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August 15, 2007



On my crapy mom days, I get out a box full of hair ribbons, barrettes, combs and a mirror. My three year old loves doing my hair and I love sitting motionless for a few minuets. My only energy that I have to expend is the Ooos and awes I give my hair dresser as I look in the hand held mirror.


Well, you look terrific, in any case. Not bloated a bit. Your skin looks soft and glowing and you have a very nice shape. You are also tall.

Hope things improve! At least you know that whatever trials and challenges being pregnant provides, it will be over soon.

*sorry for any typos--the kids are distracting me!


Linda you look great! Hang in there.


You look awesome! When I had crappy Nanny days, I used to let the kids "Camp" indoors. You could even try this outside with a small pup tent. But, I hear you on the exhaustion. I'm lucky this is my first--I'm just hot and tired all the time, and I'm not sure what I'd do without naps.


You look fatanstic! Hang in, it will be over soon.


I also echo the sentiment on how great you look! Oh, and I remember feeling like you about my last miracle baby. I knew he would be my last, which was bittersweet for me. I tried to savor every moment, well every moment besides the second to last week when I developed a horrible cold. At any rate, do you have a Jump Zone or Pump-It-Up around you? Those places that have jumpies where the kids can run, jump and climb all by themselves. Those really get the kids' energy out!


You really do look great!


Ditto on having one crappy mother day after another. I'm 40 weeks 3 days and dying for this baby to get out already.
I snapped at my four year old for spilling his milk and then cried and told him I was sorry. I told him him the baby was making me very uncomfortable and frustrated and he replied "Well, I'm exhausted too." I just had to laugh and remember this will be all over SOON!!
You look great, hang in there.

Anne Glamore

I must be really old, since my youngest (the twins) are 9.

But seriously, even though people write more about the toddlers and babies, we have great adventures with the 9 and 11 year old boys, even though sometimes they involve gas (both kinds), sharp objects, blood, etc.

Cry if it balances your hormones, but it just gets better and better.**

**Pre-adolescent angst excluded


I didn't have twins, but I did give birth to my third when my first two were not quite 3 and not quite 5. hmm... just trying to come up with fun-for-kids-not-energy-expanding-for-mom stuff.

my kids loved water play at that age, but it was SO STINKIN' HOT that I couldn't stand to even sit outside with them. I got a little water table, spread big towels on the floor, set up the water table on top of it, and they played for HOURS. They thought it was so cool to do that inside. We also did a lot of water play with kitchen bowls, sieves, funnels, utensils, etc. of various sizes.

AND I'd buy dry beans (black-eyed peas especially) and let them completely spread out in the living room with all the kitchen utensils/stuff and the beans and "cook". I don't know what it was about the beans, but they loved that! And it was such easy clean-up. Just required sweeping when they were done. And beans are cheap.

I think a LOT of women feel like you do at the end of pregnancy. I was that way with my third - lots of "lasts". It continues after you have the baby, too! It's strange to me to realize that my baby-making years are over.

Good luck, Linda! I wish you the best :)


You look absolutely radiant, Linda, and dealing with two preschoolers is certainly a lot of work - I feel for you! Good luck!


I think I've posted before, Linda, but I just love your blog and your honesty...and you look marvelous(like Billy Crystal would say it)! I, too, am in my last pregnancy(4th), and you've really encouraged me to enjoy every little second of it. I have a sis-in-law who has been on bedrest for 10 weeks, is now at week 30, and has some serious issues. That, too, can make me really(well, almost) enjoy my hips aching and the top of my belly hurting. Hope you feel peaceful and rested--anxious and excited, too--these last few weeks.

God bless!


You look stunning! Another benefit to being tall--I am 5'2" and by 35 weeks looked like a damn Weeble. And I feel you on the crapy mom feeling--right now I am SO exhausted I just let her watch too much TV and don't get a lot done. I'm starting to feel better now that I am in second tri and it's not a jillion degrees, but still. I think all your commenter's suggestions are awesome.


P.S. The new banner picture of E&L is too cute!


I just can't believe that anyone ever told you that you looked "so big!". When I looked at the picture I thought you should look bigger at this stage but maybe it's pregnancy amnesia on my part. Or maybe it's that you're taller than me. I like the weeble comment :-)
It's nice to know that you're comfortable that "pregnancy days are behind [you]". My son just turned 3 and we're not pregnant yet and feel really sad at the idea of pregnancy days being over for me. I know we're just at different stages but when I read that part of your post I felt teary at the idea of the childbearing days being over and moving into a different life stage. On the other hand it's not like you can keep having kids forever!

I can't wait to see how your birth experience goes!


boootiful maternity shirt!
you are looking gorgeous too, even if you don't feel it.


You look so gorgeous.

I completely understand your mixed feelings, even though I didn't and won't get the surprise pregnancy blessing. Thanks for writing them out so well.


You look great! I felt so bad at the end of my singleton pregnancy I really don't know how I lived through it with 3- 15 month olds. I promise you that once that baby comes out, you will get your energy back and you will hit the ground running. You are going to feel GREAT!!!!

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