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October 09, 2006



I'm sorry is an inadequate phrase, but that's all I have. I'm sorry. And I wish there were something to make things easier.

And the floor guys? I think I'd like to slap them with fish... Yes, I really said that. Must be Jonah on the brain....

Homeschool Mama

I just can't imagine. Maybe you can find peace knowing this family will make their own memories?
It's awesome the house was paid off and your mom can give your girls money to get a college education and not start their adult lives in debt- said the 32 yr old still paying for a college education I "don't use".


Linda, I have so appreaciated your raw honesty in your blog. Thank you for sharing with us. As a new mom of IVF twins it has been a treat check your blog daily for a new post (funny or sad). Your a talented writer.


I felt teh same way when my Mom sold her house. I wouldn't get dressed there when it was my wedding day, my kids would never be in it, my past ws being sold.

But I still have the memories. Good and bad.


I can't begin to imagine how very sad this is for you. My childhood home was sold when my parents moved to a new condo and I felt huge sadness, although I know it really can't compare to this. That sadness dissipated a bit when my mom passed along a note that the new owners had sent with pictures of their young family playing in "our" rooms. She commented how wonderful it was to think of that loving place being home to a new generation of children. And somehow that helped. I hope in some way, somehow, there will be a tiny respite in the grief for you, too.


OMG, our floor people did the same thing! They ended up having to replace all our carpets for free, because the carpeting was so old they no longer carried it, and they couldn't replace just part of it. Haha on them.

Jen A

I'm so sorry, Linda.


I am just sorry

Laura K.

Oh, Linda - it must be so hard. I knwo you didn't want to hang onto it, but at the same time it must be so hard to say goodbye to the material things that remind you of your mom and just the feeling of 'home'.

The floor people suck! Lately I've realized that unless I'm dealing with someone I know well, I gnerally find myself disappointed in anyone who comes to do work for/at my house. Why is that?


I can't believe the house sold so fast either. Kinda Murphy's law, huh? I'm sorry you're sad-- I can't say I understand, but I'm guessing its going to take time. Lots and lots of time.


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I am so sorry.


I'm sorry. It seems like the good-byes just go on and on.

It's just as bad to imagine that someday you'll be done with the good-byes.

I'm sorry.

(And screw the fridge folks, indeed. Phooey.)


I'm sorry that door is closing, even though it has to.

I'm glad you have siblings to talk about it with.


My mom's house was just sold 2 weeks ago. My dad got remarried 3 months ago and decided he needed a fresh start. I certainly understood as I have had a hard time even going into that house for the last 3 years. It was just so my mom; it even smelled like her.
Even though I understood, I am still having a hard time with it. It's so hard being forced to move on, move forward, isn't it? It just seems like we keep losing more and more of our moms, and thus ourselves. It just sucks. (Sorry I am having a bad day. Just learned that a family member's cancer is back, and sick of dealing with death and dying).


I'm so sorry. I know this is different, but I was absolutely devastated when my parent's called and told me they were going to sell the house I grew up in. I had lived there for most of my life and remember calling them back, just bawling and begging them to not sell it. Unfortunately, that phone call went to the answering machine and they never told me whether they heard it or not. Anyhow, it was sold and to be honest, the whole family is still sad about it 5 years later ... my parent's included!

This IS another loss. I would expect to grieve over it as well.


I'm sorry. I was a self-centered 13-year old when my grandmother died, so I didn't think much about how my mother was feeling, but later I realized how many things could bring up the grief for her.


I think anyone would feel devastated to have to sell their childhood home. I don't really know what to say other than I'm sorry.


Hi! My best friend has been reading your blog for a while because she also has twins. She wanted me to start reading yours because my Mom is dying of cancer. It is really tough to go through my Moms sickness but reading your blog is inspiring to me. Please don't stop writing! Sherry in Louisiana


My parents have wanted my family and I to move into their house so they could move into a condo. This post just pushed me over the fence I was riding. I too love that house, it has so many memories and now I should create memories for my children in that house too!

I am a delurker. Sending you an e-hug to ease your pain.


Planet Mom

Wow. You've had a lot on your plate lately. Losing your Mom. Now the house. Those are devastatingly huge losses and I feel so badly for you--which sounds so completely trite and I hate that. I'm sure it helps, though, to hear the chorus of heartfelt "I'm sorries" originating from countless delurkers like me. But in reality, they're just words and probably nothing on earth can truly mend what ails you. Your pain is one the pill can't reach.

Unfortunately, I've been there myself. I lost my only brother to suicide in January. Feels like it happened this morning. I wish I could say that in time you'll be back to your old self again. After suffering the loss of someone so close and so dear (which I'm sure describes the bond you and your Mom shared), I doubt that a return to that "old self" is even possible. I know the event changed me. It'll probably change you, too.

But one thing's for certain...your words (as evidenced by your most recent--and I'd daresay powerful--post) have more meaning now. Perhaps because your perspective has changed. You're taking nothing for granted and you're savoring all those memories locked inside that house--which are both good things. You mean what you say and say what you mean--even more than before--and that's a good thing, too. It helps to pound it all out on the keyboard and to lay it out for everyone to see--no matter how painful. So keep doing it till you get some peace. Some closure. Some relief.

That's what I did (click on January, March and April archives if you're in the mood) to deal with it. Hey, it's cheaper than therapy! :-) I also tried to focus on the important people still in my life (my husband, my kids, my parents, my friends and extended family) and what "work" I have yet to complete (raising our 5-year-old twins and teenage daughter), supporting and forever loving my parents who are beyond pain with their grief, etc. I also find comfort by tapping into my memory bank, filled to the rim with happy times spent with my brother. I know he made a difference here. That's what keeps me smiling.

Here's hoping you keep smiling. :-)


:( That's all I can "say." Pretty pathetic, huh?

::::hugs, Linda!:::

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