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July 08, 2004


Wendy Noel

This is what I call the postpartum haze. It's like walking through a fog. You won't remember a lot of these days, a tired brain and all. Take a nap when the babies do. Don't worry about cleaning up and all that. NAP.
Best wishes,
Wendy,Sam & Zach


Hey Linda! I'm so happy that you have this blog! I was a reader of yours at iparenting and posted a few times.

As for trying to stay awake in the middle of the night while nursing, do you and Andrew have Tivo? We decided to get it and put it in our bedroom before the babe was born. It was a lifesaver for me during those first few months when I was awake at all hours.

I can't say that it *always* kept me up but it helped to have a bunch of shows that I was interested in, waiting for me. Then again, I had a singleton, no twins, so I'd imagine that the fatigue is twice as much. :-) Hang in there, it gets easier. Take care! Brooke

Sierra Malnove

Hi Linda, I've been reading your posts for a couple of years now. I have a baby boy born 5/3/04. Question- how do you deal with your pets/handling babies/washing your hands? I have three dogs and I'm always worried about giving the dogs attention and then giving baby attention. Also, how do you like your kangaroo sling? I know you've written about it before on preg today, but don't have time to sift through to find. Have you tried any other slings? I currently use a Maya Wrap and love it.

PS you've inspired me to start my own blog sierramalnove.typepad.com


Wendy~Don't worry, I'm not above taking a nap. That's what take-out is for, right?

Brooke~Hi again! Glad you followed me over here. I would LOVE Tivo, but I watch too much TV as it is. We only have basic cable~the kind you pay $13/month for. I don't even get TLC or Animal Planet. Right now, I'm rewatching Buffy Season 5. Plus, we have Netflix which helps a lot. There's always a movie lying around that I haven't watched.

Sierra~You may be shocked to hear this, but I don't really think about the pet-baby issue of dirt. I wash my hands each time I go to the bathroom and each time I change a diaper. That's a lot of handwashing, you know? Plus, we learned in nursing school that the germs in your own home are not the ones you need to worry about. It's the ones in other homes or public places that cause the most problems. So the cats lay in the bouncy seat or car seats, Lucy licks the babies on their heads and tries to eat the diapers if we're not careful and I consider us all one big happy family. :)

Oh, and I couldn't live without my Kangaroo pouch. It looked much simpler than the Maya wrap. We also have a Baby Bjorn and a Snugglie, but haven't tried them. I am simply smitten with my pouch.



The pouch rules!

Viva la pouch!!


Oh, girl. I barely got three consecutive hours of sleep for the first year with my ONE baby. Once they get older there are things you can do, but for now, Mama's Diner has to be open 24 hours. All I can do is sympathize and assure you that eventually you will sleep again and it will be beautiful.

I never worried about dog-baby cross-contamination either. I knew that once my son was moving around, he and the dog would be all over each other, so why not get him used to a bit of dog slobber and fur from the beginning?


Oh Summer, that's a mean, mean thing to say to a sleep deprived new mom! :) Andrew and I keep reassuring each other that it'll get better. By "better" I mean in a few months, not a year or more! By the time they're 10-12 lbs, shouldn't they be able to eat enough to keep them happy for 3-4 hours? I'm really hoping so.


Linda, I'm so glad you continued to journal, I love reading your updates! My girls are now 3 months old and are pretty consistently sleeping through the night. By that I mean asleep by 10 or 11 and awake at 6am. It does get better! With regard to the sleep deprivation what helped me was to pump a bottle for the girls so my hubby could take a feeding and I could get a 5 hour or so sleep stretch. Just those few extra hours helped tremendously. Not sure if that's something you're willing to consider or not. I'm no longer breastfeeding as I consistently had supply issues so now I don't have to contend with having to get those boobs empty whether the girls are hungry are not. Kudos to you for successfully breastfeeding your girls. I had such TREMENDOUS guilt that I wasn't able to continue that beyond the first two months but have finally come to terms with it (they don't appear to be wasting away on formula). I figure at least I gave them a good start. It was around 7 weeks that I noticed them going longer between feedings as in 4 to 5 hours. Peyton did better on that than Skyler. Skyler is one little girl who doesn't miss many of her meals. :) At that point they were both around 9.5 lbs.

Hopefully tonight will be better!


I wasn't trying to scare you, Linda... I offered that statement to assure you that I know how awful you feel at the moment. Dorian was a lousy sleeper at first because of mistakes that we made. I always let him fall asleep at the breast, so he learned that the only way he could fall asleep was by nursing. Thus, every time he woke in the night, he wanted to nurse, and it just escalated.... Once we finally took the drastic measures of nightweaning and making him sleep in the crib, he was sleeping 12 hours straight through within 10 days.

The funny thing that I found was that once he was sleeping through the night, it took a few weeks for me to readjust to sleeping straight through. But once I learned to sleep for 8 unbroken hours, oh it was lovely. It will get better in a few months!

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