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January 30, 2007


Lisa O

Oh my gosh Linda I am so so excited for you !!! I have tears running down my face!!! I have followed you since the early IP days and remember what all you had to go through to have your girls. Our stories are somewhat similar - my first daughter was conceived after 3 years and several thousand dollars - the second was conceived in ONE "natural" cycle. I cherish them both equally as I know they BOTH are miracles and gifts from God. For what its worth I'm not Catholic either and completely agree with you on that issue.
Anyway I am rambling as usual. Congratulations!!!


The relaxing comment? Made me laugh out loud. I can't count the number of people that have told me to relax. Like everyone who knows about our issues have told me to relax. It's my personal pet peeve now. More so than people driving slow in the fast lane, and confusing here/hear and there/their/they're in IMs and emails....

liz s

I feel like I have to apologize for all the Catholics who ever made any comments. I asked my dad about artificail insemination once (he is a deacon) and he said that the reason there is even some discussion is because it sets the body up for pregnancy that may not happen. I said, "doesn't sex do that?" He just said that RE needs to be a case by case decision. He's right whether you are Catholic or not.

On to conception after infertility. I work with a gal who adopeted twice after 5 M/C. then she had 2 pregnancies she carried to term and is now 32 weeks with a 3rd. The things people say to her are aweful. Would you have adopted if you had known you could have a baby? Do you love your natural children better? Please; love doesn't work that way.

Sex! No, just whether to find out or not. I didn't with my kids and it was fun. I had wanted all girls and I did have two boys (after my daughter). I was disappointed for about 10 seconds (both times) But then it didn't matter. My daughter was 3 when her brother was born. She knew that he would be either Sarah or Daniel. So we told her that all along. When he was born, she just decided to name her doll Sarah. Since you surely have gender neutral clothes because you didn't find out the first time, my choice would be a surprise. But then its your decision.

I'm just so happy for you!

Liz s


The main thing that I want to say is Congratulations. I hope that, instead of intrusive questions, everyone you tell your wonderful news will respond the same.

My daughter is very close in age to E & L, she was born in April, '04, so I feel a sort of kinship with you, and all the things you write about. I just found out I'm also pregnant, sort of unexpectedly, and due about the same time as you. (I swear I'm not making this up, it's a weird coincidence.) Anyway, I look forward to reading about your pregnancy, and your girls. The way that you talk about motherhood is inspiring.

Take care!

Rayne of Terror

Congratulations Linda and the whole family!


I am just so freaking excited for your family. :)


That is so wonderful of you to donate your embryos. I never had any frozen embryos, so I never had to figure out what to do with them, but I'm not sure I would have been able to donate them. I hope I would have. It is an incredible gift to another couple.

One of my friends (an incredibly fertile friend, of course) has said to me a million times "well, I've heard that you are more fertile after you do IVF, and that lots of women get pregnant really easily after they have a baby." It makes me a little nuts, like pregnancy "cures" infertility. What I've said to her is that it really depends on what your inferility diagnosis is, but she doesn't seem to believe me.

If you had irregular ovulation, some kind of hormonal imbalance, then sure, pregnancy might make your body more fertile. But if your eggs are old, like mine were (I guess, still not exactly sure what the problem is) having a successful pregnancy just makes them 9 months older. Or if you have bad sperm, like we also did, my being pregnant wouldn't make my husband's sperm better swimners. But every time I say it she looks at me very skeptically, like I'm just a big whiner. So I can imagine that it could be irritating for people to question your need to do ART to conceive your twins. Maybe your infertility was "cured," or maybe you just got lucky, but that doesn't mean you didn't make the right decision the first time around.

I think its awesome, and I would imagine a singleton pregnancy will feel easy after a twin pregnancy. I had my singleton pregnancy first, which made my twin pregnancy feel soooo hard.


I had very irregular periods, sporadic ovulation, etc. before using clomid and HCG to get pg. Now, my cycles are like clockwork and all signs tell me I'm probably ovulating. Weird. We have male factor, so we'd still need to do IF, but it is true what they say sometimes...the cure for IF is pregnancy.

We have Catholic relatives and, well...let's not get into it.

Anyway, Congratulations again. Looking forward to hearing all about the pg.


Ok, this might be totally off from what you believe, but I am going to say it anyway. I feel truly in my heart that it was God's plan to have you do the IVF before you got pregnant on your own. I believe that is how E and L were to enter this world. I believe he is behind those two little miracles and he thought you and A were wonderful enough to take care of them. I think it's a lot like when people adopt. Sometimes they adopt because they couldn't conceive, and then after the adoption, they end up getting pregnant. Same thing to me.
Whatever the reason, I am so thrilled for your whole family. You are great parents and your kids are so lucky to have you.


I'm so happy for you Linda.


I still just think it's great! Good for you.

The RELAX thing was funny to me too. Yeah, RELAXING is the thing, that's what makes it work.

People slay me.


A rule of life, do the best you can with what you have, and in both cases you all have, that is what matters!


As if you're actually more relaxed now with two toddlers...

I'm just so happy for you all.


I feel nothing but joy for you guys. God as blessed you with two miracles and a thrill!


I love reading whatever you write about but it gives me no end of joy to read you write about this pregnancy! What a blessing.


I still get so exctied when I think about your news!


I'll echo all the "I'm so happy for you!!" comments here. What a wonderful surprise and blessing. I imagine it's difficult facing this pregnancy in light of the events of your last year, but there is no one more deserving of such a gift. I'm reading daily and sending up good thoughts and prayers for you. How exciting for you guys!

Anne Glamore

Fighting the dessert battle here, too, three cookies at a time!


just de-lurking to say congratulations! i've been a reader off and on for a while and just found out i'm pregnant myself- also due in mid september...
happy wishes to you and your growing family!


Hi Linda,

I already said congratulations but also wanted to say thanks for your last two posts. It's really fun to hear what you're thinking and about your perspectives on IF, etc. I had to go on Clomid to get pregnant with Emily, now she is three (her birthday is tomorrow) and we want another, but are REALLY REALLY hoping we don't have to do any IF treatments. So maybe we'll be a month or two behind you. :)

Keep writing, I love hearing your updates both about the girls and the pregnancy.



the relax thing made me laugh out loud too. we heard that constantly and my standard response was, "yep, i'm real relaxed every time i take my clomid and get my hcg shot and put my feet in the stirrups...all that. totally relaxing." :)

congrats to you and the fam - so happy for you!


Just found your site so I'm looking back at your recent posts. My twins are a result of five long years of trying and finally a successful IVF cycle (after one unsuccessful one and three unsuccessful IUIs and lots of other "stuff"). My daughter is a result of God laughing when I started getting too comfortable and thought we were all done, especially since the doctors all told me I wouldn't be able to conceive on my own. When people express amazement that I had a third child after having twins (they're only two years apart) I tell them that the best things in life aren't always planned.

Good luck with your pregnancy!

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