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January 17, 2007



I sent off a prayer- truly.


Linda, I am a constant lurker, and this is my first comment on any blog I have ever visited. I felt a connection with you and your family when I found your blog (but not in a weird stalker way, I promise!)

I am a twin mom following IVF and found myself surprisingly pregnant when my boys were a year old. My 3rd son is now 18 months.

I just want to say congrats and the best of luck with this pregnancy.



Holy cow! Fingers, toes, eyes, legs, everything crossed out here in the Bay Area hoping, hoping that all will be OK. Keep us posted, ok?

Lisa K.

Wowwie! Weren't you just posting recently that two felt just right? Saying a prayer to the powers that be. NBHHY.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Oh, wow! I'm so glad you are happy about it from the beginning - that's wonderful. A woman's perogative, and all that, right? I'm praying for you and your (5-member!) family. Go Indigo-bryo!

Amy F

Prayers for your family, Linda.


Hoping and praying that everything's great...NBHHY!!


Praying very hard that everything is okay.


Congratulations! We'll be waiting and hoping and praying along with you! (Will leave the boob squeezing to you and A though.)


Wow! I had no idea. Obviously. Very, very excited and hopeful for you.


oh oh oh... and wow. I can't say congratulations yet, right? so I'm hoping to say it soon.


Oh what a thrill!! Congratulations! I feel your anxiety as I am currently ten weeks along with fingers crossed for our baby number three.



Awesome news! Fingers are crossed for you - Will it be Mary if its a girl and Burt if its a boy?


Oh my Lord! Oh, my. Oh, my! I'm shocked. Stunned. If there is a heartbeat, it is very good--less than 3% chance of miscarrying. Of course, I myself, have been bitch-slapped by the Statistics Witch, but, still--a heartbeat is very good.

I'm so excited for you. I can hardly believe it! And you sounded so over the Baby Thing!


Wow. So many people are turning up pregnant lately! I hope the trend continues and that we can continue to say NBHHY!


Oh my Lord! Oh, my. Oh, my! I'm shocked. Stunned. If there is a heartbeat, it is very good--less than 3% chance of miscarrying. Of course, I myself, have been bitch-slapped by the Statistics Witch, but, still--a heartbeat is very good.

I'm so excited for you. I can hardly believe it! And you sounded so over the Baby Thing!


by the by, what does NBHHY mean?


Wowza. Happy dance over here!!! NBHHY. NBHHY.

If you're 5 weeks 6 days, 103 IS okay. When you say next Friday do you mean the 19 or 26?


Lisa M

I never expected to see this when I opened up your blog, what a wonderful surprise! Lots of prayers are coming your way.

Elizabeth M

Wow!! All the best of luck to you, and I am crossing everything I have that things continue to progress. Were you as shocked as the rest of us? LOL


Holy Shamoley!!! Praying lots.


Praying for you and chanting NBHHY constantly! Congrats!


oooohhhh.... exciting! Keep us updated... NBHHY


OMG! What! WAIT!
I had to double check the blog I was reading thinking it was someone else.
You guys must be going crazy after finding yourself pregnant after everything. What did A say?
Blessings from higher powers even if you may have felt otherwise.


OMG! What! WAIT!
I had to double check the blog I was reading thinking it was someone else.
You guys must be going crazy after finding yourself pregnant after everything. What did A say?
Blessings from higher powers even if you may have felt otherwise.


Linda! Congratulations! I sent up a prayer for you, and will keep my fingers crossed that E and L will get to be big sisters!


Oh, my!

Hoping and praying for you that all goes well.

Lisa C.

Crossing all possible appendages for you!!!


First of all, YAY!

Second of all, that heart rate is exceptionally great for that gestation. Your doctor should have told you so.

And.. yes, we'll need more details, please. Like how? And what was your reaction. Etc.

Thanks for being so obliging. :)


WoW! I will keep everything crossed for you!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

*sending good vibes your way*


OMGomgomgomgomgomg!! How fantastic is this?! Like Katie, I double checked the blog to make sure I was reading the right one. What wonderful news. I am adding my prayers to all the rest. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer.

Many blessings to you and A, and love,


SO excited for you!!! Sending all positive thoughts your way!!!!!!


