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May 12, 2006



My three year old still constantly switches hands. So, I think there remains a chance you could have a lefty. Wish I had a more scientific answer.


Dr. Sears says that handedness can usually be determined (guesstimated fairly accurately?) around 9 months. We started to suspect our E was a lefty around 7 months but kept doubting ourselves, but now at age 6, she is still a lefty. It looks like her sister, now 17 mos, will ALSO be a lefty. Which astounds us, as neither I nor my husband is left-handed. However, my father-in-law is, and he--is tickled beyond all reckoning.


If I go out of town on business I always lay out my girls' clothes before I go, so I'm a little funny about that too. It's not like my husband can't dress the girls but I don't want them going to daycare looking like ragamuffins. My girls have totally different coloring so it makes our clothing choices a little easier as I tend to cater to their coloring when it comes to clothes - one is blonde, blue eyes and fair and my other has dark hair and brown eyes. I also very rarely dress them alike.

Nora Roberts has some great trilogies! I liken her books to junk food for the brain. Lots of fun to read without a lot of substance which is nice when you're just trying to unwind. Someone may have already recommended these but I love her The Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy (first one in the series is called Jewels of the Sun). They're set in Ireland. Probably my favorite set of hers would be the Three Sisters Island Trilogy (first one in the series is Dance Upon the Air). It's got a little witchcraft in them, similar to what was in the movie Practical Magic. My absolute favorite set of books is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Love, love, love them and have reread the entire series (six books in total) several times.

I'm curious too about hand preference. One of my girls often uses her left hand and no one in my family or my husband's is left handed so I'm interested to see how that turns out.

Take care!



I have done that many times with strangers, not correcting them on the sex. Then they follow up with the question (and I have lied and called my daughter Matt or Mike or something! Gee) Or else they get closer and notice the boy/girl obvious clothing and realize that I didn't correct them.

I think if they consistently use the same hand for drawing, throwing, etc each time, that will probably be the hand you are dealt with (haha). My baby (well, I mean toddler, gasp!) is a lefty...it is cute, but now I worry cause I sit to the left of him at the kitchen table (ELBOW WARS) and he won't be able to use big brother's tball glove and will he live a few years less cause the world is made for righties?? Not major worries, but I have thought all those things! I also think he will be some amazing creative guy, too.

Love E and L with the chalk. I love seeing kids draw laying down and drawing. Very cute!


(big grin) So glad you liked the Born in Fire, are you interested enough to read the other two in the trilogy? Born in Ice and then Born in Shame nicely rounds up the story. My twin girls are fraternal but do look amazingly alike so I dressed them in distinctly different outfits to help the family and then their teachers identify which was which. Now they have developed a crazy competiveness and they have to wear the same thing as each other. No style difference, no color difference. It drives me batty- I never wanted to be one of those Mom's who dress their multiples identically. I'm hoping they outgrow this phase soon.


Good question- left vs. right. Max is a lefty and the other day I noticed Zoe coloring with her left hand also. Both B and I (and our parents and siblings) are all right handed. So it's just odd. Maybe nothing genetic, who knows?


I admit... I was one who was curious about the "Twin color coding" thing.... thanks for addressing it. Even without twins, but with similar subjective rules about what the kids wear, my poor husband never gets it right. An extreme example: When I was a few days post-partum with my youngest he ran off to Colorado with my daughter for his sister's wedding. Our daughter was a flower girl. I packed all of her outfits in baggies and labeled them "rehearsal dinner", "wedding outfit accessories" etc. I was MORTIFIED when we had his pictures developed... her dress was on BACKWARD and she wasn't wearing any stockings!

As for "handed-ness"...my husband and I are both righties as are all 4 of our parents, our 2 oldest kids are also righties, but the youngest (almost 4) is mostly left-handed, but not always.


keith got the kids dressed this morning and put a ZIP-UP sweatshirt on S with nothing under it. would a mom do that? maybe, but have you ever tried to WEAR that? it is so uncomfortable...the cold zipper lays against your bare chest and makes you cold. (I obviously have tried it, but only to bum around the house when I don't have to wear a bra).
Also, Z had S's pants on. A boy! In bell-bottomy jeans!
Yeah, guys just don't know sometimes.


No kids yet, so no stories to report.

I am chiming in on the "liking Nora Roberts", though...what fun stories. Everyone needs a little escape now and then, and those books are fabulous. She seems to have two streams - trilogies, and romantic thrillers. If you like Steven King, you may want to try those out (I particularly liked "Birthright").


Most of the time with my boys it is whatever I happen to grab off the top of the clean clothes pile! But they do have certain outfits that are identical (like spiderman, they both love him and there would be too much fighting), or are just "theirs" because of personality. Because my kids are identical, I will usually put red (or bright color) on Stink and Blue (or darker color)on Boompas just so I can know at a glance from across the room who is getting into what at any particular time.


My pink twin is right handed, and my blue one is a lefty, like me.

I know they aren't really supposed to show dominance until 2, but mine have been distinctly lefty and righty for at least a year.

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