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August 27, 2007



The end of pregnancy can be a festival of fun, huh? Hang in there, it won't be long! (But, boy, am I sympathetic.) Huge bummer about your eye -- I hope the eye drops work quickly and do the trick.


Sorry about the eye thing, hope it is just a fluke. BTDT with the headache. I'm no delicate flower and I'd give my right arm for 3 Advil right about now. Hubby (who is a doc) gave me all the right info to scare it right out of my hand though. Sucks getting headaches during pregnancy. Have you tried the Origins headache cream? It has worked for me occasionally. It's just mint and eucalyptus and some other herbal type stuff, but you rub it on your temples and sniff it a bit. It did give me some relief for at least a little while. Other than that, caffeine and a nap is what seems to help me.


You are so correct. There is no way that Tylenol works. Tylenol is for wussies. I can remember being so sick and hurting so badly during my singleton pregnancy and wanting to really just curl up and die and take 3 Motrins.

I wonder if the steriod eye stuff is causing your sinus problems. The tear duct does drain into the sinuses and I wonder if you are having a reaction to the steroid?

Anne Glamore

Really the only surefire cure I know for a headache is a gin & tonic. Sometimes I'll take an aspirin, too, but that's really just for show.


OUCH. I got so sick before I had Maggie, just had a horrible cold like that whole fall. My OB did tell me I could take Sudafed, might that help? Also, my sinus cure that saved my wedding: Wet a washcloth and heat it in the microwave until steaming. Wait until it won't burn the skin of your face off, and then lay down with it draped over your face. Swear to God it felt better than sex and broke everything up quickly so I could get better.


Yes, Amy is right, get heat on your sinuses. Sleep on your heating pad if you need to, obviously set low so you don't burn your face. Get some tissues ready, because things will start to pour.

Sorry about the breathing thing. I hope he moves down soon.


Have you tried a neti pot? Or my MIL swears by this OTC thing called Simply Saline (it's like high powered saline drops that she prefers to the neti). Could help loosen up some of the sinus gunk. Moist heat also sounds promising.

Sending virtual chicken soup...


So sorry you are not feeling well. I had a horrid cold in the first trimester, I found that steam treatments worked well, and helped the headache too. (Boiling water, towel over head as makeshift tent, and add a drop euclayptus or other oil if desired).

Laura K.

Doh! Sucks! I was out of town for a couple of days and was hoping to come back to find you were having the baby or something! Now I am definitely with you on wishing this baby to stay in until you're feeling better. Take care!


Sorry to hear you're sick! At least you know you've got a couple weeks left until the baby comes; your body will not let you go into labor unless you are healthy enough. I am saying this just from experience, not from medical knowledge. I was sick just before I went into labor with my daughter and when I got better, that's when it happened.


Tammy W.

As a sinus victim for the past 30 years, I have had all types of treatments. The ones that I can recommend for pregnancy are:

1. NeilMed's Sinus Rinse---it specifically states that it is safe during PG. I got mine from an ENT.

2. The BEST thing an ENT can do is use suction, AKA the "snot sucker". Sorry if that sounds gross, but they can suction all the gunk out and you can have very quick relief from the pain and pressure from the congestion. It is medication free, and is the most wonderful feeling afterward. It doesn't even cause any discomfort (at least to me), and I have had it done many times over 30 years.

I hope one of these helps, you shouldn't have to suffer sinus pain. Hopefully the little one will be here soon.

Take care,
Tammy W.

P.S. If you are interested in coupons for diapers, and other baby products (wipes, baby bath, etc.), let me know. I would be happy to send these to you. I am on mailing lists where I get a lot of these coupons. You have my e-mail address, so just drop me a note.


Sorry to hear that you are feeling yucky. I was on Zithro when I had almost pneumonia during my pregnancy. I was told it wasn't a problem. sometimes i wonder though... but yeah i think the best idea mentioned before is the heat. When I have sinus issues I usually get a hot to warm washcloth and put it over my eyes and nose.. it usually works.. but if it gets worse the suction is a good idea.. but gross.. you totally feel like a baby. LOL

If i lived closer I would come and bring some chicken soup and some warm washcloths, but in Australia, I will just wish them too you! Take care, can't wait to meet latest edition!


Sucks to be miserable now but hang in there! You will see your sweet little baby soon. And good luck on the eye situation.

Btw, Tylenol works on my headaches, even migraines. I guess I am a wuss...lol.


I has a very trippy dream last night that I actually saw manatee lipstick in a store. Ad was like "Ohhhh, it IS real!"

Must stay off the computer before bed....

Jen A

Oh, that sounds awful. I know I'm repeating others, but the best way I've found to clear my sinuses is to take a long, hot shower, and then blow my nose like crazy. I hope you feel better soon.

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