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December 30, 2004



I don't have any answers to your questions, but it sounds like something my husband would do!

Cute picture!


Don't they make some weird pajamas? You have to watch those snaps when they get older too- I had some things given to me, and some outfits I found at garage sales that looked so cute but then you found out the snaps no longer stayed closed so Maddie would be walking around with her pant legs billowing behind her!


I am so with you on WHY are they still in the drawer...I still have **Summer shorts** (whisper) in my kids' drawers...

Hmmm, now that the temperature is down in the teens, I think I can get them outta there!! LOL

Can I plead mom of 4 kids??? Or new baby right at the cusp of when I needed to clean out the drawers of summer stuff???

I also have teensy tiny onesies/sleepers to pack away now...


Let me know if you find an answer. We're still there.

Laura K.

Okay, so here's where I admit that I'm, um, snap-impaired! There have been times where I could not, for hte life of me, figure out how to get those blasted things snapped! I blamed it on sleep deprivation, but we all knew that was a lame coverup...!

Hey, on a totally unrelated note, Meijer has really great columbia fleece snowsuits on sale for 50% off. I had one for Katie last year - loved, loved, LOVED it. Not too puffy, easy(ish) on and off. I just picked up one tonight for baby boy, the exact same one I had for K, only in red, not fuschia like the first time around. Just thought I'd pass along that tidbit of info, since you do live in the Meijer capital! :)


Awww, she looks like a squishy little star. Too cute!


Hmmmm, I think we had the same outfit for our girls. Is that from Carters and does it say "Daddy's Girl" on it? Maybe that's why Andrew's so attached :)

I have the biggest problem moving up on the girls' sizes. Not only does it make me a little sad (they're only going to be this old for 5 seconds, now they're only going to be THIS old for 5 seconds, and so on) it's also just a royal pain when there's so much other stuff to do as it is.

I love your blog since I also have twin girls from IVF (who are now 9 months old) and I can relate to so much that you write about. Unfortunately, I don't comment as often as I like. One thing I never got a chance to comment on was the rolling issue you mentioned for E. One of my girls also hated tummy time and to be honest, I didn't really work with her on it and figured she'd get around to doing things when she was ready. Our ped also mentioned at our 6 months visit that it wasn't critical that she wasn't rolling yet and we'd rediscuss at the 9 month visit. At 8 months she started rolling all over the place. It was like when she decided to do it, she was all about it. I know you don't need the reassurance since you seem to have the same attitude about milestones as I do but just wanted to share my experience.

Wow, I actually managed to get a comment in here, it's a miracle! Once again, love your blog and your girls are adorable!

From Linda:

Yeah, that's the same outfit! It's cute, but having their goodies hang out all over the place doesn't override the cuteness.

Wow~sounds like we probably have a lot in common. Please try to post more, especially during my parenting Q and A sessions. There's one coming up! I'm sure you have a lot to offer~we're probably going through the same stuff.


Ken use to put diapers on my boys backwards! One set of pj's we have are a nightmare to snap if they are on the right way. Ken usually puts them on with the head poking out the crotch and the neck with the crotch hanging free-we have boys.


My husaband has the same fashion imparement (I know my spelling is off, but I'm too lazy to look it up!). He says, "He can still get a couple of more wearings out of it!" Hm. I think not.

What kind of cloth diapers do your girls wear? Thomas has been in cloth, too!

From Linda:

We have a diaper service: Diapers Unlimited. They send us a couple hundred diapers and 12 wraps. Then Jerry, the magic diaper fairy, arrives every Tuesday morning with clean, new diapers. I love Jerry.


ok, here's why the snap thing happens - imho - sorry about the no caps - one handed typing...

Baby clothes are like women's jeans, the size shown on the label is just a rough guideline, or put there to make you feel better. j. crew? i'm a size 10. old navy? a size 8!! bcbg, calvin klein and d von furstenberg? size 12 or too small! so, my boys, at age 16 months, are too short for gap 12-18, but it fits around them, too skinny for children's place sized 12 months, (but 18 months is too big), but it fits in length and babystyle sized 6 to 12 month pants and 12 to 18 month tops fit perfectly.

my humble opinion is: your lovely daughters are just too big and wonderfully plump for those lousy clothes to contain.



It's so nice to know that there are other cloth diapering mommies out there!! Yesterday I brought my 5 mo. old son to the dr's for a weenie rash (turned out to be foreskin adhesion..ouch, no wonder he was cranky!) and the nurse asked me if I had switched diaper brands. I laughed and said "no, he wears cloth diapers." She looked very perplexed and said "Oh, we don't get many of those...do you use a diaper service?" I said "no, we wash them at home" and then I swear I saw horns sprout straight out of her head and she got that knowing look in her eyes. She just nodded but I know she was thinking "aha, that child is a victim of his own mama's incompetent washing technique...she probably has her own hygiene issues".
Anyways, when I saw the photo with "the snap problem" I could only laugh because my husband does the same thing. Again, my fault because he grabs whatever is in the drawer regardless of the size.
Just one question for you: Do you have problems with getting pants over the cloth diapers at times? Since the cloth gives my son a little more "junk in the trunk" than 'sposies do, I sometimes have trouble pulling pants on... just wondering.
PS this is my first comment but I read your site a lot(and your previous diaries)and I love your sense of humor and since I only have 1 baby I'm very interested in twins.

From Linda:

Yeah, we're definitely in the minority on the cloth diaper front. We have a diaper service, though. I was going to buy and wash my own cloth diapers until we saw 2 heartbeats on the US! I figured I'm not superwoman (despite looking smashing in the outfit) and I can't wash my own diapers and breastfeed twins. So I choose BFing. We do use disposables at night and occasionally during the day (lots of errands, cloth-confused babysitters, etc). I definitely notice a HUGE butt size difference. Cloth is way bigger. I'm hoping it'll pay off around potty training time.

Thanks for following me from my iP diary~feel free to comment more often. Hope your son's penis is better (how's that for well wishes?),


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