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April 30, 2007



Sounds like she is testing A, hopefully just a phase. My three year old daughter knows how to push my husband's buttons too. As far as chocolate chip cookies...Do you put a piece of bread in the container you keep the cookies in? My mother in law taught me that trick, works like a charm and gives you an extra couple of days to polish the cookies off. ;)


nothing worse than stale cookies. i agree with Chris. a little piece of bread in the container with the cookies does the trick every time!


There are never stale baked goods in our house! Truth be told, I put them in the freezer within a day or so and help myself. Frequently.
I think the word 'panties' is way worse than 'potty', though.


Oh, how your daughter sounds like my son in regards to potty training and my husband! He would do the same thing. Peed in his underwear when daddy was home, but the minute daddy left he was dry all day. Frustrated my husband to no end!

I also got the dual comments regarding my pregnancies. It's annoying, but I think you look good. Baby is doing well, so that's wonderful news!


Oh...such a KID!!
And you Look Amazing!!!!!!


Did my daughter sneak over to your side of the mitten and infiltrate your family? She is the SAME, and knows exactly how to drive me nuts. And is like me.

Also,you look wonderful and your skin is just gorgeous and glowing! And you don't look big, or fat, or anything.


Ditto on the bread with the cookies!


You look great! Your bump is still way cuter than mine. I have total bump and great hair envy now :) :) :)


You do look fantastic! I know this sounds dorky to say but I love your glasses. :) Hope you get to rest soon.

Also, I think it's time for me to pull my "Love & Logic" book off the shelf again. We have the exact same delaying battles going on at my house, argh.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

I hate the word "potty" too, but I love to hear my boys say "underpants". they say "unnapatts". I'll miss that, but I sure won't miss having to think about anyone's bowel functions other than my own.


Ok, first of all, you look adorable. Sorry i didn't say that the other day. I WAS thinking it, though.

Katrina is the same way on the stall tactics! It drives me up a wall. She is the queen of coming up with excuses (or of just ignoring) when asked to do something.

On the cookies - my mom always puts most of them into the freezer right away and then just takes out a few at a time. In our house they don't usually go stale...because they don't get the chance....


I agree with everyone else that you look absolutely beautiful. You definitely have the pregnancy glow, and I love your hair longer.

I hate the word "potty" too - we try to use toilet as much as possible, and every now and then I refer to it as "the crapper" because I'm subversive like that. Actually, my son's favorite term from some time on a boat is "the head" which seems to work well all around.




You look great!! And Sofia is just like her father and pushes his buttons to no end!


Definitely sounds like a control issue, my 4yr old Jace had a similar tactic.

You look fabulous and your face is pretty!


What to do to make sure your homemade cookies don't go stale too fast? Eat them faster. Works like a charm in my house. (If you'd like some help, I'll email you with my mailing address.)

You do look great, and I'm not just saying that in hopes I'll get cookies.


You DO look GREAT! And please know that I'm not just saying it. :-) You really look wonderful! Congratulations again on this pregnancy and on wearing that babe so well. :-)

And I have to say that I agree on the word, "potty." I hate it, I hate that I say it, and I hate that I slip sometimes and tell my daughter than I can't do something because "I have to go potty." What has happened to me?! :-)


All I have to add is that I'm glad my mom isn't the only one who uses the phrase "little shit"!


I feel so bad for A but lmao. Kids are so frustrating at times, but it's still funny. My mom always said that if I had come first, I would have been her last. You've met me.....are you surprised? lol

I hate the word "potty" but found I even use it with my dogs..."Go potty!" when letting them outside. Ugh. That is stooping pretty low.

I agree with everyone else. You look wonderful. I love the belly!

Kate W.

The bread thing really does work but my big question is... Why do I not care if the cookies are stale or not? I STILL eat them!! GAH!

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