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December 27, 2004



Good morning! I really hope you are able to fight off any sickness this week. What a bummer to get sick during holidays. It looks like the babes had a great time opening thier presents lol. And for the record, I love your retro bulbs! My favs are the bubble lights. My mom always puts those on her tree and I love them. Brings back alot of great memories. I use pine cone lights that I bought about 15 years ago, in addition to the regular lights on the tree. They are white and give a very pretty snowy feel to the tree.

The only useful thing I have to say this morning is about the seat placement in the van. I always had Alaina in the 2nd row. I know some people may disagree, but I found just as many people saying to do that as to do the 3rd row seating. And it makes it easier to reach them if something is wrong. I also felt that the chance was greater for me to get rear-ended than t-boned. No matter what anyone says, you need to make the right decision for you. And don't feel guilty about whatever you do. We never splurged on the DVD player either. And we managed to drive from southern Ohio to Northern Ontario and Ely, MN without one. So I think kids can survive lol. You get creative, buy lots of toys that are easy to play with in the van. And organize them in in tubs that you can rotate. Of course, this really comes into play when they can get the toys themselves in a year or so. I'm sure they'll let you know what they like lol.

Now, go to the store and stock up on oj and chicken soup so you can fight whatever is trying to contaminate you. Oh yeah, pick up some things for A and the girls too lol.


Norma B

Great pictures! The girls look so cute and getting so big.

Take Care,


Hello from a fellow Michigander. (Livingston county here.) Looks like your little ones had a wonderful first Xmas. The pictures are adorable. I just wanted to comment on your question about placement of carseats in a minivan. We've had one since #2 came along in 2000. At the time we put both of the boys in the back seat since #1 was still in a car seat and not a booster at the time. (They are 16 months apart.) When #3 arrived two years ago the boys were moved to the middle seat and her carseat went into the third row. I like to think that they are safe. We've made 12 hour trips to PA and 16 hour trips to NC and never had a problem. The nice thing about a van is there is more "crunch" space. In an accident there is more room between the back of the van and between the seats so there is less chance of an injury according to a friend of ours who is an engineer at Ford. Probably doesn't help much.
Hope you are feeling better.:)


Hi! Glad to hear about your Christmas.

I have no advice on the car seat question. We drive a big old Buick so I never had to think about it.

My question was, what is the name of the book you are reading?

Laura K.


Glad you are enjoying the holidays with the girls. Love the little Pistons jerseys! Wallace and Wallace - cute idea. :) K has a Lions windsuit (that we will use for her brother later) and a UM jersey, but no Pistons jersey yet. Nothing cuter than little girls in sports apparel! K has a UM cheerleading outfit, too, but frankly I think the jersey is WAY cuter! :)

We've been here and there visiting family all over the metro Detroit area. K has been lovely and well-rested, and has entertained the masses wherever we go. Two more family get-togethers left this week and the holidays are officially over. Our tree is actually already down - it pretty much fell over and would have fallen down if it wasn't roped to a hook in the wall. So, we took it down and rearranged the living room, and now it's a lot more user-friendly and there's a better place to stow the kiddie stuff.

So, you're officially a mini-van mama, huh?! Does it feel weird?

Oh, and since I'm taking a poll, here, what kind of double stroller do you have? I'm looking at 2 front-back ones - the Eddie Bauer and the Duoglider. I'm trying to get some opinions.

Happy 2005 to you, A, and the girls!


From Linda:

SO WEIRD! I am driving a minivan. I have to keep telling myself that. It's unreal.

We have the Graco DuoGlider. I bought it because it will fit both carseats at the same time. We've just stopped using those so I'm not sure how it'll be when we're putting them directly into the stroller. I'll let you know.

Overall, I like it. It's easy to open and close. I did have to take off the front rail thingie (not sure what it's called) to fit it into the trunk of my Camry. I saw that a lot of people on the amazon.com website had to do that. (I read through many reviews of strollers via their website.) We've used ours outside on the sidewalk and inside stores and have no complaints.

Also, check out epinions.com.


Hi, Linda!
I've read your blog and your diaries back on preconception; love your entries btw. We bought a minivan when our son was born and have always put him right behind the front seats; middle. A local fireman told us that's the best place. I am now pg with number 2 and he/she will go right next to their brother. I am VERY safety concious and I feel they are safe there behind me. Hope that helps!


Linda- quick comment on middle seat or back seat. My very good friends middle child always sat in the back of the van with his big sister- and threw up if in the car for more that 15 minutes. When he was moved to the middle, he was fine. Her Dr. said that the middle seat is perfectly fine and is better that having to clean up throw up all of the time in your new van!

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