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April 09, 2007



Not sure if you have Carson Pirie Scott in yourneck of the woods, but when I was PG with my second I found a fantastic nursing bra there that is exactly what you are describing (I am a picky bra girl-my girls need some support, but why oh why are most of them so ugly if they are bigger than a C cup??)


I am SOOOO with you on the naming issues! I used most of those, especially the rhyming/rhythm thing and the one about the name ending with the sound that begins the last name. That eliminated all names that end with 'a' like Jessica (my own unfortunate combination since since I married into it) and all names with a z or s sound at the end. It was tough!


These are the entries I missed the most when you took March off. I am just going to comment on a few.

#2 We did not use pull-ups full time but found them a useful tool. We used the Gerber training panties at home and on short trips but if we were traveling or going to be gone all day we used the pull-ups. Once we ran out of diapers for nighttime use we switched to pull-ups for nights as well.

#3 Just got Mary Poppins and am going to introduce to the kids soon. I am so looking forward to it, I think the girls will LOVE it.

#5 Good luck. My problem is every time I find a bra I like they discontinue it and then the search is on again.

Again, glad you're back.

Anne Glamore

Don't know if they make PG bras, but when I did my bra smackdown (mostly for my nipples) I ended up with wonderful Wacoal bras which I love more than my first-born most days, because they don't share his angst.

No help on boy names. Though I have three, they have crazy names.


Oh, but you forgot the "initials must not spell a word" on the boys name list. Or did you? Perhaps you will make up something clever?

We fell in love with our son's first name (Gabriel), were obviously stuck with the last name (S____), and wanted so badly to give him my husband's first name as a middle name (as it is also his grandfather's name). Problem? Well, only that the name starts with A. And we found no other combination that we loved so much, so Gabe's initials are GAS. I guess that's ok for a boy...(or maybe we're just bad parents).


On the naming issue, we have a niece whose name is Mercedes. Her parents often call her Mercy. (The family is not Spanish or Latin, they just picked this name out of the air.) I'm a huge name nerd, and I just think this name is Bad. I call her either Baby or Sadie (which is a great nickname for Mercedes, suits the kid and sounds way better with her brother's name). I can't bring myself to call this tiny thing Mercedes. I am a bad auntie. But that is a bad name that makes me cringe and is bound to get the kid teased (and already does, though she's only 10 months old). The way I see it, I'm just supplying an alternative nickname that she can choose when she's older.


Right ON. I hear you on the naming. We are in the same boat- we pretty much have a girl name but boy names are hard! And bra shopping DOES suck!


We have a William we call Will (my husband is a Bill/William and went through his life being refered to as "Little Bill" as his father was "Big Bill". I could not stand that and we were at quite an impass until with came up with the Will solution. Luckily it is working, although when he started pre-school there was another Will in his class who was bigger and they started calling our Will "little Will" until I stopped it. We also have a Thomas we call "Tom" and people have sometimes called him Tommy, which I do not like, but he answered to it. Eventually they will both decide what they will answer to and what they won't.
For me, it is important that the names have the same feeling. William and Thomas are both pretty old names...if we do have a third Mathew or James are possible canidates but it wouldn't make sense to me to have two old names a "Jagger" or something new.


I kinda like the last-name-as-first-name thing, but ONLY IF the last name you choose to use as a first name is a name that actually appears in your family. My brother's name is a family last name, and one of my best friends named her son Carter after her own mother's maiden name. That's cool. But when people choose those last-name-first-names out of thin air, strange things can happen. One example from the long-ago days when I watched "A Baby Story" with some regularity -- a set of first time parents, both Jewish to the core, decided to name their daughter MacKenzie. Unless one of the lost tribes of Israel wound up in Scotland, this name makes no sense to me.

In any case, searching for a suitable boy name is a pretty awesome problem to have, isn't it?


Oh, the memories! I love all of your rules--probably because they are almost identical to the rules I had when we were in the baby naming stages.

The situation you described is EXACTLY the reason we eliminated William from our list, exactly. In the end, it didn't matter because we had girls...but, the nerve!

Good luck! I'm sure you will find the perfect name.


My real first name is also (more commonly in fact) a boy's name and a last name. It rhymes with a lot of words, however. Let me know if you want to borrow it ;-).

I had strong favorites for girl's names and only mild preferences for boy's names. I'm still worried that our first choice is too popular (though it seems to be falling rather than rising).

