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April 05, 2007



I'm so sorry it's Friday for you.


I'm always blown away by how beautifully you write, always, but even about the really sad and tough times. I'm so sorry it's a Friday.

Lisa O

I'm so so sorry its Friday for you Linda. I've been thinking about you a lot and will be praying for you.
My dad passed away on March 6th so I do understand somewhat. Life can be so bittersweet sometimes.
I hope its Sunday for you soon . .

Big hugs


You're in my prayers.


I'll pray for you, Linda. I also wanted to share something my pastor talked about in a sermon a few weeks ago - and at the time I was very sad because my best friend's dad was just diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer in his brain. He said that God doesn't want bad things to happen to good people. He doesn't want our loved ones to suffer, die, and leave us. So, like you said, that whole line about bad things happening for a reason just isn't right (and it certainly isn't comforting!). But the most powerful thing my pastor said was that God suffers with us. He's feeling your loss and your sadness and your anger and is there stuck in Friday with you. I don't know - that just comforted me, so I thought I'd share.


Oh Linda this iso sad. I am so sorry.


Oh Linda this is so sad. I am so sorry.


Oh, Linda. I am just so sorry. This made me cry.


You deserve to spend Easter whichever way you like.

Anne Glamore

I know how you feel. Especially on big holidays when the church is full, it reminds me too much of my mom's service and I can't bear it. We're having family church at home, just the 5 of us, Sunday.



I think it is completely fine to have some days that are for hibernation and grief. Good thoughts your way in yours.


I admire your ability to identify just what you are feeling, Linda - it's not easy but you deserve all of the emotional space you can make for yourself. This was so powerful and moving to read - my thoughts will be with you this Easter.

Nicole A.

Darn you! You always make me cry. I've been emotional and crying over my mom more than normal this past week too. I want to tell her so many things and see what nifty Easter things she's picked out for my kids, and listen to her tell me how cute they are and I just want to hug her and hold her hands in mine so badly. I think this year I'm moving past Friday though. I'm sorry its Friday for you...but it does get better...your Sunday WILL come.


Thank you for this post. I'm not religious, but reading this makes so much sense to me. I think it may be a helpful way of describing how I feel to other people (who don't always understand why 21 months after my daughter died I'm still not "happy" very often).

And I also think it is very impressive of you to be able to articulate what your needs are over this holiday, even though they may not be what other people want of you.


I'm sorry it has remained Friday for you. Let it remain Friday as long as you need. I hope Sunday comes soon.


Oh, Linda. You are so raw and eloquent. I'm praying for you.


Oh, Linda,
How beautifully written! My mom died a week after Easter 4 years ago. I know what you mean about trying ot get a terminally ill person ready to go to church; my mom didn't go that year to church but a few months prior. I know about not wanting to hear 'God has a plan" or "there's a reason for everything'. I also applaud you for doing what you needed ot do on Easter. On Mother's Day, I still need ot be alone, and that's okay.
Man, do I also remember my mom deciding to go into Hospice. I remmeber holding my then 5 month old son on my shoulder so I could sign as a witness on her DNR paperwork. I also loved how you said you all didn't know how much you'd be crying in months ahead. So true!
Easter, as well as all the holidays really, is so hard for me. On April 28th, my mom will have been dead from cancer 4 years. It gets easier, Linda, but it's never easy. That much I've learned.
Have fun with Laura and the kids this week. YOu deserve some fun!

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