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July 06, 2004



It seems to me, as I am an expert on such things, that the most successful infomercials are the ones that are completely campy or, OR, are selling things that have phallic names or references. For example, The Thunderstick, which could make gazpacho in a plastic bag in 10 seconds flat. Without hurting the bag.


you're not alone. Hazel and the thirty feet of ash etc., i'm in complete agreement. I'd marry her. one thing you might not have noticed, is that Hazel's cigarette isn't even lit.

p.s. I watch the magic bullet commercial every night because I'm lonely. Do you like me?


Hi- I stumbled upon your livejournal when searching the web for my own magic bullet, as a matter of fact, I'm watching it right now. He can't taste the broccoli!!! These people are kind of deceitful if you think about it. The kids will never know what we're slipping in their drinks...kinda frightening if you catch my drift. Hazel is my favorite too. Did you know that she isn't featured on the magic bullet website? I would think that would sell twice as many. Oh well, i guess this is why I'm in college, to watch infomercials and as a Theatre major, break it down and try to find out the character's motivations. Let's be honest here, when the show is over, Hazel is the one I remember, with her famous line: "Fettucine Alfredo" Hope you don't think I'm a psychopath for posting on your site, I just stumbled across it and wanted to let you know that you made this college kid's day!


I, too, am a Magic Bullet fanatic. Although I don't necessarily want the machine, it's the infomercial that gets me. I was wondering . . . I need to do a rhetorical study for my Rhetoric and Reality class in school, and I would love to use the Magic Bullet infomercial. Any idea where I could get a copy of it? Or how often it's on? Thanks.

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