Deborah VA

I named my boy twin Dylan (17 mos), thinking this was a mediumly popular name, but on the decline. HA. I meet another toddler Dylan virtually everywhere we go! Ah well. His middle name is Jeremiah, so if he wants something unique, he can go with that later in life.

Indigo Man

Other Indigo Girl name rules (some or all of these may be fabricated):

1) Cannot have been used in a popular TV show.

2) Cannot rhyme with any kind of food.

3) Cannot be "El Capitan" (which would be awesome beyond description).

4) Cannot have more vowels than consonants (reasonable)

5) Cannot have a prime number of letters.


We have a Thomas Richard. He's named after his paternal grandfather and his middle name is the same middle name my father and brother have. I've only run across four other Thomas's ever, including Meg who commented here today. I like that it's familiar, but not too common.


I don't know if you've tried them, but I adore my Bravado nursing bras. I have huge boobs and they rangle them very, very well... plus that one-handed access is critical!


I hear you on the name dilemma. I love the name William but our last name starts with L, so it just wasn't going to work, because I would want to call him Will and it would run together with our last name. However, ours is chosen, and is the same as two other ladies' sons here in the comments! But I don't know any in person that aren't adults already, so that's fine by me. Thomas is a very sentimental name to us as well.

Good luck with your names! And the bras! Yes, I need to know about bras as well. I just went out and bought some bigger ones at the beginning of pregnancy. So far I'm fine but love to hear what comes highly recommended!


Long time reader, occasional responder- Long live pasties!

On the naming issue; I'm a Patricia. I have never been referred to as Patricia since the day I was born except when I was in big trouble (as in "Patricia Carol LastName get your butt down here right now"). But, it is a family name (named after my mom's two sisters). My age group has lots of Trisha's, but not many Patti's, so hence the name Patti. I always complained to my parents that if they wanted to call me Patti, why didn't they name me that. Now, thinking about what I'll name my (hopefully) future children, I totally understand the desire to use a family name but call the child something different. The plus side of it all is that I always know when it's a telemarketer on the phone.

Alas, my maiden name also starts with a P. So not only was I "PP", but I was also "PCP". Not sure what is worse: initials of body excretions or the drug angel dust. I didn't actually get teased about this much, but I wasn't much to be bothered by other kids anyways.

Good luck.



one fabulous fit by maidenform.

you will thank me!!


Hardly ever comment, but just wanted to ask - have you tried the V*ictoria's S*ecret tshirt bra? Not exactly pretty, but I think it has your other requirements covered: looks good under t-shirt, comfy, slight padding. Just a thought!


We're in the opposite camp. We have a boy name (which pretty much everyone we tell it to seems to hate, but, hey, at least we have agreement between us), but girl names have been a minor battle. (The whole this-is-the-name-top-thing didn't go over well here--we both had names we felt that way about). To each her own rules--our boy name starts with the same letter as our last name, is from a TV show, is easily mispronounced, and is way unusual. I got the book The Baby Name Bible. No matter what YOUR set of rules, this book has insight for you--it works with many different sets of criteria for you.


I think I had practically the same criteria as far as names. I had girls names picked for forever, but then I went and had two boys and had nothin'.

I know someone whose daughter's name is K endall. Her middle name is Grace. After three years, this woman's mother (the child's grandmother) decided that she hated her name and was just going to call her Grace. Even the girl is like, why are you calling me Grace? Isn't that weird? I know people who don't have a name that I really prefer, but IT'S THEIR NAME!!! I'm not just going to make one up that suits me better!

Out of every ten or so bras I buy, I find one that is really really comfortable and supportive. And then I wear that one until it is a stringy, unlatchable, no elastic mess. What's the deal with bras anyway?


Do you have Nordstrom? That is the best place to buy bras. Vicoria Secret is good, but they have some back/cup size limits that dont' work for me.
Also, I just started taking a fish oil supplement (DHA?) and it is strawberry flavored. I take it with a digestive enzyme during a meal, and no heartburn!
Glad to hear from you again.


Names are very difficult. I don't understand why people choose common names that every one else has- to me it's very bizarre.
But I love last names as first names. Our first boy is named Parker (my maiden name) our second is Carson and our third, we just decided, will be named Lachlan. My husband thinks all together they sound like a law firm (oh well) but at least we both agree for now!


Names are very difficult. I don't understand why people choose common names that every one else has- to me it's very bizarre.
But I love last names as first names. Our first boy is named Parker (my maiden name) our second is Carson and our third, we just decided, will be named Lachlan. My husband thinks all together they sound like a law firm (oh well) but at least we both agree for now!


