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April 25, 2007



What a beautiful baby! Congratulations on a good untrasound appt.


Dinosaur socks? What an awesome name.


They come up with the best names and comparisons between themselves and the baby. Like it's about the baby when they say that the baby can't go down a slide. lol!

What a great! So glad to see that all is going well. I hope that relieves any worry. :-)



So glad to hear that Dinosaur Socks (too funny!) is measuring right on track. Not sure if you've opened the poll yet or not but my vote is that this is going to be baby girl #3 for you. :)


That is great news about the baby! So glad that everything is going well.


I'm glad things are going well for you. My son loved the books "Baby on the Way" and "What Baby Needs" when I was pregnant. I think they helped him to know what to expect (he was four) and I liked them because they showed the baby sleeping in Mom and Dad's room and they talked about breastfeeding. Anyway, just wanted to recommend those for your girlies. Best to you.


Oh, sweet baby. Glad things are going well. Take care of yourself!


I think baby noses in ultrasounds are the cutest things around. So precious. Yay! Glad it's going so well.


Dinosaur Socks rocks. I've been thinking boy all along, but it isn't like I've ever been right.

That is the cutest nose I have ever seen. 20 weeks! Yay!


Dinosaur socks is too cute! We're staying on team green right now too :)


Dinosaur socks... LOL.

That is the cutest little profile I've seen in a long, long time! S/he sure looks like a flexible little babe!


YAY I am so excited for you!! I have my 20 week ultrasound on Monday and I am just climbing the walls, I keep picturing the worst and its making me crazy. Monday needs to be here NOW!

It was so good to hear good news and see positive results. I am also glad to hear you are having some contractions, I am too and they really worried me even though my doctor says I have nothing to worry about. Its my first, after quite a struggle to get here, I am just on panic mode all the time. Hopefully that will pass soon.

Thanks for sharing and congrats!!



So cute! I am glad everything is going well Linda. All the best.


It does make it real doesn't it. I remember when I saw the real outline of our kids like that, it really hit home. Best wishes for a continued successful pregnancy.


Congrats on little Dinosaur Socks!


Love that miracle! I can't believe you're already 20 weeks. Blessings for the journey.


Hooray for the halfway point!! Looks like your 'alleged' baby is well on his way to meeting you- I predict boy.


I, too, cannot believe you are 20 weeks already! How did that happen? Great picture. So happy for you and your growing family!!

When I was pregnant for my third, my daughter, who was 4 at the time came up with some really great names too, like "Diamond Rockstar".... we went with Ethan instead:)


BTW... enjoy LOST tonight :)


BTW... enjoy LOST tonight :)

Laura K.

Mr. or Miss Dinosaur Socks looks like a cute kid! :)


Can you just tell *US* the sex :) Congratulations - beautiful baby!


Love Dinosaur Socks! When I was pregnant, my daughter INSISTED I was having a girl and her name would be Cinderella. Then somewhere around 7.5 months, she conceded it could be a boy and if it was we would name him Shark. We called the baby shark after that and I ended up having a boy. We still do call him shark occasionally. :)


Congratulations. It's nice to read that everything is going well.


So very, very excited for you.


Dinosaur Socks is the best name EVER. And it works for a boy or a girl,really....I think boy, and I am only ever right for people I know online. Glad to hear all is well. I know the "Big" ultrasound was when I really started getting excited about this baby and began realizing "this could actually happen!"


I have an excellent record of psychic predictions of baby sex, LOL. It's a boy, and I agree that Dinosaur Socks is the perfect name.

Confess it: you've been calling him 'baby sox' when you're alone. :)



Hi Lind,
I often read over your pregnancy sections to compare them with where I am at or how I am feeling. I just read this one, 20 weeks, and I laughed at how much that ultrasound picture really does look like C really looks! :) She is cute here, in this picture, and she is cute and looking very similar now! I want to see her!

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