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April 18, 2007



Linda, your girls are so smart--I know they can do it! Just put them on the potty every 30 minutes. It will drive you crazy, but it will be worth it!

Amy F

I tried a week of undies in August when Peter was 29 months and he was so. not. ready. Then I did it again in February and it was completely different (35 months). He didn't initiate peeing on his own more than once a day for a couple weeks, but two months later, he has maybe 3 accidents a week (and those usually have decent reasons) and wakes up dry maybe 4 or 5 days a week.


I was just going to comment the same thing as Emily. Set a timer so you remember. And don't ask them if they have to go every 30 minutes; just put them on the potty. After a few days you can up it to an hour, and so on and so forth.

M did very well with a reward system. For every day that she was successful, we put a sticker on a chart. She is very rules-oriented like L and she LOVED this. If she got so many stickers, she got a "treat" which was some type of special outing, and generally something I was planning to do with her anyway. In the beginning it was two or three days to a treat ad the outing was something easy/free like a picnic in our park for lunch. As she got better (and the days got warmer because like E she decided to initiate things a little earlier than I would have picked) I stretched it out to a week, then two weeks and then a month. The rewards got a little better like a day at the beach or a day at a water park when I got free tickets. By the fall she was 100% trained and I switched the sticker system to days without a tantrum, since that was a big problem we were going through at the time (also worked).

Once the tantrums were pretty much resolved, we phased out the stickers, although we still use it occasionally for bigger goals. I didn't make boxes for individual days, but instead made a big circle on some construction paper and the stickers went in the middle. She had to get "enough" stickers to get the "treat." This was key for me in terms of reward flexibility. It meant I didn't have to go to the park for a picnic on Thursday if it rained, we could have "enough" stickers on Friday instead. It also meant that we could put a pull-up on her for occasions like my SIL's wedding, or forgive accidents that occurred because we got stuck in a traffic jam and it wouldn't impact the reward.

Your bedroom looks great and I am sure it makes you feel so great every time you walk in there now. We had a similar issue in our bedroom and hallway when we moved into this house, and I couldn't believe how big of a difference a white ceiling could make!


I absolutely adore all the photos of the girls at the sink. They are PRICELESS.

Good luck with the potty thing. I literally gave up trying and just waited until the kids were dry on their own. I Could Not Stand all the "no, I don't have to go -- oops!" moments in the day. It was TOO MUCH.


What a cute visual of A and the girls singing and skipping their way over to the park!

I absolutely will not give you any potty training advice because the potty thing stresses me the heck out. My girls' daycare is working on it and some days they come home dry, sometimes not and at home it's hit or miss too. I figure no kid goes to kindergarten in a pull-up so they'll get it when they're ready. I've got too much going on right now to worry about it and let's face it, dealing with pull-ups is so much easier then extra loads of laundry and pee on the floor.

The bedroom looks great too!

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

I walk with a twin's hand in each of mine while singing too. It's like magic, and one of the things I'm secretly kind of proud of as a twin mom. I feel like a mama duck.
P.S. Melody - no offense, but I know a kindergarten teacher, and there are at least two or three kids in her class every year that start out in Pullups, and often go the whole year that way. Just stating the facts, ma'am...But you're right, of course, that they'll get it when they're ready.


I am a huge classic children's literature freak, and also the classic children's movies. I admire that you are teaching your girls about them, and that they are absorbing it all. I hope that when I have kids that they will love them as much as I do.


Woohoo! You finished painting your room. It looks great.

Also? We have those same little Tinkerbell underwear. Toddler butts in underwear are DARLING.


Your room looks beautiful! I love that your kids can identify such wonderful musicians - I love that my kids like "real" music better than "kid" music. It makes the carrides much more tolerable.

No advice on the PT front - my twins didn't get it done until they were more than 3. And I definitely agree with karen that toddler butts are darling in undies. I keep trying to convince my 2 1/2 year old to put them on, just so I can see her running around with Dora on her tushie! She's having NONE of that.


Emmie, no offense taken at all, lol! Maybe I should rephrase that to say I don't expect they'll go to high school in a pull-up. The kindergarten quip is really just my way of saying they'll get there eventually one way or the other. :)

Now back to the laundry that came home today from daycare, unfortunately today was not a non-accident day, ugh!


I love the bedroom. I could live in purple if I could but J1 might not like it. Where did you get the bedspread?
As for PT...Before E was 2 I would set her on the potty while I was running her bath water. After she turned 2 I set an alarm for E starting at 20 minutes and working up. We did not have dry days until I was home more with her on maternity leave with J2 and E was 2.5. I'm not starting J2 on the potty at bath time and he will be 2 next week.
We still have wet nights with E.


Heh. When the potty-training pays off, be sure and write down how you did it because my little girl is showing some willingness but the idea of trying to do both of them at once scares the crap out of me.

On the other hand, after seeing yours I'm thinking it might be worth trying just to have some underwear-clad toddler butts in my house. Those are some cute butts! ;o)


I am so affected by the weather too! Winter is always hard for me and the teasing of Spring and then freezing temp. about throws me over the edge.

Absolutely love the thought of seeing your husband and little girls singing "We're off to see the Wizard" while walking down the sidewalk. Too Cute!

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