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January 03, 2005



I hate butterscotch chips, so I'm going to go double on the chocolate chips.

My MIL jealously guards all her recipes. It's completely ridiculous, especially since most of them come from the Can-Opener Cookbook. I was a professional recipe developer for awhile, so it just seems completely and utterly asinine to me to refuse to share a recipe that you yourself did not make up. So it's kind of become my evil mission to ferret out the recipes for the things her kids really like that she won't give them the recipe for. They all love this bundt cake she always makes for Christmas morning. I started looking around and you will not believe where the recipe comes from: The Joy of Cooking. Yes. Her super-secret recipe is from The Joy of Cooking. So now I make it for my husband every Christmas and my MIL is none the wiser. Heh.


I love you! I'm going to make these tomorrow to surprise Adam after his first day back at work.

Moxie, I love you too! You are not evil. Not sharing recipes is crazy. I say we start a DILAMIL group.


I am *so* hitting the grocery store on my way home from work tonight. Thanks Linda!

Cooking is not my strong suit, although I am a decent baker. My specialty is Red Velvet Cake... passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. No one else in my extended family makes it. Not because it's a secret, just because it's "too much work." It's kind of a birthday tradition. So when I started making it, my whole family was wowed.

If you've never tried red cake, it's so worth it. E-mail me and I'll gladly share the recipe.


I never heard of people not giving out recipes - that sounds totally ridiculous and obnoxious and silly. I recently started teaching myself to bake and I love telling people how easy my super yummy recipes are. I made three pies for Thanksgiving this year and was so proud of how well they came out. The Joy of Cooking was, in fact, the source for my pumpkin pie filling and it was a total hit. Recipes are for sharing so everyone can enjoy yummy food!


My first husband tried to get me to guard my recipes, which I thought was really odd. Turns out he was REALLY odd, so I got rid of him and happily share my recipe largesse wherever it is requested!
I can't decide if I make the cookies and then go on Weight watchers, or go on weight watcher and try to figure out the points...

Laura K.

Yum, you just made my bloodsugar jump just reading the recipe!

I'll have to bookmark this one for later...!


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