Congrats! Praying for the absolute best.


I am hoping all goes well! Linda another baby is wonderful! I am so happy for you guys and how exciting it just happened!


A long time lurker here to wish you luck! NBHHY was my pregnancy motto (courtesy of grrl) so all fingers and toes are crossed for you!


Praying so hard Linda!!!! Wow!!!! Everything is crossed, dotted, blessed, wrapped, and whatever one can do :)

Happy for you too!!! I'm excited, and it is wonderful news!!!!!

Many blessings and much peace!

Everyday Superhero

Congratulations!!! My breath is baited for you..... I so hope that everything works out to a Happily Ever After!!!


Is it possible that I am crying for someone I've never met? In the hopes her hopes will be fulfilled? My emotions would not make sense to anyone but others of your readers who have been here for years.... Wow! What a great surprise....

Wow. I will definitely be praying for something incredible!



Homeschool Mama

I'm in shock! I'm praying for you. I found this info when I searched http://www.ob-ultrasound.net/:
"Fetal heart rate tends to vary with gestational age in the very early parts of pregnancy. Normal heart rate at 6 weeks is around 90-110 beats per minute (bpm) and at 9 weeks is 140-170 bpm. At 5-8 weeks a bradycardia (less than 90 bpm) is associated with a high risk of miscarriage."

So that sounds good, right?

Jenni T

will be praying for you guys. I hope everything will be okay


Nothing like a surprise pregnancy to turn your world upside down. Many prayers for you and the little one.


Oh gosh! I hope baby is meant to be. I will be praying for all of you!


Wow! That was out of nowhere! Congratulations, fingers and toes crossed for you. And yes, I remember getupgrrls NBHHY. Very good way of thinking. Just go one day, one appointment at a time.

(And yea Uterus!!)


wooooo. nbhhy. nbhhy. and so forth.

now i'm off to do a little hopeful dance for you.

Jen A

Thinking of you, Linda.


Oh, wow!! Sending my prayers your way....



Nicole A.

Wholey schnykeys! NOT at ALL what I expected to find when I checked your blog!!! SOOO excitedly praying for you and little embryo bean!! Yes, so what is A's reaction to your discovery?


oh wow!! Congrats!! take it one day at a time. I too found myself unexpectedly pregnant after having my twins (conceived via clomid) of course my girls were only 4 mos old when i got my positive test. My son is now 2.5 yrs old and the girls are 3.5, they were born 11 mos apart.

Cat, Galloping



Praying for you!!!!

Miss X


In my prayers for sure!


You are in my prayers! NBHHY!!


Holy Crap Linda! Not at all what I was expecting when I clicked your link today!!! My stomach got all in knots, then I started crying. Holey Moley.

Okay, now that that's out of my system...I am so happy and fervently hopeful for you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


They kept asking because everything was so good, they couldn't figure out why you were there.

Sending you lots of best wishes!!!



Linda, I pray for you that all works out for the very best.


Whoa! I'm thrilled for you and also praying for you and your family.

Amy B

Okay, I have a strange sixth sense about these things, I often can tell when someone is pregnant. Weird right, like circus act weird. Anyway, I had a feeling after reading your last entry but I was thrown because I remembered reading that you were done in that dept. So, after much rambling, happy thoughts and prayers heading your way.


Wow! That is all I have been able to think for the last five minutes. After everything you have been through...what an amazing discovery. Full of hope for you and A and the girls. Be well.


My twins were 4 when we decided that two was good and we could be happy if there was no other children (we started out planning on 4, hahaha). After all they were as perfect as we could hope for. However when NBH we were blessed with THE most wounderful boy for his brother and sister to adore, 6 years later we can't imagine what we ever did without him. Here's hoping NBH for you!!! We will be praying!!!


Delurking to say that I'm crossing everything for you and adding my voice to the mantra: "NBHHY"!


I am delurking as well - I read your blog and love your insight to having twins..I have twin boys who are now 2 after infertility..I am thinking of you and will say a prayer.


Oh my gracious!!!!! I'm so excited and am praying for only the BEST outcome Linda. ;0)


Oh, Linda...what a delightful surprise! I imagine that you are terrified and hope the very best for you.


