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December 06, 2004



Can I have the link please?


OH.MY.GOD. Those pictures are so damn cute! I want one (a scrumptious little baby girl). You have a beautiful family.


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see. Their little noses' are so perfect! I love the pictures of them chewing on their little fingers. They are little hams! And I LOVE E's hair. So soft and fuzzy.

Are you going to send holiday cards? If so, have you chosen a photo?


Those are great pictures. I would hate to have to choose though, I would want them all!!

Lisa Lou

Hi Linda,

I thought I posted earlier, but I guess it didn't show. I LOVED those pictures. I agree, I would want them all. Your girls are such pumpkins! What a blessing!



I'd love to get the link and check out the "mints" in hats!


Pretty please send me the website!
kelkev12@insightbb.com thanks!


So adorable! ;)


WoW!!!! Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL. You have a beautiful family and a talented photographer. It makes me wish I had done that with my son.
Thanks for the sneak peek! Linda

Jennifer D. (Mom to 4 darlings!)

Hey Linda, I forgot to mention it in my email, but I have a very close friend named Rodd who lives in Scotland. He is an actor on a very popular TV show over there called Balamory. His show won the BAFTA award a few weeks ago and while he was there he got to meet Billy Boyd from LOTR!!! He sent me a pic and if you'd like to see it just let me know. I was THRILLED!!!! :0)


Hi Linda,
I just found your blog today for the first time. What an amazing adventure you've been through - I'm so glad for you that it has resulted in two precious little ones after enduring the nightmare of infertility. I would love to see the photos if you wouldn't mind sending me the link. I also loved reading your birth story - I find birth stories so fascinating and varied among women. I'm so glad I finally wrote mine down before I forgot it! I'm sure there are tons of details I did forget, because I didn't write it until after my daughter was already a year old. I will try to do it sooner if I am lucky enough to have more kids.

Anyway just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog and how beautiful your sweet girls are!


I LOVED the pics! THANK YOU for sending them to me! You are all beautiful!
Take care~


The girls are so adorable. I love the ones where they are holding/sucking eachothers hands.

Tammy W. (precon. diary writer)

Thanks for sending me the link! Your girls are precious! The four of you are such a beautiful family. I would have the hardest time deciding which photos to order. My favorite is the one where the girls are kissing you and A. Definitely priceless!

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the link to the pics - your girls are absolute beauties!


may i have the link to the pro pix?

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