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May 31, 2006



lordy! Those are such beautiful puppies!


Oh! They look so sleepy and dreamy! Oh, man, I can even smell their puppy breath through the pictures!

Laura K.

Awww, look at those sweet littl pups!

"ransacked by toddlers who were high on crystal meth" - so, so funny!


Cute factor indeed! They're adorable!! =)

So glad the house is going well. Isn't it a shame that they haven't created a way for them to clean themselves?? Especially before moving in. Phooey.


Sorry about the mess, but I'm so glad you are able to return home to your normal routines soon. I'm sure the girls will be delighted. And yes, those puppies are sweet, but your girls are even cuter!
I've been thinking of you, and of your mom, keeping you in my prayers.
Best wishes,


Oh! Oh! Sweet puppy goodness! Before they are big enough to chew all your shoes and your kids' favorite toys and dig up all your newly planted plants. (Why, yes, our puppy is 7 months. Why would you ask?)

Glad your house disaster recovery is in the home stretch, so to speak.

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