Holy crap. I'll add you to my prayer list (my sis is right there with you right now).


Wow, what a surprise! I am praying for you and the little one.


That is awesome news, Linda. I'm crossing many appendages!


Wonderful news! Saying a prayer for you!


i'm certain that i don't like uncertainty


First response ... HOLY COW!!!! (Or maybe it was that other phrase that starts with "Holy ...".) Second response ... I will absolutely be praying for you and this little one. I know all too well the agony of this uncertain time and the desperate prayers and pleadings of one's heart while you wait. I am hoping with everything in me, right alongside you. Oh, how I am hoping and praying! (HUG)


Hey Linda,

I'm a lurker, have been since you were at iP, but I felt like now was the time to get over my laziness and post. I will be praying for you! What a wonderful surprise for those of us who feel like we kinda know you, but don't, really!;) The nurse in me knows what the nurse in you is doing/thinking/analyzing...hope you can relax a little.



Wow. Praying all is well.


Yay! Wow! I'm so happy for you. And, you're in my prayers. I'm just blown away. :-)


WHOO HOO! That is FABULOUS news! I am thrilled for you :) I had a very similar experience (and a little girl to show for it). Muy bien!


WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm saying a little prayer for you. :)


Dude! I don't remember saying you were trying . . .

NBHHY. Keeping my fingers crossed and lots of good thoughts going your way!


Praying for you and your growing family.


Wowee! Didn't expect that! Very happy for you!

Kate W.

So happy! I will be sending BIG prayers your way.


Wow, awesome news! I will be thinking of you and hoping everything turns out OK!


Wow I did not see this coming! Praying and hoping everything works out!

Much love sent your way!


I have never been so shocked!!! What a fantastic surprise after all the going back and forth about a FET. Your body decided to make the decision for you.

All the best to you and I'll keep everything crossed.


Now that I did not see coming... Repeating NBHHY and keeping my fingers crossed for you guys...

Stacie (The Twinkies)

Crossing all crossables...


Crossing all fingers and sending good vibes your way.


Oh my goodness! I was not expecting that at all! Fingers and toes crossed hoping for the best possible outcome.



A prayer for you! Best wishes!!!


Such exciting news! I hope all continues to go well.


Waiting, hoping and praying right along with you!


Hoping, praying, waiting, and crossing fingers and toes here for you.

Sending those sticky-baby vibes your way.


Oh wow! That's great, like really really great. YAY. I'm doing a happy dance for you, well as soon as I post this.
happy dance commences....


Holy crap! I've been feeling guilty that I haven't commented in a while and then I bop on over here planning to do just that and wow! Wow! Did I say that already? I mean, really, wow.

Not to be nosy, ok, well maybe a little, were you guys trying? I know you still have frozen embies and all. Just curious as I'm going through the whole should I/shouldn't I try again debate and your recent post about the reason to get pregnant again shouldn't be as a "do over" really resonated with me. I think we're getting close to the jump off point of either we're going to try or I'm going to shut up about it, one or the other.

So just shocked really and thrilled and hopeful and just, wow. Congrats! And of course we'll be chanting the mantra of NBHHY. What the hell do those doctors know anyway. At my first post-IVF ultrasound the doctor "tsked-tsked" at one of my embryos who was measuring behind and implanted low. Not sure what will happen he said, we'll just have to wait and see. Turns out all he really did was just scare the crap out of me, she's running around the playroom right now with her twin sister.

And you kept this all to yourself since last Wednesday? You sneaky, sneaky girl. :)

Take care!



Sending lots of good thoughts and well wishes - crossing my fingers that everything will be okay. What exciting news!


Hope all is well with you and that precious little bean. Keep us posted, lots of good, healthy energy coming your way!




I am suddenly, anxiously, freakingly anxious that this work for you. And so very, very pleased!


Wow, congratulations. I am sending you tons of prayers and positive thoughts that everything is ok. How my heart can be filled with such joy for for someone I don't even know IRL is beyond me, but it is nonetheless!


Congratulations!!! Will be sending prayer and positive thoughts your way.

Lisa R

Congratulations, I will be praying for your guys! I am a lurker who has been following you since your iP days, but I wanted to "come out" to post my congratulations here.


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