at 6:00am, pronounched me fully dilated, broke my water, told me to push and went for coffee. My 8lb 10oz baby girl was born at 8:53am.

My butt was sore for an eternity (nearly) after all that pushing. The worst part was getting the catheter after I tried to pee on the pot and couldnt get it out. The nurse couldn't get the catheter in on the first try, so the baby nurse came over and pried me apart so they could get the catheter in - my urethra was swollen shut - Happy, happy, joy, joy! I drank a gallon of ice water after that - I was peeing on my own, dang it!

With my second daugher, I woke up at 1:00am and was on the toilet before I realized it was a contraction and not a poop (I've since told every pregnant woman I know that pushing out a baby feels like a ginormous poop - nobody tells you this!). I was giddy because I was 1 day past my due date and ready for a baby! I climbed back in bed and stared at my alarm clock, just waiting for the next contraction. I fell asleep waiting as my next contraction did not arrive until 1:43am. I was bummed. I waited again - nothing! So, I got out of bed and headed to the couch with my battery operated alarm clock (with no indiglo feature) and a flashlight (so I could see the clock - seemed better than a lamp to me at the time). I didn't want to wake up my husband b/c I thought this would go on all night. Anyhoo, around 2:30, I finally had my 3rd contraction. After that, they came fast and furious and I woke my husband up at 3:30 when I coudn't handle the contractions by myself. We got our gear together and arrived at the hospital at 4:00am. I was immediately met by some very skeptical triage nurses when I told them myh first contraction was at 1:00am, the next was at 1:43am and I didn't know exactly how close my contractions were now. Very skeptical indeed! The L & D nurse pronounced me a "good 5" (as I tried to say "told you so!" telepathically to the triage nurse) and left my husband and I alone (we were using the Bradley Method this time). The nurse paged the doctor 3 times, but he didn't show up (we were now living in a rural town and utililizing the local hospital - no residents for me that day) and 2 nurses ended up delivering my 7lb 3oz daughter at 5:33am (or at least that is the time they guessed - everyone was so excited that nobody remembered to check the clock). The doctor showed up around 6:00am, made some lame joke about how he would have showered if he knew the baby had already arrived, then gave me a couple of stitches.

Recovery was a breeze, I was not bruised this time and could sit anywhere without pain. No 'rhoids either! I pooped without pain the next day (I was taking 300mg of docusate and a zillion fibercon a day for MONTHS after my first daughter b/c my Bee-hind hurt so badly!). I asked the nurse how long I had pushed for and she said, "Oh, I don't know - maybe 3 or 4 minutes." So much easier to deliver a 7lb 3oz baby after the 8lb 10oz baby paved the way. I was lucky to have a quick labor and delivery - the nurses who delivered were so nice and so excited (genuinely excited, not "fakin' it doctor excited" like my first baby!).

The end.


I have no labor stories to share yet, and I don't expect to have much to share from this pregnancy, unless my doctors really DO let me have a vaginal delivery (which I'm not counting on... the risk/benefit analysis with triplets just doesn't usually work out in favor of a vaginal delivery.

However, I CAN empathize with the three year old woes. We have an almost-four-year-old foster son. I thought three would be better than two and BOY WAS I WRONG! He turns four in two weeks, and I'm PRAYING for some relief from the terrible threes, because SHEESH!

**I will now sit back and bask in my awesomeness while all the moms of triplets and more sigh and roll their eyes.**

I suspect the only way that I'll be able to answer people when they say, "How did you manage with three??" is to say, "I had lower standards."


#1 - Finished work on her Friday due date with absolutely no sign of any labor - not one BH contraction the entire pregnancy. Spent Saturday doing errands, but wanted desperately to go somewhere on Sunday since I figured I was in for a wait and was bored without work (!?). Spent a fantastic day in Annapolis all day Sunday - ate a bushel of crabs, a huge ice cream cone, bought a christening bonnet for the baby, had a wonderful day with my husband. My back hurt a bit in the but I did not make any connection. Stopped at my parents for dinner and was so annoyed by everyone and just wanted to go home, but no contractions or anything. Laid down for sleep at 9:25 and sat up straight in bed at 9:30 with a very large, painful contraction. Told my husband to sleep, but things were on their way. Couldn't get back to sleep - very painful, pretty close together contractions - moved back and forth from the rocker to the bathroom in a huge deal of pain. Woke hubby after about an hour - tried to get him to help me time things, but he kept falling asleep. Called the midwife about one am, she said to come in to the birth center. Got there about 2:30 am as it took me a long time to put on clothes and shoes since the contractions were so consuming. Checked when I arrived and was at 4.5 cm. Overwhelming contractions no matter where I labored at the center - tub, shower, birth ball. Only thing that didn't make them seem completely too much was lying on my side on the bed just like I sleep. Huge urge to push, was checked and was at 10, water broke naturally seconds later (all of this I only know from my midwife's notes - everything is blurry at this point) and my girl was born after two pushes at 5:30 am. 8 hours start to finish. Tore a little, and was never so happy to be done with anything. :)

#2 - Finished work on a Friday a few days after my due date. Smattering of BH contractions. Figured I'd go really soon and have a very fast labor based on 2 year olds birth. Unbelievably, went NINE days after my due date, a few days away from being induced. Had cramps, contractions on and off everyday, but woke up pregnant every morning. Lost my plug and still had a few days after that. Woke up with painful contractions the day before she was born, thinking finally, show on the road, but they petered out. Was NOT used to this and was getting frustrated with being pregnant and taking care of a 2 year old. The night before she was born, my sister came over, but I could barely talk to her - not in labor - no contractions, but I had sort of checked out. Went to bed early and at 4:30 am contractions started again. Tried not to get my hopes up, but they stayed consistent and I timed them at about 10 mins apart (#1's were never less than 5 mins apart). When my daughter M. woke up, I told my husband that we were finally there. Called my mom to come get M. and called the midwife at 7:30 am. She said to come into the center at 8:30 am when it opened. That was weird, had a few contractions in the waiting room while they got ready to check me and I hid in the bathroom - I don't like laboring in front of anyone outside the midwife and my husband. Got my pick of birthing rooms and settled in. This birth was so different - was able to labor in every position - tub was really helpful this time. Was able to be near my husband and lean on him, sway with him, lay back on him in the bed - I did not want him to touch me for #1 - just be nearby. The contractions were less overwhelming, but the trade off was that it took longer. I was starting to get tired and not feeling any urge to push, so my midwife suggested breaking my water, which perked things up a bit. My second daughter was born less than an hour after my water was broken, after about say 5 pushes, that I had to concentrate for - my midwife had to tell me how to push - my first just came out - I couldn't not push. 2:30 pm.

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