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December 15, 2004



No rush.... Glad to see your new post!


I seem to remember a conversation we had when we met in Detroit summer of '03. We were discussing vehicles, and the fact that I was driving a van. You said there was no way you would EVER own a van. I said "Just wait til you have kids, you'll see.". And you said you could still fit car seats into the back of your car. My final words were "You'll see how hard it is when the time comes and you'll join the rest of us who said they would never own a van either lol.". Now can I just say......I TOLD YOU SO!!! LMAO. I feel so much better now rofl! And I'm too far away for you to smack me so I can get away with it hehehehe. One piece of advice in buying one though, buy one with sliding doors on both sides. This will come in handy for years when trying to get the girls in and out and you won't have to always go to the other side of the van. I had my Ford Windstar for 4 years and loved it. At the time, it had the highest safety rating. It was a 2000 and we never had problem with it. I just sold it a few months ago and was a little sad to see it go. Enjoy car shopping (insert wicked laugh here LOL).


From Linda:

This is NOT the first time I've had to eat my words and I'm sure it won't be my last! :)


Hey there,

So you're going to join the mommy-van ranks, eh? We're on a "new" baby budget and decided to look used......however, we found brand new Kia Sedona's fully loaded EX complete with DVD package out the door for 18 grand. I don't know if you've been looking long, but that's a steal. It has a Five-star crash rating (very important to the mommy!)and so far I love it (got it in May). You know Christmas week is slow for car dealers......you should pop in and wheel and deal.....

Here's the link:


I second the Alicia's sliding door recommendation and want to add to it this:

My van has two sliding doors. One is power and the other is not (I haven't the slightest idea why). I love the power one, when it works. But it tends to be quirky and when it does not work, you can't even get the blasted thing open. AARGH!

I'm just saying, is all.

Good luck!


One thing Cara said above reminded me of something else important about the sliding door issue. Bill's aunt in Kentucky had a Chevy van with power sliding doors. Bill opened the sliding door to get Alaina out. Alaina hit the power button while Bill was unfastening her belt. The door closed on him! I screamed and got my hands between his chest and the door and pulled as hard as I could to keep the pressure off his chest. I was terrified and Bill's aunt was frozen in place. After hitting the button a few times, it finally released and let Bill out. He had a nice purple bruise across his chest for weeks, but thankfully that's all the damage that was done. There was no safety on the door to reverse upon hitting resistance. I am almost positive this has been corrected in recent years, as this happened about 4 years ago. But still check into it in whatever van you look at. Also, get on consumerreports.com to see what the van ratings are. They go into detail about the rating of all areas of the van so you can see how the van rates in areas that matter to you.

Good luck in your search. I also second the idea on shopping now since it's the end of year sales, etc. You can find very good deals right now!!

Ok, I'm done now lol.



I know what you mean. I've been resisting the minivan, but after renting them on several occasions while traveling, I think we might be up for one, but not until I have two kids. Read this, it's funny http://metrodad.typepad.com/index/2004/11/wouldnt_it_be_c.html

And what are you trying to say? Have you reconvened your procedure? I loved that!


Your TV died too?! When we moved into this house, Steve's mom left behind a 60" projection TV that had nine years under its belt. The lifespan of these things is 12 years. A couple of days ago, it exploded into a dozen green horizontal lines on a green background and promptly switched itself off. We tunred it back on a few times and the same thing happened. The repairman I called informed me that this was not a good thing. He went on to say that if it was his TV he would just buy a new one because replacing the green projection tube would cost a small fortune. Sigh...

Thanks to a Sam's Club credit account and a small loan from his mom, we are now the owners of a 61" RCA high-definition projection TV. He hasn't stopped playing with it yet. Merry Christmas, honey, indeed. At least he came to his senses and realized that a plasma TV was a bit more than we could reasonably afford.

Tammy W. (precon. diary writer)

I've got a suggestion for you on the Minivan, if you haven't already thought of it...get AWD or 4WD. Since you wanted a Subaru (I love them!), I just thought I'd remind you that minivans can be bought with AWD/4WD.

Good luck on the car shopping! That's something we need to do. An SUV "ate" my beloved Subaru sedan this summer in a rainy day wreck. I want a Legacy or Outback wagon, since we'll be lucky to have one baby. It's snowing like the North Pole here and I'm without AWD. :-(


P.S. How did you last so long? We lasted 7 weeks with the babies, then bought an Oddesey (sp?) Really, it was for the latch lock system... I love it (NEVER thought I'd say that).

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