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September 16, 2004



There is a story about embyo donation in this week's People Magazine that might interest you. One couple had a set of twins, and donated the rest of their embryos to another couple, who had a set of twins, who donated the REST of the embryos to yet another couple who had a set of twins. An interesting read for someone in your position for sure. Good luck!!


I am in the middle of a FET right now.

It is a lot easier then an IVF cycle. I am on Vivelle patches (estrace) Baby asprin, folic acid and prenatal vitamins.

Basically on CD1 you start the estrace to thicken your lining, they check with ultrasound to be sure the lining is thick enough (usually over 8 is good) then thaw the frozen embryos. You start prog. support the day they thaw and then transfer. If you have 4 frozen you can expect 2 to survive. I am not sure if you have 3day embryos or 5 day.... but my understanding is that blastocysts survive better then 3d embryos.

Now with that said. I had 13 frozen embryos, 12 survived the thaw but only 2 look good. The rest are pretty badly fragmented and just plain dont look good. Mine were frozen at day 3 and we are hoping to take the two that look good to blastocyst.

That is the jist of a FET. Very easy cycle. Your case would probably get you 2 embryos... it would be up to you to figure out what to do with any that might be left over. It sounds like you would only want to put one back?

I wish you the best of luck regarding this decision. It is a tough one to figure out.



Another data point: My SIL had two FET cycles. Each time they thawed 2 embryos, and each time both survived the thaw. I don't know if they were 3-day or 5-day before frozen. She had PGD done (before freezing, obviously), so how old would they be?


Well, I'm preggers with twins from an FET. Due to a weird reaction to the HCG shot (my progesterone shot up through the roof) they couldn't do a fresh transfer (plus I had OHSS, so...).

It was easy, really, compared to IVF. Also, if I were to do it again, I'd do a natural cycle FET (our issues requiring IVF were male factor, primarily), since I build a good lining on my own.

Usually, I've been told, they thaw twice as many embryos as you need, then transfer the # that you want. They can then re-freeze the other embryo. For my FET they thawed six (I had 35 eggs retrieved--I know--27 were good, 17 fertilized), transfered three, and then re-froze the other three.

So I currently have 11 frozen fertilized eggs, and three frozen eight celled embryos.

I'm a dilema about that too--I had initially planned to do embryo adoption (if it could be semi-open) but I'm not sure now, and my husband isn't all that sure about it. I can't imagine, right now, having other children--we're too poor, and pregnancy is way too hard on me.

They can always be donated to science, but crap, I don't know how I feel about that either. It's tough. We've decided not to make any decisions until well after our boys are born.

I don't know if all that was any help, but it's my experience in a nutshell!



Wow, Linda. Lots to think about.

That's funny about being a planner. I am too and well, even though I'm pretty sure we're going to try for #3 *someday* -- making the decision of when scares the HELL out of me.

I too pray for an "OOPS!" pregnancy. I think that would be really super. lol


My twins were spontaneous and I met a lady recently who had two sets of spontaneous twins. I don’t know if I could handle another twin pregnancy and I know would go nuts with another set of twins at home. As you put it – if we could be guaranteed a singleton – but as we all know there are NO guarantees in Mama-Land. It’s a tough decision…

Laura K.

Wow, Linda - that is a tough call. It's hard NOT th o think about TTC again when you have frozen embryos waitin' around, and also I have found that when you've had IF issues, you just think about TTC A LOT, whether or not you are actively trying to conceive. I remember thinking about it months and months before we tried again after Katie. After focusing on it for so long, it's kind of second nature. But, having those frozen embryos does put a different spin on things, too. There are a lot of questions there for you - you're right about that.

It would be nice to be one of 'those' people. I have a friend who was on the precon. diaries before you were there. She got pg her 2nd IVF cycle with her son, and then they tried at least one FET that didn't take. She went on to get pregnant on her own and miscarry at least twice, and is now less than a month away from having her second baby. I don't know that I'd wish for all *that* (I'm sure anyone would rather skip the miscarriages - including my friend), but it is amazing that sometimes the body will kind of reset itself after a successful pregnancy and make it easier to get pregnant on one's own. Of course, if the issues lie w/the husband, too, then that's another story.

Aren't you glad I posted and cleared things up for you? Ha ha! ;)

Hugs to you and the little ladies.



I have not done a FET, I am hopefully doing my first IVF transfer in December/January. Like you, I have thought about those things. My only thought/fear with embryo donation is far fetched, but potentially your girls could meet/fall in love with a potential sibling. I know that is very far fetched, but that is my biggest worry with that. I would thaw 2 embies at a time and then see what quality they are when deciding to transfer 1 or 2.

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