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May 19, 2006


Husband A

You crack me up, sweetie . . . I mean . . . my soul yearns for you in ways that both exhilarate and confuse me. I thrill to your touch, and blush.

From Linda:

I think as a man, you're supposed to "flush."


So are you ACTING more romance-novely, too? Any spontaneous bodice explosions or the like?

I've been on a fantasy novel kick lately (which makes me wish bitterly that I had magic powers), but you're making me want to switch genres!


I am laughing too hard to formulate a decent response.


Haha... this post made me laugh.

Are there three more conversations hiding out there? I only saw two...


From Linda:

There's 1. the kiss, 2. the hug, 3. the arm stroke, 4. the eye contact, and 5. the girls.


i remember reading the time-traveler's wife and noticing that they had sex alot...so i wanted to have sex alot, until i was finished reading the book, and then i was back to my normal not-so-sexual self.


I wish I had time to read a novel ... ANY novel!!!

Sounds like you and your hubby need some time away. :)


oh, thanks. I thought numbers 1-4 were all part of one. Seemed like a natural progression to me. :)


H.A. Page

I came across this article by Wendy Shalit and I see what my daughters are encountering that is way way way way beyond what I ever contended with.

It just doesn't seem natural and you caught it. My daughters have good self confidence and are so less naive than I was... but still... they throw around terms so loosely that I NEVER heard and am appalled when I hear it. This discussed like it is just another tea bag? Yeah. The magic disappears when it becomes too..... too....
too.... unspecial, too common... to unintimate... imyho.


Ok I read this post a while ago, but I didn't have a chance to comment. Anyhow I love Friends, and I still think of silly little scenes like that and how they relate to my life. Like I want to get a spray on tan for my wedding, (I had an unfortunate sunscreen mishap resulting is a strange tan line on my back...) anyhow I remembered how Ross got a spray on tan and was an 8!

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