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April 24, 2007



I truly enjoy reading your blog. It's like me talking right back to me. I took a weekend off recently - off from my whole family. Just me, me and me. I read a great book called I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids. I highly recommend reading it. It made me feel so much better about life. I know that trapped feeling and how it can get to you - having 5 year old twins, a two year old and just discovering that I'm expecting again. Gulp. Trapped - happy, but definitely trapped.

I wish you well on Operation Continence. It will end well, eventually. I promise.


Totally a your mileage may vary thing, but in our household it took many, many months of totally potty trained child + big kid bed before he learned to get himself to the potty at night. We had a lot of nights of hearing him stir, or wake up enough to cry, and we'd have to go in and force-march him to the bathroom -- he just wasn't waking up enough to understand WHY he'd woken up.

Now he takes himself to the bathroom, then stops outside our bedroom door to TELL us he's gone potty.

You might as well start training A. now to do all of the twins' nighttime duty....


re: the bikes....... my girls just turned 3 1/2 and we got them their first "big girl" bikes, two wheelers (with training wheels of course). You might want to consider this type if you want them to last a while.... my girls did great w/them after a few days of getting the hang of it. To save you a little time/research (if you're like me and had NO CLUE about these things!), the 'big kid' bikes come in 12", 14" or 16" wheels - we went w/the 14" since my girls are on the big side for their age and 12" wheel bikes were pretty small.

Good luck tomorrow and congrats on the potty training, btw :)


Ooooh- I love the Schwinn Roadster trike- its so cool looking!


Glad to read the potty training is on the up swing. Our oldest was traumatized by accidents and that ultimately helped her cross over to being potty training. (I can only imagine what happened to Curious George). Pete was day potty trained for some time and we used pull ups for bed and away from the house visits where we weren't sure what the potty issues might be. I'm not sure when we stopped the pull ups at night but it has been some time. One thing I would recommend is a tip we got from Moxie - when they go to big girl beds and no pull ups at night, get two water proof mattress pads and put one down and a set of sheets and then the second one and the top set of sheets. It is so much easier when they have accidents in the middle of the night to just strip the first set off and put them back to bed.


If you must get trikes, and not bikes, I put my vote solidly behind the Schwinn Roadster. I had one sort of like that as a kid, and it lasted through FOUR children. (I am the second of four.) And we weren't too gentle with it. Actually, when the four of us were done with it, we passed it along to a family with three boys, and they also enjoyed it. So I would say that it was easily ridden by seven kids over 15-20 years. Our had the seat higher up in relationship to the wheels, though. This kind looks like it might be harder to pedal?


P.S. We all rode the trike until we were 5 or 6, when we switched to two-wheelers with training wheels. So I think you could still get two years out of a trike like this.


As a preschool teacher, I vote for the Schwinn roadster. I'm not sure if they are the same, but the other trike that you linked to looks like the ones that we have at the center where I work. The basket sometimes gets unhooked and drags on the ground. Since this doesn't affect the way that the trike rides, the children keep going though it makes an awful scratching noise. The Schwinn also gets my vote because I would trust the quality in that trike. I have wonderful memories of learning to ride a bike on my sister's Schwinn with the flowered banana seat(which was a hand-me-down from a friend). Congrats on the potty training, they will be pros before you know it!


I actually have two of the Kettrikes in the purple/pink color. They have the rear buckets on them (free from the place I got them at). My kids love them, and they are built like tanks. You might want to have your girls test drive trikes at Toys R Us before you order, to make sure they'll be big enough, since they're on the tall side.


We got a Kettler trike for our son last year and we've been very happy with it. It has the bucket on the back (fun!) and the parent handle. It's small enough for a two year old and I seem to remember that it's adjustable enough for a five (?) year old. It cost a small fortune, but I'm very happy that we spent the money and got one that we're happy with. The primary color scheme means that Little Sister will be able to use it as well!


I have 2 comments - 1. Don't trust the Schwinn name as a quality bike anymore. I can't remember exact details at the moment, and the Schwinn is still not a bad buy. My point is bikes these days are not made like they used to be, and I would not expect them to have long lives like our bikes growing up had.

2. I got my son his first big kid bike at 4. It was a 12" with training wheels. He LOVED it. That bike lasted until he was too big for it, when we gave it away.


Good luck tomorrow!

On the trike front, I have three kiddos (and a fourth due in 7 more weeks) - an almost 5, 3 years and 16 months - and I am not ready to deal with the world of bicycles especially if you plan to be out on the sidewalk/road with them alone. Both the 4 and 3 year old - are wild drivers and I am terrified of them being hit. I think having to worry about actually staying upright on a 2 wheeler is even more daunting ... of course, while pushing the double buggy with two little ones.

We have two identical Kettler trikes (air wheels or something similar - always the same, even if not mulitples - or we would have fights). They seem to have fun with them. I plan to get the 2 wheelers next summer for the older pair - an almost 6 year old, 4 year old, a 2 year old and 1 year old seems much more sane.


Forgot to mention - our old neighbourhood doesn't have sidewalks so it is on the road or nowhere at all!

Kristen D.

OMG, the Schwinn roadster is amazing! I WANT ONE!

And I'm 38...


I don't have experience with either of these trikes - they both look like fun. It appears as though the red one has a bigger front wheel, which probably means it goes faster, and would be more fun for a taller (older?) child than the other.
We got 12" 2-wheeler bikes with training wheels for our kids' 3rd birthdays, but they really didn't master the pedalling that summer. They were much more successful when they were 4. So with hindsight, I wish we'd gotten trikes at 3 years old, and waited until they were 4 or 5 for the 2-wheelers.
Looks like fun times at your house!


if it helps... you are doing way better with toilet training than we have.. my girls will be three and a half when this baby arrives in a few weeks and we are still struggling with knickers and puddles.
My girls have also just mastered peddling trikes and want 'two wheel bikes with training wheels' for their fourth birthdays! eek!


On toilet training. When we had my son trained thru the day and were working on the nights, we decided to put a potty in his room and keep a nightlight in there. It worked like a charm, no more frustrations of trying to wake me or my husband up and getting to the bathroom in time. He still has it in his room, but never really uses it anymore.
Sounds like E and L are doing great and well on their way. We had the same issues about peeing on Bob the Builder! Too funny


I vote for Trikes, I would wait on the bikes until they are taller so they wont out grow the little bike so fast. If those little legs hit a growth spurt they'll be bumping their knees and then wont want to ride at all. Either way, don't forget the helmets! :-)


I say go with the traditional ones they are fun! I think Baskets are a great idea!


I know this is an older post, but I just had to add my vote for the Schwinn as well. I love the look of it and it definitely seems like it will last a while, through more than one child.

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