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July 15, 2004


Amy F

You're doing better than me, weight-wise, and I'm 2 1/2 months ahead of you and only had a singleton...

I'm having the same pants problem. I do fit into (well, before eating at least) my shorts, but that's because I bought them last summer when I admitted all my older shorts were too small. I was at my heaviest when I got pregnant, and really, my clothes fit best about 10 lbs below that. Hence, I've got 15 more lbs to lose and not the 5 pregnancy lbs.

Some good news--I gained 36 lbs with Peter, and lost about 25 in the first 3 weeks. The other ten-ish sat (on my butt, hips, and waist) until I hit about 3 mo PP. At that point I started very, very occasional light exercise and periodic restraint with my after-dinner ice cream. And voila, I've been losing a pound a week ever since. I think I just came up with another reason to avoid solids! I assume that Peter's greater milk intake is helping me out here.

Another month of this, and I'll be down to my pre-preg weight. It might take actual exercise to lose that extra 10, though.

One more thing--if you're going to buy clothes that fit, do it soon enough that you can still claim it's because of the pregnancy weight. Buying sz 12 jeans was a lot easier when I had a baby to blame it on.


Linda: I'm really enjoying your blog and I found out you're friends with Laura K. who is my buddy. I love her so much that even if you weren't an incredibly witty and refreshing blog writer, I'd still like you by association. ha ha

Add me to the heavy-before-pregnant club. I really porked up during my IF stint. What's up with that?

Anyway, nice to make your acquaintance...

~ Nino


I lost 20 lbs before I got pg, and now I am 10 lbs under that original weight and I can't come anywhere near bottoning pants I could fit into then. I am 10 weeks PP. Will my jelly belly ever go away?


I don't have twins, but I don't think the weight loss thing has anything to do with the twin/singleton thing, so I'll throw in my 2 cents on this one. My kid is 28 months FWIW.

I gained 33# during my pregnancy. I lost a bunch in the first two months, then hit a plateau for a few months that freaked me out, although not enough to change my eating habits (I was ravenous from nursing anyway). I live in NYC, so I was walking 1-3 miles a day anyway. By 6 months I'd lost all the weight, but still couldn't fit into my old pants. Neither could a friend of mine, who was 5# below her pre-preg weight. We used to wonder where that weight went, since our thighs and asses and upper arms were thinner than they'd been since high school, and part of the weight we were carrying was in our huge milkjugs. We decided maybe it was because our hips were still kind of spread out or something. I could fit into my pants again when I was 10# below my pre-preg weight (at about 9 months, and doing nothing but lots of walking with the stroller and nursing). Now I'm about 115 or so pounds below my pre-preg weight.

A friend said that even when you lose the weight, you don't get your stomach tone back until closer to 2 years postpartum. I thought that was ridiculous until I lived it. I started to get the firmness back around 18 months, but it wasn't really there until closer to 23 months or so. There's nothing you can do about it (except maybe drink a ton of water), so don't even think about it.

As another data point, I went up two cup sizes and one band size during pregnancy. By 9 months I was down one cup size and a band size. By 18 months I was down another cup size. So now I'm back the way I was before (slightly larger, but still the same cup size) but I'm also still nursing, so I don't know how it'll all end up.

I think a lot of it is more a function of time than anything else. It takes most women 6 months at least to get back to the pre-preg weight, so just stop thinking about it right now. I think that's part of the reason babies are so cute--so people look at them instead of your body for the first year or so.

(Linda, I completely identify with the moms' group stuff. I actively disliked the four women who are my best friends now when I first met them. But we really bonded and I started to appreciate their finer qualities and now I can't imagine not knowing them or having our kids be friends. Maybe you can test out potential friends by bringing up the Magic Bullet casually in conversation and seeing how they react. If they want to see it in action, you let them into your In Crowd.)


I hate to have to break this to you. Your body will never be the same. After stretching to accomodate babies, it just doesn't bounce back- (ever, if you ask me). I weigh less than I did at my wedding, but my fat is in different places, and seems to be saggier. You don't even want to know what your boobs are gonna do after nursing ends. Mine are very low, and look like they've given up. I've noticed that my sit-down fat is quite massive, while my stand-up fat not so much. My thin girlfriend who had a baby 2 years ago has sit-down fat too - it's from carry children. I bet if I did sit-ups, it would help?
I just don't know,
Wendy,sam and zach


Well, it's nice to know I'm not alone in all this. Honestly, I'm not that worried about the weight that's hanging on, but it IS a source of curiosity with me.

Amy~restraint with the evening ice cream? Is it really worth it? :)

Nino~I remember reading your iParenting diary. Hi! Any friend of Laura's is a friend of mine. She is awesome.

Sierra~see Moxie's post. Apparently your jelly belly will be better at 2 years postpartum. Sigh.

Moxie~Thanks! I guess the whole pregnancy changing your body for good thing is true, eh? I'm going to take your advice and concentrate on how beautiful my girls are. Speaking of which, your chico seems like a stand up kind of guy. Maybe we should get some sort of arranged marriage thing going on?

Wendy~I'm looking forward to see where my fat settles. It'll be fun.

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