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July 15, 2004


Amy F

We've been hit with "our baby is growing up and will be moving out before we know it" around here lately, too. Something about the 4 month mark seems really old to us. Our kid is now moving around, laughing, examining everything--he might as well be 15 :D His being 19 lbs already doesn't help.

Way to go with the growth there! Whoo gals and breastmilk!


High Five!!! Don't you love hearing those weights rise?! My little guy has been gaining a steady half pound a week and is now over 13 lbs (he was 8lbs 12 oz at birth 10 weeks ago). Lets hear it for breastfeeding mommas. And you with two!!!



Oh my God, Linda - I have just discovered (and very much enjoyed) your blog, and have to say that this song makes me BAWL ever since having my first child!

Congratulations on your gorgeous girls' weight gain - all that hard work has obviously been well worth it.


I cried when I packed away the newborn clothes, too. For some reason, it really is a poignant moment when you realize that your baby (or in your case, babies) will never be that tiny and brand-new again. However, I've never since cried at the packing away of too-small clothes. It's just been too much fun seeing Dorian grow into a real little person.

Here's hoping that all your tears will be happy, or at worst bittersweet.

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