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May 16, 2006



Oh that was a good one! I think I will do that meme later.

I can not throw away gift bags for the life of me. No idea why but I do convince myself they are all regiftable!


Well, Karen does mean pure, which would suggest the color white. But i don't suppose you think white for that reason....


I am so with you about the frosting!


I can't throw ANY bags away!! I keep grocery bags (for garbage), shopping bags (you never know), and the gift bags - good lord! I just FINALLY cleaned out my piles of gift bags and sold tons of them at my garage sale - 10 for a $1! Sold them all!
I am also afraid of the car wash thingy and drive throughs although I am getting better at that :)


We would be perfect partners in cake eating. I don't like frosting! I know, I know, don't have a heart attack. Actually there is a cupcake place that is a client of mine that has the best homemade frosting and I actually eat it first. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I think the owner puts almond flavoring in her frosting. She admitted to that but wouldn't tell me what her other secrets are. I love love LOVE her chocolate cupcakes because she puts almond flavoring in those too. OMG I am going to have to make a side trip during my errands today. Why is it that reading your entries always makes me hungry? ;-P


Oh my! That whole meme could have been about me (except for working on weekends...but I do work only 3 days per week). There are definitely many things that I can only do when no one is looking. Super self-consiousness....if I could change one thing about myself that would be it.
I also agree with the dancing thing. I'm sure I would enjoy it more if I was more naturally coordinated and less conscious of my lack of.

Murray, mom to Maggie

You have synesthesia - certain senses - sight, taste, hearing, didn't separate completely when you were developing as a baby. It is more common in non-right handed females (you're left handed, right?). I have a mild bit of it - numbers and letters are all associated with a certain color with me. I am a left handed female. Some people "smell" music or hear tastes. NPR did a fascinating thing on it sometime in the last year. There is a book called The Man Who Tasted Shapes about someone who had it. Here's some more info: http://staff.washington.edu/chudler/syne.html


I am totally with you on the oil change places (also at the DMV) and with the bag saving.It is like some sick obsession. I joke with my husband that he married a "cheapskate" Scots girl.


I want an all icing cake too!!! Cake-smake, give me icing.
For our wedding cake we are going to have cupcakes cause I want the fluffy icing that you get on the premium ones!


Mmmmmmmmmmmm Frosting! I am making my daughter a "practice" birthday cake today mostly so we can just eat the frosting. :)


what color are your kids? did you think about that when naming them? what if you loved the name but hated the color? would you still go through with it?


Ooh, I'm the same way with gift bags, I re-use them when I need to give gifts. I even save the nice tote bags from various shopping trips, but only really nice ones.


I'm curious about the name/color thing. What color does my name conjure up?

From Linda:

Your name is oddly specific, maybe because it's so unusual? Anyway, buttery yellow, very pale.


As someone who totally screwed up the front hubcaps of a car in one of those car washes--I am totally with you!

Also, what color am I?

From Linda:


Laura K.

I startd using gift bags for the toting of *some* every day things...like when I'm giving the kids' clothing to someone, or the smaller ones for my lunches (back when I used to work full days...ugh, that's coming up again in the Fall!). Kind of made me feel a little cheerier for some reason! ha ha.

I also HATE driving over that big gaping hole for oil changes. Ditto with the track thing at the automatic car wash - I'm afraid that I'll not get the wheel in it right and I'll go falling off of it and get hit by the car behind me or something. Not that this has ever happened, mind you.

And as for TV...well, K watched RECORD amounts of videos this weekend during the move. It's been days and she's still asking to watch TV all the time and I'm having to distract her. It was a necessary evil then, and it doesn't help that it's raining now, but still, it's scary to see how quickly habits form!


They're called "flat-bottom bags" in our house, and El G is finally learning to stop bugging me about keeping them. He's seen that they do come in handy. But that doesn't stop him from singing "Flat-bottom bags, you make the rockin' world go 'round!" every time I get one or use one.


Now, I'm really curious. What color is 'Diana'? I love cake, but mostly for the icing. Even the icky, whipped frosting. I've eaten it off the plates of others, too. Maybe there is a 12-step program? I can't throw out those bags, either. They are all in ... a bag. Some I can't bear to use as that would mean parting with them. WTF? I like shopping for clothes, but only with someone compatable. Since moving out here 6 years ago, I've had no one to do that with. My wardrobe can be described by some word that is beyond 'dull'.

From Linda:



I LOVE frosting too! Cake's not bad either, but I always go for the corner pieces.

What color do you see KRISTIN?

Check out my "Getting to know me" list at:



From Linda:

Both red and white.

Lisa O

Hi there - Yellow here :-) I LOVE the name/color thing - OK a little weird but in a good way IMO.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the frosting too - and it shows!
Hate to shop as well!

Jen A

Totally with you on numbers 1, 3, 5, and 6. Number 1 not as bad as when I was a teenager, but I'd still rather have my husband do it. I like my frosting cold out of the refridgerator, and my husband knows to get me the corner piece of cake b/c it has frosting on THREE sides. And I am known in our family as the Gift Bag Slut at Christmas. I prowl around and grab people's empty bags when they aren't looking. And number 5 is just b/c I never got much of a real job after college, LOL.

I'm also wondering what color Jennifer is, but I see everyone else has already asked, so I won't. Unless you want to tell me... :-)

From Linda:



OK...not very original of me to ask, but what color am I?

Also, I think that smells def. have colors. Fresh cut grass smells green, salty ocean smell is blue, Jamba Juice stores smell orange...these are not very original as they sort of coincide with what color those things actually are, but my husband thinks it is weird.

From Linda:



Did you dance together at your wedding?

Julie W.

Hi Linda -

Funny you say that about the gift bags. I just cleaned out a closet in our hallway and found three huge bags (three huge gift bags no less) with folded up gift bags in them. When am I gonna use all those gift bags? I just can't seem to throw away a perfectly good bag (incidentally - I do this with purses too - even if I hate the purse, I will keep it just in case.)

Also, I found a gift bag from my daughter's birthday that had a clown on it. Now, my husband HATES clowns. There is no way I could use that bag again. I have no idea why I didn't just throw it away at the time rather than risk terrorizing him when he opens the cloest. Maybe my sense of frugality overrides my sense of compassion?


I have always thought of myself as a kind of orange person (Clare) but what do you see?

On frosting: here is a real, gen-you-wine French buttercream recipe:

1 cup sugar plus 1/2 cup water. Bring to a boil on the stove.

Meanwhile, put 6 egg yolks in a stand mixer and whip on high.

Watch the sugar until the bubbles start to slow down/it gets thick. You can test the temperature by dipping a metal object (knife, spoon, screwdriver) into a cup of iced water, into the boiling sugar and then back into the water. Pull the blob of suagr off and if it forms a really squishy ball it's the right temperature.

When the sugar gets to the soft ball stage, described above, take the pan over to the mixer. The egg yolks should be pale yellow and fluffy. Keep the mixer running on high, and pour the sugar syrup in a thin stream directly into the quick moving whisk. This cooks the yolks.

Beat until the egg yolk/sugar starts to cool down, then toss in (one by one) the butter. You need 1 pound of unsalted butter, cut into about 20 peices. Keep whipping on meduim high until the butter is well blended.

Whisk for a minute more as you add 1 tablespoon of Grand Marnier, or Cointreau or Triple Sec and one half tablespoon of vanilla extract.

Get a spoon, sit at your kitchen table and enjoy!

Or you can frost one two layer 9 inch cake/24 cupcakes.

Recipe courtesy of Le Cordon Bleu

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