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August 17, 2007



your girls sound like they like medicine as much as my three. And its not just tylenol, its any medicine. If one gets it and the rest don't...tears ensue lol


Heee. We get "I need Tie-en-lol" for days after we gave her some to get through teething.

And I am something of an introvert too and have the world's most gregarious child. Like she randomly hugs other kids. She LOVES people and like a true extrovert, if she's cranky I get her out and around other people and she perks right up. If we met your girls she'd follow E and L around the playground!


LOL!!!!!!! Just had to post a quick comment because my twin girls do the SAME THING with the meds...isn't it hilarious? They also BOTH whine (in tandem) for medicine if their little brother is getting some. Ah, at least one thing that's easy these days!!


I just recently taught our 3.5 year old how to introduce herself to new people and ask them their names. The first kid she came upon she asked and was so proud to tell me what the little girl's name was right after she found out. Of course, 10 minutes later she has completely forgotten the new kid's name but she is at least trying!

I wish medicine was that easy at our house. The oldest wants nothing to do with it, we have to force her to take the melt away tabs. The twins (20 months) used to take it great and wanted what the other one was getting but not anymore. It's a game of chase and chance.


oooh i have the other problem.. i am a super extrovert.. and my daughter is (At first) an extreme shy introvert, and doesn't want anyone in her personal space.. but once she warms up she is excited to have a friend...

Laura K.

That's so sweet that they are introducing themselves. K is also very interested in knowing EVERY last dtail about everyone she meets - name, age, what they did when they were _ years old, etc. Always fun. A is a good guy for modeling appropriate behavior, but I have to agree that it must have been funny to see two dads modeling proper introductions at the playground. :)


Okay, the difference in tower building is amazing! I would build like L (as does my DD). I think I'll see if we can build one like E this week...see what DD does with it. Very interesting indeed.

I finally got walloped with morning sickness this week - I know all about the turd in the punchbowl feeling. Poor DD finally started acting out Thurs. night after 4 days of TV/DVDs and not much else. I'm hoping it passes quickly for both our sakes.


Well that would be one way to get to have some medicine........


My son also has a fascination with medication! Every 10 min. for what seemed like weeks he was telling me that Lovey needed medicine or that he was sick and needed the "red medicine" (tylenol). I guess it goes right along with it that he has a fascination with doctors, whether they be for animals or people. I was the same way when I was a kid. I even went so far as to drink a whole bottle of cough syrup with codeine out of the medicine cabinet when I was 3. Obviously my parents took the appropriate medical steps to reverse that over dosage. Now I'm about to apply to medical school and I wonder if this early interest in his body, medicines and doctors means he'll follow a health field career path??

BTW, how have you dealt with having blood drawn from your girls? I have no idea about michigan but in MA we have to do yearly lead testing. I recently took him to have this done after his 3 yr check-up and the technician was awful and couldn't get blood. Riley was so brave even though he cried but now he's fixated on his blood and how the doctor needs to remove it from his body for certain tests.

Sorry for the long drawn out comment... :-)

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