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December 09, 2004



Hey, my son has that same outfit your baby's wearing in the nursing picture! Boy, does that bring back memories!


Awwww... I want Roland to come and live with me. He reminds me of Tyler (my cat growing up). I miss him so much. Your girls are cutie pies!



Great entry! I really enjoyed reading.

I have triplets, two of which are identical. Most people think all 3 are identical, but the fraternal one is completely different in my eyes. I can almost always tell the difference between the identical twins, because one is about a pound bigger (and it is as you write about how much one pound makes when being so small.)

Anyhow, I could write and write about my girls, but I'm not here for that, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your entry!


Oh funny! I was gonna say something about you and A looking like brother and sister! Or maybe cousins... If you are, it's okay, you know. There was a story in the paper a while back about a local family who were married cousins. Hey- was that you??
Oh so you want my address? For your Christmas card list? Uh huh. You're going to come over and clean my house and cook me dinner the whole first week I come home with the baby, AREN'T YOU??!! OK!! So here's my address:

Duh! I'm not giving it to EVERYONE! (because let's face it, they're not all going to come cook and clean) I'll email you- along with a list of my food likes/dislikes. :)


Well, we are going to have to make a deal. I'll forgive you for not liking mushrooms (inconceivable!) and you'll forgive me for liking pineapple in my pizza. Deal?

Thank you for the explanation about telling the girls apart. I don't know why I thought they were identical twins, sorry. My dad is a fraternal twin as well and him and my uncle don't look much more alike than all of the other 8 brothers. I had to laugh when you said that you could take the babies back to the hospital to get their feet stamped again, because if I ever have identical twins, that will surely happen to me!


PS: Click on my name if you want to see pictures of Sofia.


If Roland is obese, well... Let's just say that my small cat weighs in at around 15 lbs and I was relieved when the large cat was a couple of ounces under 20 the last time he was at the vet over a year ago but I suspect that would no longer be the case. This is based on the comment of a friend who saw him for the first time in a while: Uh, did he EAT the other cat?

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