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July 30, 2007



blueberry picking is always a good time.

I think storytime sounds like fun and I can just see the girls dancing!


Blueberry picking sounds so tempting right now!!

I love, love, love my Wet-jet. It does a great job on the regular floors, but it does an AWESOME job on the hardwood floors (just be sure to get the cleaner that works for all floors when it's time to pick up a new bottle.)
Doesn't that cleaner smell soooooo good?

Cat, Maryland

Love picking blueberries! And it does sound like you are nesting. Enjoy cleaning. :)


Yup, my to-do list keeps growing too! And I often wish that it could just stay summer here! Or early fall. I love living in the NW, but I hate, hate, hate the rain.

Re: Painting the paneling. Totally worth it. I still can't believe what a huge difference that painting the paneling white and putting in new carpeting made to our basement. However, it is a bit of work, but totally worth it. We had very dark paneling, so it took 3 coats of primer, plus 3 of top to completely hide it, but it looks amazing now--like white bead board. We washed the walls first with a degreaser and used the strongest KILZ primer on the market, followed by regular ultra white primer. If you want the basement done before baby, it would be worth it to have your handyman do the priming for you to limit your exposure to fumes, then do low VOC latex as a top coat. You won't be sorry that you went to the trouble. You can see our pics here: http://www.wavybrains.com/photos/basement_remodel_/
and the finished room here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wavybrains/sets/72057594072181918/


What does it mean that I read it as "rearrange my panties" ?

Do you use the wet-jet on your wood floors? I can't find anything I am happy with to clean mine. The regular Swiffers drag small rocks and stuff along with them and just scratch them up.


Linda, hopefully this time you won't be pumping to build supply. But in case you do find yourself in that position -- when I started pumping the second time around I borrowed a Medela Classic that someone had bought on eBay. She told me she suspected the suction on it was not quite as strong as the ones rented by the hospital, and maybe that was why it ended up for sale.

Supposedly there's a way to test the suction? I wonder if they would do it for you at the hospital...

Can't wait to hear about nursing a baby who knows how to latch! Here's hoping.


I still have this overwhelming feeling that you're having a boy. ;0) Just sayin'!

Laura K.

Man, if only ridding the yard of dog poop were as much fun for preschoolers as picking blueberries...KIDDING, of course! :)

I lurrrrrrve my wetjet, I really do. In our house it's kind of annoying becuase our previous owners put Pergo over hardwood (WHO DOES THAT? I ask for the millionth time), and pergo gets really streaky. BUT, the wet jet is a great thing to use when I am just aiming to get my floors cleaned up and don't care if they're streaky. During school when our cleaning person comes, she uses the good terry mop and better stuff on the floors, and I use the wet jet in between.

Soudns like you are doing some serious nesting! I'll bet all these preparations are getting the girls even more excited for their new sibling! :)

Laura K.

Oh, and to commenter Jill, I have to butt in about cleaning hardwoods - Murphy's oil soap was what we liked the best, and using a terry cloth mop head REALLY made a difference. And then there's this great stuff made by Holloway House called squirt and shine or something like that (you squirt it on clean floors and mop it off with a dry mop) that made our floors like like they'd been refinished when we used it. LOVE that stuff (I just used it on our family room floors this week)!

But I think they make a wet jet solution for hardwoods, don't they, Linda?


My sister's husband is a blueberry farmer and they live about 10 minutes from us. At their house they have 5 acres of berries and then another farm on 20 acres a little farther out. It is like toddler heaven. Connor(who just turned 3)walks up and down the rows eating berries, chasing the cat and dog, he plays in the barn, helps drive the enormous John Deere, he watches the commercial pickers and then the U-pickers at the end of the season. One year there was a row of bushes with NO berries on the bottom 3 feet b/c he ate so many. I have changed countless blue diapers in years past and have sent more blueberries in pockets through the washer & dryer than I would like to admit. Don't even get me started on the blueberry desserts they make. He ALWAYS wants to go to Aunt Sarah's house.

I am also a huge fan of the Swiffer Wet Jet, although I heard somewhere than the solution is harmful to kids/pets if you have the sort that lick the floors (it contains a similar ingredient to antifreeze-or so I hear), so I replace mine with a solution of Simple Green and water. Not sure if it's true or not, but the vat of Simple Green from Costco is cheaper than the refills anyway.

Sorry about the longest comment ever.


Nesting here too! I'm 33 weeks right now and can't stop cleaning and organizing...I totally get what you mean by the "abnormal feeling of satisfaction" you get when you tuck 2 clean girls into bed- for me its after I finish a load of dishes or neatly fold all my clean towels in the actual cupboard where they supposedly belong (as opposed to hanging out on top of the dryer for weeks.)


a) when would a breast pump need to be INDUSTRIAL???

b) Mmmmmmmmm, blueberries!!!

Jen H.

Ummm...nesting much??? :)

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