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July 19, 2004



With my first child I used something like this:

and the cradle cap went away in a few weeks. (If the link doesn't show up, it's a "cradle cap kit" - a special shampoo and comb and oil.)

With my second child, I did nothing special, except we used a very gentle shampoo. And the cradle cap went away in a few weeks.

So I don't think it matters!

But I still use that tiny little comb all the time for various uses, so a worthwhile investment - 5 years later.

Sonia Santiago

One of my twins had the cradle cap, (he was born with a lot of hair, which is dark, so it really showed) and I ended up using an old remedy handed down by my own mother - coconut oil, completely natural and safe. I was able to purchase it from a Rite-Aid drug store. You will know in a few days if it works or not. By the way, you will need the type of comb described by Kristen in her post. (I received mine from my Pediatrician's office in a gift-bag.)

I still use the coconut oil on the twin that did not have the cradle cap - she inherited my sister's curly hair and is the best conditioner/detangler that I have found for her hair.


Any kind of oil will work, I think. Dorian had cradle cap last summer, and I accidentally cured it after rubbing sunscreen on his scalp on the 4th of July. Or you could just leave it, it looks bad but it harmless.

I didn't use a comb, didn't even know about the existence of such an item. Just rubbing goo on his head did the trick.

Jenn in AK

Baby oil, rub on head on affected area; take a firm, but soft bristled brush (like a baby brush) and massage the oil into the scalp gently; wash hair as usual. It may take a few times to get it gone, but it works. If you do it a couple times a week during bathtime you can stay ahead of it.


Sarah w/Hannah

We used the aveeno oatmeal bath and made it into a paste and let it sit on Hannah's head while she was in the tub for awhile. This is what our orthotist (Hannah wears a helmet for plagiocephaly) suggested and it worked pretty well.



I don't have any suggestions for cradle cap, but just wanted to say Hi and Congratulations. I followed your story at preconception and pregnancytoday.com. I am still in my infertile journey and it sucks, but reading stories like yours give me hope!



Hi! When my son Thomas had a bit 'o cradle cap, I put vegetable oil on his head while he was in the bath for about 10-15 min, combed it out, and then shampooed with a bit of Head and Shoulders. I think it would have worked with just the oil, but I just did what I read somewhere else. No need for expensive kits. If you use the shampoo, be careful not to get any in the eyes!!!


I have no idea what to do about cradle cap but I just had to say that I have never seen anyone look cuter in spectacles.


My pediatrician recommended just using any dandruff (or dry scalp) product. I used Head and Shoulders. Put it on (very careful to avoid the eyes!) as soon as you start the bath. Rub it and stuff. Then let it sit for a few minutes while you wash her body, then rinse well and wash hair again with regular baby wash or shampoo. It worked great on my 2 kids. It was gone after a few bathtimes. Good luck!

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