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July 09, 2004



Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda. I'm at 35 weeks (with a singleton after infertility and 2 m/c's) and feeling as if I'll never get my body - not to mention some kind of range of motion - back.

On the other hand, I really do love being pregnant, especially after all we went through, and am already sad at the thought of it being over. I'm one of those who still can't believe there will be an actual baby at the end of all of this.

I made my husband read your birthstory so he has some sort of idea what he's getting into. Thanks for being my un-official guide through pregnancy. You always seem to write about the things on my mind!

Laura K.

I'll add a post-pregnancy side effect I could do without - less bladdar control! Who knew it was such a wonderful thing to be able to do jumping jacks and not pee your pants? One of those things you never appreciate until it's gone... ;)

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