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January 11, 2005



Mmmmmmm...this sounds tres yummy. I make the same kind of thing but I use white chocolate pudding and mix in a little instant coffee for a chocolate mocha trifle. I'll definitely be trying the PB one, though! Oh - and I usually make it a little "lighter" by using fat free brownie mix, fat free or light cool whip and fat free pudding. It still tastes amazing.


BTW, I've never posted to you before, but I come to your blog at least once a day. I find it humorous that I'm delurking on a dessert post. Ha.


That sounds so good! I'll be making it soon. Thanks for sharing!


Laura K.

Here's what I saw:

Make a box of brownies - eat them
Make a box of pudding - lick it off the spoon
Unwrap a bag of peanut butter cups and eat them

Did I get the recipe right?! :)



It's making more sense to me now. I could NOT imagine how we were going to spread the peanut butter layer of the trifle, but mixing it with pudding and Cool Whip makes sense.

You know how I would modify this recipe? I'd moisten the brownie pieces in Kahlua or chocolate liqueur first before the layering.


Oh, and I just saw your husband's comment about Lauren Graham. My husband briefly worked with her (not acting) and said she's gorgeous, really nice, smart as a whip, but a chain smoker and smells like one. (Incidentally, that's the exact same assessment another friend of mine who met Brad Pitt said about him, except that he's not quite as good looking in person as he is on film.)


Linda, that sounds awesome! I will definately make that. I have some IVF questions if you are willing to answer. I started my Lupron and Dexamethazone tonight. Did you have to take these? I should never read the package inserts, I am now afraid I am going to have a heart attack from the Lupron. My head is killing me, not sure if it is drug related or what. I feel like a medicine cabinet. Does it get better?

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