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July 26, 2004



You just gave me the perfect gift idea for my best friend!!! Thankyouthankyou!


Another good one that won't drive you crazy is Maurice Sednak's Chicken soup with rice-all songs are by Carol King and they are really cute, not horribly annoying like most kid albums. (I'm not sure of the real title but this info will be enough.)


I asked a father-friend what children's music I could get that wasn't insipid or evil and this TMBG album was on the short list. Haven't heard it yet but fully intend to get it.

The Maurice Sendak one is "Really Rosie" and it is wonderful.


Our favorite kid's album is Splash! by Acapella group Go Fish! They are from Minneapolis, a Christian singing group with really fun arrangements of some familiar songs and some of their own.

If Emily is cranky, nothing makes her happier than her music. :)


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