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April 28, 2007



I don't get what's wrong with her outfit. This is totally how I go to work, except that my boots are hot pink, not ladybug.

Oh, and coloring with Sharpies is what I do all day long, except when I'm taking tech support calls for people who can't get their own Sharpies to work right at home.

Nicole A.

Hmmm....Well, I pretty much know what you wear to work, so I'd have to assume she gets her work-dress style from her father!?! To stinking cute!!



They just get cuter!

But wait until she's 13 and this "the style".... Yikes!


She's adorable.


Cute! Especially the little cheek hanging out lol.

Laura K.

Oh dear, there are very few jobs I can think of in which one goes to work without pants...let's hope L is thinking of being a swim instructor. ;)

VERY cute, though!


I love L's sense of style! Her boots, scarf, and shirt all match - and then the hat adds a certain almost Audrey Hepburn quality to the whole ensemble. Although I'm fairly sure that Audrey would have worn pants. :-)

So happy to hear that the baby is doing well. That's a pretty cute ultrasound! (Mine always looked like I was going to give birth to Skeletor.) :-)


Dying from the cuteness!


Oh wow your girls so need to meet my girls because they'd be able to share wardrobe, among many other things!


Maggie has those same boots. Which are often paired with jeans, a tutu and exercise bands draped around her neck like a boa. Toddler fashion sense is definetly one of the best parts of this whole gig.

(those boots are magic, btw--during the winter when I am having a hard time getting her to go anywhere, telling her she can wear her boots often gets her to accpet a coat and hat as well.)


Those boots look very firmilar. Did you know they make a matching umbrella? Someone stole princess' umbrella at preschool.

Love the outfit, take tons of those pictures. Does she have beads, like the old lady beads? We had to go to claires to get beads because we don't have a grandma to pass them down.


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