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December 29, 2004



My sister and BIL are all cellular and they love it! She rarely returned my calls before and still doesn't now that she just has the cell phone. :) You can just say that the phone was A: Dead or B: You were changing diapers and couldn't get to it. We are also thinking of going without our land line as well. One of my concerns was that the pediatrician's pager sometimes has issues if you call from a cell phone.

Sorry E was so sick. My little one was about 6 months old when she got her first bug last winter. I remember how awful I felt for her.

I hope she is over it now and your girls stay healthy the rest of the winter.


My husband and I go back and forth on going all cellular. We currently don't have cell phones, but we have in the past and have enjoyed them.

I know they make this phone cradle thing where you can hook it up to your house phones when you're at home and then all of your house phones will work through your cell. So it's like you don't even have a cell phone then.

Can't help you with the 911 thing. That is a cunundrum (spelling?).

One possibility with the baby sitter is that you could have one of those "family plans". P and I had one of those. We had two phones, two phone numbers, but one pool of minutes we each pulled from. You could have a third cell phone to keep at home for baby sitters and such. Just an idea.


When I lived in a city (I now live where it's so rural we don't have cell towers!) I did all cellular for long distance and it worked very well. I kept a regular line at home for 911 and any calls I did not want to receive at inconvenient times, like at work. (ie my realtor who drove me CRAZY with my cell). I just made them give me the bare minimum, which does not cost much at all (I'm thinking $10/month?). I found it much more cost effective.

The biggest problem I've had is that I signed a contract increasing my cell minutes for two years when I did that, and then when I moved here I've been paying for a lot of minutes I can't possibly use since I can't use the cell phone much of the time. But that's up in a few weeks and I get to talk them into a better package. Great.....


i'm all-cellular-all-the-time, but then again it's just me, my boyfriend, and my roommate here at our place and we all have our cells. no kids thus no babysitters (or dog sitters, sigh) need to call us from anywhere. people (family) used to complain that we didn't have a land line, but they're getting used to it because honestly, it was just another bill we didn't need for a service we didn't use.


We do what Jane does- just a regular line at home, no long distance. So we can call 911 (that's my husband's work number). We also each have a cell phone so if we have a babysitter without a cell we just leave one of ours. It works pretty well for us.


Poor little baby! I'm terrified about getting through Aidan's first sick spell. Sounds like you both made it through without any meltdowns. I hope you feel better soon.

Cheers to a happy and healthy new year!


I am so sorry your baby is sick! Poor one, actually vomiting and not just spitting up. I don't think I have had a vomiting baby yet, or maybe I'm so fried I can not tell the difference. We are in our second week of endless crying suddenly becoming running around screeching as the Tylenol kicks in, then crying again. It means we have had no time without some kind of baby noise unless they are asleep. The DH just took them out so I can bathe and go on line and listen to my own self breathe for a while.

Is E feverish, or just vomiting? Have you noticed any mouth blisters or ulcers? What about under her tongue? That's where the first of the boys' nasty mouth things was hiding. That's why it went unnoticed. If you get worried about her drinking enough, try pumped breast milk in a cup with a straw. They seem to think it's quite fun - even Baby B, who has the bad ulcers now, will drink it that way. In a cup you can measure how much she gets. From the boob, she may not be drinking a lot, just sipping, because it's so nice to be near Mama.

She may be allergic...My Baby B is allergic to eggs and blueberries, I hope nothing else. Most pediatricians think an egg allergy (yolks esp.) is odd. Maybe she had a reaction to the peas, or something she got with the peas. Butter? pepper? what oil do you use? Corn oil can be an allergen...

I hope she's better soon!



I would keep a barebones landline for emergencies--power outages just when your cellphone is down to its last bit of battery power, random acts of nature against your local cell phone network (lightening, flood, complete tech snafu), or future toilet experiments involving cell phones. But I'm one of those people who makes sure to have a single corded phone hooked up at all times "just in case" (all the cordless phones stop working when the power goes out) so I may be paranoid.

Hope everyone is feeling betters soon....


We still keep a land line too, mostly for emergencies and a few local calls (and because all our family members know our phone number). One problem with all cellular is that if you forget to charge it, you won't have anything to call with!


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