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July 28, 2004



I know exactly how you feel! Just kidding. ;) I totally agree with you on this. It is especially bad when someone tells you they know how you feel when they have never even experianced infertility. We all feel things differently. Thanks for pointing it out. ;)




So true about every aspect of life! Thank you for adding me to your blog roll, you have been on mine for awhile now :) You ROCK!!!!!
Your girls are beautiful!


Well said!!

I have always approved of the "I can relate" comment. But usually when someone says "I know how you feel" I feel like screaming, "DO YOU???? DO YOU????"

At my former job, when we would talk about my infertility, there was a young girl (23ish) who would always tell me she knew how we felt because she also TTC and after 2 months, she was not pregnant yet.

She got pregnant on her third cycle.


Hey- I had a young co-worker tell me she knew how I felt after miscarrying because she had taken the abortion-pill to end a pregnancy her senior year in high school.
I make a point NOT to say I know how you feel, in fact, in many cases I say "I don't know how you feel..." or "I can only imagine how difficult this must be..."


Kristine~I had a friend tell me that because she had difficult pregnancies (preterm labor and hospitalization) she knew how infertility felt. Huh. Really?

Monique~"I can relate" is a good way to put it. I've also used "When I went through a similar situation, I felt like . . . is this how you feel?" I think I've taken too many therapeutic communication classes.

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