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July 01, 2004



My MIL gave me a gift subscription to Cooking Light. I always look at the recipes, but never try them. Now that I know some are edible, I'll have to give it a shot!

(Former Precon Writer)


Parmesan cheese is very low-fat. And it's high in protein. SO unless the girls are having a problem with cow dairy in your milk, it's actually good for you to eat more Parmesan.


Hey - I have had a subscription for 6 years and they have NEVER sent me a free cookbook! I feel so rejected. I made chicken parm last night - very tasty, but I probably quadrupled the amount of cheese. I think the worst time in my life was when I was nursing my baby, who is allergic to mile. Try 10 weeks of no milk products ( or chocolate) whatsoever. PURE HELL!!!


I may not add extra cheese to recipes but I eat 3 times the recommended portion size...


Bella~Oh, gosh, portion size~don't even get me started! I also "embellish" a bit in this area.

Sacha~those cookbooks aren't free. They're about $40 each, I think. I like them because once I get the end of the year summary one, I can get rid of all the magazines from that year. And I get the extra ones like Super Fast Suppers and the one I just got that is supposedly the top 10% of all their recipes. I just filled out the little card that comes on the front of the issue.

Moxie~thanks! I've read that hard cheeses are better for you than soft ones, but my obsession also spreads to Brie, fresh mozzarella (sp?), cheddar and beyond. Can you produce some research that says those are good for you in large portions as well?

Kate~You bet those recipes are edible! Well, except for the one that was all about soft-shelled crabs. I hate when my meat looks like the animal it came from. Those recipes were just gross.

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