I am with you on the naming thing. I have always liked alternative names so my first became Micah (pronounced Mike with an ah sound. There are a few Micahs popping up since that time but not many. Then our second we named Noah and now there are a million little Noahs running around. For my third I wanted Ezra, but hubby didnt like it so our little one remained nameless for 3 days. We finally settled on James even though I dont like it too much. We are lucky though because the last name-Rose- goes with everything.

And you are right about the E thing. It was actually what I was going to use if I ever had a girl, well that and lily.

My first son's father actually said that he would not be calling his son Micah. He said he didnt like the name and would call him Joshua! Thank goodness we havent seen him in 6 years and MIcah has someone who appreciates him.

Bras-Im with you. I hate nursing bras and much prefer to ruin a nice underwire bra then to have my boobs keep falling out of an unsupportive nursing one. As soon as I finish breast feeding I am going to get fitted and actually spend the money ona couple nice comfortable bras (do these really exist?)

Good luck


If my little girl Julia had been born a boy, she would have been Carter. I really like that for a boy's name. I can't wait to find out what yours will be!
We ain't gettin' the girl's name until the birth, eh?


my father-in-law REFUSES to call his grandkid ELLA, even though that is what her parents insist people call her. Her name is Elizabeth, but they want her to be called Ella. "I like Beth better." is his response to their request.
hmmm. Is it up to you, dear FIL?

Today Wendy

Good luck with the name thing. Two of my friends recently had little boys who were nameless for more than a week (I didn't know you were allowed to do that!).

You pointed me in the right direction for jeans (yay Gap!) and we seem to have pretty similar body types, you might want to check out Columbia sports bras. I can usually find them at Sporting Life & Mountain Equipment Co-op (in Canada). For some reason I find bra shopping in a sporting goods store to be less intimidating than in a department store.


Bra shopping sucks big time as I've just rediscovered, to my chagrin.

However, if there is a Nordstrom's near you, please go there and have the lingerie Yentas fit you up. They may have just the pg bra you're looking for.


And as to names, go to your bookshelf and pick out your favorite authors names. That should give you a good sampling. F'rinstance, I like Reginald (Hill), Lawrence (Block), Charles (Dickens), Ray (Bradbury), and Isaac (Asimov). My husband had issues with most of those names, but I liked 'em alot.


When we told people we were naming our son James but calling him Jamie we got a lot of static. He's 2 1/2 now and thankfully everyone has gotten over it. It was infuriating though.


I know exactly what you mean about other peoples' opinions on the names you choose. It's just beyond insulting to tell someone "oh, I really don't like that name". Since I can't possibly have any say in what my friend names her baby, no matter what she decides, I will always say "that's a nice name" (she went with Lincoln). No good can come from insulting your friends on something that has nothing to do with you. I'm going to take a tip from another friend and not tell anyone what names we've chosen so I don't have to go through the agony of hearing everyone gripe. Let's face it, there will always be someone that dislikes your name choice.
My grandmother was bothered that we named our son Riley because our last name isn't Irish. (WTF??)
When we suggested Isabelle if it was a girl my other grandmother made this face and says that it reminded her of a saying "Is a bell really necessary on a steamship?". (only an elderly woman could some up with something like that as a reason).
My friend said we shouldn't use Jarrod because it reminds her of the Subway guy. (why the fuck should I care?)
The list goes on and on because everyone has an opinion and no problem sharing it!

Laura K.

Naming...geez, no pressure when your'e talkinjg about something a person will have for hte rest of his/her life!

#5 - You really just need to go and get fitted at a good dept. store. It sucks and it's awkward and will most likely result in some woman you don't know sticking her hand in your shirt, but you'll come out iwth a bra you like that fits you well, and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Really.


I hear you about the name thing. Our last name is a first name (thanks Ellis Island), so no matter what, there is going to be confusion. Already our pediatrician's office is convinced that one of our twins is named "Thomas" and comes bopping in the room saying "Hi Tom". We can't get them to fix it, and it's beginning to make us wonder about their record keeping. My husband had two files at college, one under his name first, last and the other last, first...as did my sister in law. It's definitely NOT a good idea to give your kids last names for first names. Another pet peeve of mine is giving boy names as girl names. I wanted to name one of our boys Avery (it's a family name) but every other person using the name is giving it to a girl.

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