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May 25, 2006



Happy Birthday!

(I've got to get either that bubble gun, a margarita, or both)


Wow! They turned two. Amazing.


In 2007 they are supposed to release Zubbles - colored bubbles. Stock up on the tequila.


Yay! Bubbles! Yah! Tequila! Happy Birthday E and L!


Happy birthday to the girls! I can't believe they are already two; seems like I was just reading about your IVF on iparenting!


now that is my kind of product endorsement!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to E and L! I need that bubble gun for my 2 year old boy.


Happy #2 Birthday!!! Bubble guns rock! We had a bubble gun party for Aidan's birthday and they were a big hit. Imagine Monavie (an acai berry juice) margaritas for the adults and 6 kids with mini bubble guns out by the pool. It was great.


Mmmm, margarita. . .


Yeah, the REALLY lazy pick up the ultimate bubble machine at the big K. 1000s of bubbles!!! NO EFFORT!

Well, changing the batteries every time you turn around...

And when that wears out, Lily is getting a "bubble mower" for her 2nd bday from her big brother Sam.

Me, I am getting a margarita.


"You can squeeze the trigger and drink a margarita at the same time." Hahahahaha...that's funny. Gotta get me one of those:)


Happy Birthday E and L! Wow already 2 years old!

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