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April 04, 2007



I'm so glad you found Roland!

You know, our cat kept peeing on our laundry and I couldn't seem to figure out why. It turns out that if there are any traces of cat urine on an object previously peed on, even if you think it's clean, it can cause them to re-pee on the same item. For example, if R had peed on a doll for one reason like a bladder infection or stress, he could, ah, "revisit" the same item later if there is even a little bit of pee left over. My friend then lent me her black light so I could check the laundry room for traces of cat urine. What do you know, but there were still little splatters on the laundry basket (yuk!) and on the clothes dryer (my cat had initially had a UTI which caused the peeing in the first place). I cleaned it all up and haven't had a problem since.


"Between the sushi and the movies and the peeing uninterrupted and the amazing Cuban food, I stopped feeling bad for him."

I love how you tucked that in, there.

The girls are looking so grown-up! Ack, when does that HAPPEN?!


I have never heard of double charging an exam fee, and I once worked for the stingiest, meanest vet ever. That's messed up.

Re: stress. Feliway diffuser. And yes! to the drugs if he doesn't knock it off. He will be ever so much more zen.

Once his scrapes are all healed up, you'll let the girls go back to dressing him, right?


I was in A shoes last week. I was away at a conference in Atlanta and J1 had to deal with J2's croup and an ER visit. I had 4 wonderful nights of sleep.


I was in A shoes last week. I was away at a conference in Atlanta and J1 had to deal with J2's croup and an ER visit. I had 4 wonderful nights of sleep.


Business trip is better than vacation in my book-- a big bed all to yourself, uninterrupted sleep, feeding yourself without having to feed anyone else first, no butt wiping except your own.....my husband has learned not to gripe about his business trips around me.

Once when he was gone last year I had to battle lice alone. It was horrible. But I think the cat thing may be just as bad.

Hope the kitty feels better and behaves.


I'm so glad Roland is back. Mac and Daisy will be 10 next month - same thing - they try to rush outdoors but have no street smarts. I am generally beside myself until I can find them.

The girls suddenly look so grown up. Growth spurt?


You left out my favorite part of the story - about the praising him when he uses the litterbox. Hilarious.

I'm glad Juanito's work doesn't send him on business trips. Although they do send him camping one or two weeks a year....


I would stop feeling sorry for him too...glad you got your kitty back.


(Occassional lurker delurking here.) Poor Roland! Poor you! Like any mom needs more stress and/or guilt in her life? So glad all is well. We've also gone through "I know you're here for a $15 appointment but here's the radically bad and more expensive thing you're going to have to deal with now". That sucks big time.


Oh man, that is a saga! How in the hell did Roland pee in a cup?


we've gone the cat Prozac route before, it really does help but I feel really silly at Walgreens picking up the bottle labeled "Cat Ourlastname". And paying the full cost for said prozac because Romeow isn't covered under our insurance plan really sucks. but peed on stuff sucks more.


WTF...a cat on Prozac? Uh, I think I'd have to insist...not. That's just too weird. Glad you found him, though, and he wasn't hurt on his escapades.


I'm so glad you found Roland ... I was afraid that there was a sad ending to that story. Poor thing, outside like that. Don't discount the Prozac idea ... one of mine is on a Valium-like med for the same issue. And we had no 2 page questionairre to fill out!

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